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🍁3 reasons why fall is bad for your skin

Since Friday September 23, 2022, we have left behind the beautiful and bright, warm and sunny season that is summer . It is accompanied by low temperatures , bad weather and low light that autumn has once again made its...

🧐Do you really know your skin type?

The mysteries of your skin... A simple body envelope ? Or rather a protective multilayer of eccentric complexity? Oily skin ? Dry ? Mixed ? Normal ? You no longer know how to interpret your skin's signals ! We teach...

A healthy mind in a healthy body: Combat stress through sport and food supplements

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”: but what does this expression that everyone knows mean? Quite simply, the mind and body are one . Like an inseparable couple, if one is bad, the other is bad too. But if...

Turmeric: a miracle ingredient.

We taste it as a spice without suspecting for a moment that it has incredible virtues for beauty, health and well-being . From its scientific name Curcuma longa L., the Indian rhizome has been used for a very long time as a natural remedy in many medicines. This ingredient has attracted the attention of scientists for several years and there are countless studies demonstrating its effectiveness .

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