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Can you buy anywhere in the world?

Yes, it is completely possible.

France :

Delivery in mainland France is free from 54€ of purchase.

Dom Tom :

For an order of less than €35.00, the delivery costs are €4.95.

For an order between €35.01 - €80.00 the delivery costs are €9.90.

For an order over €80.00 the delivery costs are €11.90.

Europe :

For an order of less than €35.00, the delivery costs are €6.00.

For an order between €35.01 - €80.00 the delivery costs are €7.00.

For an order over €80.00 the delivery costs are €9.90.

Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria :

For an order of less than €60.00, the delivery costs are €9.90.

For an order over €60.00 the delivery costs are €14.90.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

It all depends on where you live.

In France , if you place your order before noon, the package is shipped the same day and the deadline is 48 working hours.

If you place your order after midday, the package will be sent the next day, it will then take 72 working hours.

In Europe , deadlines are generally extended by one day.

Outside Europe , it takes on average 5 to 10 days for delivery.

You can track your order on our tracking page: here

Point of sale

Do you have a store where I can buy Reborn products?

You can buy our products online at www.reborn.paris.

We are also available on online stores and marketplaces such as: Promofarma, Ankorestore, Pharmedistore, Faire, Greenweez, La Beauté Française, En better, www.nocibe.fr and many others!

You can also find some of our references in all Bleu Libellule stores in France and Italy. There's bound to be one near you.

You can also find Reborn in pharmacies and parapharmacies , in beauty institutes , aesthetic clinics , hairdressers and beauty product distributors . Find a dealer near you by consulting our list here .

Do not hesitate to contact us to find the reseller closest to you by email at serviceclientreborn@gmail.com.


Are your products cosmetics or food supplements?

A bit of both. In reality, our products are nutricosmetics. Nutricosmetics , literally “cosmetics to taste” is at the crossroads between cosmetics and nutrition. These are food supplements aimed at beauty which will bring benefits from the inside to your hair, your nails, your skin and your body.



What is the difference between our supplements and capsules?

The capsules can sometimes be difficult to swallow and may cause heartburn.

Their intake requires water and we don't always have it nearby.

In addition, their tasteless taste can be boring, with the risk of not completing your treatment.

Also, the capsule reminds of the medicine, as if you were sick, when you just want to take care of yourself.

Finally, the shell of the capsules sometimes does not even degrade in the stomach so that the active ingredients never reach the target areas.

Our supplements are in a gourmet and fun format.

Whether gummies, chewable tablets or sticks, they will always be deliciously flavored to give you an unparalleled moment of pleasure.

They do not cause heartburn, are easy to take and easy to digest.

They are easy to take in the mouth and do not require water (except the sticks).

These gourmet galenics revolutionize the vision of food supplements: we want to take our food supplement and we are no longer forced to take it, and that changes everything! We are reaching the end of our treatment.

Finally, as these are galenics that we chew/chew (gummies, tablets) and without shell (sticks), there will be pre-digestion in the mouth and therefore better assimilation of the active ingredients by the body.

What is the difference between gummies and chewable tablets?

The gummies are in the form of small “candies”, 2.5g fruity chewing gum.

Under the bite, the feeling is soft and not sticky.

Chewable tablets are also small “candies” but they are much smaller than gummies (less than 1g) .

To the bite, they are crunchy and fall apart easily.

Counterintuitively, in chewable tablets , there is more room for active ingredients . This means that higher quantities can be added without affecting the taste.

We chose to use gummies for ingredients whose effective doses were low .

Thus, the gummies are made up of several active ingredients at low effective doses for overall effectiveness on the hair, skin or eyes.

We could compare the action of our gummies to that of a day cream.

For ingredients with higher effective doses , we used chewable tablets.

In the latter, we have concentrated a few ingredients at a high effective dose (often patented ingredients) for targeted action : tanning, pigment spots, imperfections, wrinkles.

We could compare the action of our chewable tablets to that of a serum complementing the day cream.

What are the differences between Reborn Paris food supplements and other supplements on the market?

Here are 7 differentiating advantages of Reborn Paris:

1. Innovative format :

Our food supplements are in the form of gummies , chewable tablets and fruity powder .

We were among the first to enter the gummie market.

We are currently the first to offer naturally colored and flavored chewable tablets that are this concentrated and have such targeted action.

Our fruity powder is also innovative because it is the first fruity powder to use Cactinea®, a prickly pear extract with clinically proven effectiveness.

2. New premium ingredients :

We use ultra-concentrated plant extracts with supporting clinical studies and sometimes even patented . For certain ingredients like Pomewhite®, the anti-pigment spot white pomegranate extract contained in our Absolu+ White, we are the first and only to use it in France .

3. Innovative issues never before addressed :

Our desire to innovate goes hand in hand with our desire not to forget anyone, and even less the daily hassles that everyone may encounter.

We therefore offer, through our food supplements, to solve unique problems, where no one has yet provided a solution from the inside : pigment spots, bags & dark circles, etc.

4. 360° environmental approach :

Wording :

-The products are based on natural flavors and colorings .

