▶ Les 10 commandements... pour des cils parfaits

▶ The 10 commandments... for perfect eyelashes

We all dream of an XXL size... When it comes to our eyelashes ! Unfortunately, mother nature has endowed you with a ridiculous XS: your short , fine and ridiculously few eyelashes take you away from your ciliary ideal . What injustice! If only it gave you less hair on your legs and more around your eyes . To combat this diabolically ungenerous genetics , you draw your favorite weapon: your mascara . An effective weapon when it comes to camouflage. We suggest you stop hiding behind liters of makeup and follow our advice to act naturally on the length , curl and volume of your eyelashes .

1st commandment: The eyelash curler you shall throw away

Do you want an intensely long and curled fringe of eyelashes ? If you don't wear one naturally , you use an eyelash curler before applying your mascara : you pinch your eyelashes at the roots using this tool - which, let's face it, is akin to a torture tool - then you release. You then find them more curved. In appearance they are curved , in reality they are broken . It is this breakage that gives you the illusion that they have taken the desired shape. They are weakened and the following eyelashes will grow back stiffer , absolutely the opposite of what you wanted. This device should therefore be banned. If you absolutely want curled eyelashes , there are institutes specializing in eyelash beauty that offer eyelash enhancement services. Be careful, however, to choose a reputable institute that does not use products that are harmful to your eyes .

2nd commandment: False eyelashes you shall ban

They give you the impression of having voluminous lashes for a moment but they damage your lashes for a long time. I named: false eyelashes . The glue used is ultra- aggressive and weakens the existing eyelashes at the root . As the eyelash anchoring base is also altered by this glue, the quality of the following eyelashes will be negatively impacted. Why choose a solution that costs money , time and eyelash health when more natural approaches exist?

3rd commandment: Waterproof mascara you will limit

Water-resistant mascara : a brilliant invention you say? Certainly, it saves you from panda eyes when the weather is unpredictable. What a joy to go out in the rain and not have unsightly black marks under your eyes ! In addition, if you tend to sweat during hot weather , this revolutionary make-up has saved your life! Your eye contour remains impeccable at all times . But there is inevitably a “but”: perfection does not exist and any miracle solution comes with its share of disadvantages . Firstly, waterproof mascara carries behind it a composition that is harmful to your eyelashes : it dries them out and weakens them. Secondly, and you will no doubt have noticed, it is more difficult to remove make-up : the cotton goes over the eye more times, which is not without consequences for the eyelashes which will be pulled out and tend to fall out more easily. .

We therefore advise you to use classic mascara as much as possible and to only use waterproof mascara in extreme weather situations: heavy rain and high heat .

If you are a fan of mascara , you should also choose it wisely. Ideally, it should contain these 3 elements:

  • A ceramide compound which will strengthen the lipid barrier which protects your ciliary fiber
  • Vitamin B5 to strengthen the hair
  • Sun protection to shield against UV rays which weaken the eyelashes

Finally, wash your mascara brush regularly because bacteria accumulate there and enter the tube with each use. A real vector of contamination for your eyes which can harm the health of your eyelashes .

4th commandment: With nourishing serum, you will replace your mascara (when you can)

The best thing is still not to use eye makeup , because this black coating around the eyelashes suffocates and attacks them. In the morning, instead replace your eye make-up with a treatment serum (based on plant keratin) applied with a clean mascara brush to stimulate the growth of eyelashes and increase their curvature . Brush them beforehand with a cleaned and dry brush to prevent them from clumping. The serum will surround your eyelashes with a protective layer against pollution , cold , sun and other environmental attacks that they may suffer on a daily basis. It will also help hydrate them deeply.

5th commandment: The makeup removal step you will never skip

It's late, you just want to get under the covers! So you skip the makeup removal step to take the next train to dreamland. Serious mistake! The proverb “You should never put off until tomorrow what you can do today” has never been more true: you should never sleep with mascara (or makeup in general ). At night, your vital organs are at rest and your body can then focus on other functions, including: growing your eyelashes . Except that in the presence of a veil of make-up, the atmosphere becomes unbreathable and stifling for your little hairs around the eyes, which compromises this growth .

If this exception to the rule of daily makeup removal becomes too frequent, mascara residue will accumulate day after day with consequences that can be harmful.

If you love makeup , be also fond of removing makeup! This should always be done gently until the makeup has completely disappeared. Failing to remove mascara properly can cause irritation, dry out lashes , and make them more susceptible to breakage or shedding. To proceed perfectly, soak the cotton pads in a gentle makeup remover (designed for the eye area, based on coconut oil for example) and place them on the eyelashes for several minutes to dissolve the make-up . Then, gently sweep your closed eyes up and down (without rubbing) to remove all residue. Removing makeup is good, knowing how to do it well is better!