-They are vegetarian, vegan and cruelty free .

-They are free of controversial additives, GMO-free and titanium dioxide-free .

-Phytotherapy is the basis of each product./p>

Manufacturing :

The products are manufactured in France , near Vichy, in an eco-designed green factory .

This factory uses solar panels for its energy independence, shares transport with neighboring factories to limit its carbon footprint and recycles rainwater for cleaning and watering the plants it grows itself.

Packaging :

- vegetable printing inks,

- 100% recyclable pot and caps,

- FSC certified labels and cases (from sustainably managed forests) made from biodegradable paper and cardboard,

- shipping boxes made from recyclable and recycled materials and FSC certified

5. Unique formulations with strong scientific support :

We do not use “turnkey” formulas , that is to say ready-made laboratory formulas on which we stick our label.

Our team of scientific experts (Aesthetic Doctor, Innovation & Human Nutrition Engineer and Partner Pharmacists) know perfectly the active ingredients and the doses to use. They meticulously select ingredients that have scientifically proven their worth , after a bibliographic monitoring, then dose them in accordance with the dosages established in effectiveness and safety studies.

6. Ingredients selected for their effectiveness and not because they are “marketable ”:

The vast majority of brands choose their ingredients because they are “marketable”. This means that, for these active ingredients, there are standard sentences, called claims , allowing their benefits to be described in marketing materials and therefore to better convey the message to the consumer.

The latter may be authorized by regulations (case of vitamins and minerals) and, in this case, a solid scientific file supports the claimed benefits.

On the other hand, for plants, these claims are pending and no scientific file has yet confirmed their veracity .

Most people therefore simply use these phrases without looking for scientific proof of effectiveness.

At Reborn, we don't stop at just whether an asset is "marketable." We put together a scientific file to prove its effectiveness and, once this has been demonstrated, the ingredient is selected.

7. Respect for renal and hepatic physiology :

Unlike many brands, we avoid overdosing on ingredients . We never exceed the maximum dose limits defined in scientific studies.

Example of biotin: We refuse to enter the race of “who will put the most biotin” in which many competitors participate. From our knowledge, we know, on the one hand, that a surplus of biotin does not result in an increase in effectiveness. In fact, biotin being a water-soluble vitamin, the excess is eliminated in the urine. On the other hand, this overdose makes the kidneys work harder, which tends to damage them. We prefer to respect each person’s physiology.


Are Reborn products natural?

Yes , we use natural flavors and colors . Even our blue tablets are naturally colored with spirulina! Our products are also free of controversial additives, GMO-free, Titanium dioxide-free and gelatin-free . Our ingredients are drawn from the heart of nature for the most plant-based composition possible.

Vegan: Are Reborn products compatible with vegetarian and vegan diets?

Yes, our products are 100% vegan and without raw materials of animal origin.

To gel the gummies, we do not use animal gelatin but fruit pectin , a natural gelling agent from apple or lemon.

No tests are carried out on animals.

ORGANIC: Are Reborn products organic?

Reborn food supplements are not organic , but they are nonetheless very natural.

Indeed, it would have been difficult to obtain the same effectiveness on our products with materials of organic origin: certain materials do not exist organically and the plants are in powder form, much less concentrated than the extracts and therefore much less effective.

This is why we prioritized efficiency and preferred to stay conventional without neglecting naturalness.

packaging: the packaging is plastic or glass?

The pots are made of 100% recyclable PET and the caps are made of aluminum , also recyclable .

The labels and boxes are FSC certified (paper/cardboard from sustainably managed forests) and the printing is done with vegetable ink .

We preferred to avoid glass for 2 reasons:

-Glass containers are heavy , which increases the carbon footprint during transport

-Glass containers are fragile and possible breakage during transport could leave pieces of glass in your gummies.

We could also have used bamboo containers which look the most natural. However, they require an incredible amount of water and we prefer to spare this precious resource in certain regions of our planet.



Where are the products manufactured?

The products are designed and formulated in France, in Paris , by our team of scientific experts.

Then, for the manufacturing stages, they are all done in France, towards Vichy for the gummies and towards Toulouse for the chewable tablets and sticks.


Can I consume the products if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, in specific situations and even if the cures are natural, it is advisable to seek the advice of a health professional before any supplementation .

We therefore advise you to bring your doctor a photo of the label of the product you are interested in and on which the composition is visible.

This is because very few scientific studies are carried out on pregnant and breastfeeding women to confirm safety because it would be too risky.

Is there an age limit for taking Reborn products?

Our cures are reserved for adults (with exceptions) because we have determined the choice of active ingredients and their dosage in relation to scientific studies carried out on adults.

Reborn cures are therefore not recommended for children and sometimes adolescents.

You will find the information on the product label or in the “advice for use” section or on our site.

Can Reborn Paris cures be taken by people with diabetes?

As our products are sugar-free , they have no impact on blood sugar levels and therefore diabetes.

In the case of pathologies, however, it is always recommended to seek advice from your doctor before any supplementation.