6th commandment: Your eyes are too strong you will not rub

It's morning and to wake you up, your little ritual is to rub your eyes intensively? Do you feel tingling and try to alleviate it by frantically touching your eyes ? The feeling of awakening or relief that this gesture gives you is nothing compared to the disaster you cause to the wall of hairs which surround your eyes : eyelashes die in the fight against your hand and it will take time before the replacements arrive. Rubbing damages the lipid barrier of the fiber and weakens it, this action should therefore be avoided.

If you really feel the need to touch your eye , do not rub it but massage it gently, staying as far away from the eyelashes as possible. A massage of the eyelids when makeup is removed is also recommended two to three times a week. This helps stimulate blood circulation to promote irrigation and therefore nutrition and oxygenation of the eyelashes to promote their growth and reduce their shedding . To do this, apply a lukewarm compress to the eyes . Gently redraw your eye contour with your fingers above the compress for about thirty seconds. Then place your index finger on your upper eyelid and make circular movements without lifting it and without pressing too much for a few tens of seconds. Repeat on the lower eyelid . Don't hesitate, it's good for your eyelashes , your eye contour and your eyesight !

7th commandment: Fat you shall give them

“Eat soup if you want to grow taller.” Who has never heard this phrase during their tender and dear childhood? Well it also applies to eyelashes : “ Nourish them if you want them to grow ”. Eyelashes love oils : castor oil and almond oil are ideal for this application. Be sure to select a pure, cold-pressed oil so as not to harm your eyes with impurities . To apply it is very simple: just use an old, perfectly cleaned mascara brush , first brush the eyelashes then lightly soak it with oil and apply it to the eyelashes like mascara . There is no point in overloading your eyelashes with oil because the latter will end up in your eyes , a relatively unpleasant sensation. Feed the hairline of your eyes every evening for longer , fuller and more resistant eyelashes .

8th commandment: From within, through food, you will act

Eyelashes are a reflection of our diet . Several nutrients exist for ciliary health :

  • vitamin B5, constituent of keratin *;
  • vitamin B6 , which stimulates the synthesis of cystine , the main amino acid constituting keratin *;
  • vitamin B8 , which promotes hair growth ( eyelashes , hair )
  • vitamins B9, B12, D, zinc, selenium which stimulate cell division and therefore growth ;
  • vitamin C , which stimulates the synthesis of collagen , which will thicken the dermis of the cavity which contains the eyelash and therefore allow better anchoring which will reduce hair loss ;
  • omega-3 to nourish eyelashes from the inside
  • iron to prevent anemia and fight against falling
  • and many others !

A varied and balanced diet provides a large part of these vitamins . Unfortunately, due to industrialization and intensive agriculture , the ripening of fruits in holds has led to a loss of their nutritional content; photosynthesis at the origin of the production of nutrients which can only take place in the presence of sunlight . Food supplements are therefore essential for a fair intake of vitamins and minerals.

We recommend the best solutions on the market, formulated by a team of scientific experts with quality, concentrated and ultra-powerful active ingredients :

  • Our Hair & Nails gummies , which bring health , strength and growth to your skin appendages , including your eyelashes .
  • Our irresistible Absolu+ Hair chewable tablets , formidable for combating eyelash loss , naturally filling them and enhancing them.

*keratin is a protein found in the skin: hair, nails, eyelashes.

9th commandment: Sleeping with your head in the pillow you will avoid

The friction of the hairs on the pillow weakens them and encourages them to fall out. In addition, sleeping with your eyelashes crushed on the pillow causes them to take on a bad crease, very unsightly and difficult to discipline. Sleep on your back and side but avoid the “ head in the pillow” position at all costs. A small change of habit that changes everything!

10th commandment: The eyelashes often you will beat

Batting your eyelashes is not just for charm! This also helps stimulate microcirculation in the eyelid : the blood vessels therefore better irrigate the eyelashes and provide them with more nutrients and oxygen . The growth phase is accelerated and the eyelashes grow back more voluminous than ever! Are you ready to wink all the time? 😉

Mascara is not the only solution for a doe-eyed look lined with long, beautiful eyelashes. On the contrary, it even constitutes an obstacle towards the “perfect eyelashes” goal that you have set for yourself. Favor an "in & out" routine for your eyelashes with oils/serums and suitable food supplements. Limit the use of makeup as much as possible and never forget the crucial step of removing makeup. Be sure to always be gentle with this ciliary wall which acts as a shield for the eyes and which deserves all your precious attention. Simple tips to implement for XXL eyelashes, naturally!

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