Can we combine a Reborn cure with daily medication treatment?

In the case of medicinal treatment and even if our products are natural, it is always preferable to seek the advice of your doctor .

For some of our products, incompatibility with medicinal treatment is always mentioned on the packaging in the “advice for use” section or on our site, in the same section on the product sheet.



Is it suitable for both men and women?

Yes, our products work equally well on men and women.

Usage tips

Is it possible to do several treatments at the same time?

Yes. Our products have been designed to be taken simultaneously. On the other hand, it is advisable to limit yourself to 4 treatments to avoid tiring the kidneys.

What is the ideal duration of treatment to feel the benefits?

There is a time for the body to adapt to the treatment in order to feel the benefits.

This is generally 3 months , which corresponds to 3 cell cycles.

This is the time it takes for cells to become familiar with the active ingredients, learn how to use them and derive the maximum benefit from them.

We therefore recommend a 3-month treatment to be repeated once or twice a year.

A break is in fact recommended after 3 months to rest the body and avoid the phenomenon of habituation. During this break, it is possible to continue with another food supplement, as long as its composition is different from the first.

Is it possible to consume a treatment continuously?

It is strongly recommended not to consume the same treatment throughout a year because it tires the kidneys.

In addition, the body gets used to the active molecules, which reduces the benefits felt.

The best is to take a break of 2 to 3 months between each treatment in order to preserve the kidneys and feel optimal effectiveness.

You can consume different cures continuously but never the same cure.

Can I increase the doses for intensified results?

Each of the gummies/tablets being ideally and highly dosed , it is not preferable to increase the doses.

You must follow the instructions given on the label. The dosage is 2 gummies or 3 tablets or 1 stick per day to be taken at any time during the day

How to store REBORN cure jars?

They must be kept cool (room temperature), protected from light and humidity.

You should not put them in the refrigerator , except exceptionally for a maximum of 30 minutes in summer, if the gummies have melted a little during transport.

After opening the jar, the products must be consumed within 30 days (i.e. the duration of a treatment). Beyond that, an evolution in particular of the texture can be observed: stickier texture for gummies, humidification and softening of chewable tablets.

After each use, close the jar carefully and correctly and put it back in its case.



Is it serious if I exceed the dosage?

No, there is no real danger if it is exceptional because we are using natural products. However, it is strongly preferable to respect the prescribed doses because each person is different.

Can there be side effects?

By definition, food supplements are on the border between food that nourishes and medicine that treats.

The doses of active ingredients are therefore higher than those found in foods, because food supplements are concentrates, but they remain lower than those found in medications, which strongly limits side effects.


You don't find that food supplements are effective?

This is because your expectations are out of sync with the objective of food supplements.

Food supplements aim to supplement the normal diet and have a nutritional or physiological effect . They therefore act to improve daily comfort and beauty and to prevent certain problems .

The benefits are therefore often observable in the long term and few people are diligent enough to finish their treatments, hence the interest in gummies and chewable tablets!

Also, the effects of food supplements are canceled if their intake is not accompanied by a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. It should also be noted that results vary from person to person.

What evidence of effectiveness do we have?

Our products are formulated by scientists : a doctor and an engineer specializing in Innovation and human nutrition. For each active ingredient, we have created a scientific file supporting effectiveness and a scientific file supporting safety .

In addition, we have a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Their satisfaction is also measured by the number of recommendations which is high at Reborn. To try is to adopt it!


And the regulations in all this?

We formulate in compliance with the regulations in force on food supplements in France and Europe . Our products have been approved by the authorities in France (DGCCRF), Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy.



What is a gummy?

A gummy is a 2.5g gelled chewing gum which has the appearance and delicacy of a candy but is in fact a food supplement which contains active ingredients: vitamins, minerals, plants, probiotics, etc.

At Reborn, gelling is done without animal gelatin , with fruit pectin (apple or lemon).

The texture of a gummy is soft and does not stick to the teeth.

What are the benefits of gummies?

4 key benefits:

- It's very good : it's a fun, delicious and pleasant format.

- It's practical : The format is portable and it does not require water. This allows them to be taken anywhere and taken at any time of the day.

-We are going to the end of our treatment : The gummies taste very good. In fact, we want to take our food supplement and we are no longer forced to take it. The moment of taking it becomes a pleasure and you can easily finish your treatment.

- We assimilate the active ingredients better : The gummies are a galenic that we chew, in fact, there is a pre-digestion of the active ingredients in the mouth which will improve their assimilation by the body.

Is there sugar in gummies?

Our gummies are sugar-free .

To replace it, we use maltitol syrup , a non-controversial sweetener, 100% vegan and made from corn which allows you to obtain the same taste and texture as with sugar.

The benefits of maltitol are numerous:

-It is 2 times less caloric than sugar

-Its glycemic index is also 2 times lower , which makes it accessible to diabetics

- It is acariogenic

- It is safe

How many calories in 1 gummy?

A gummy is very low in calories, it takes around 8 calories.

Chewable tablets

What is a chewable tablet?

Chewable tablets are like the candy from the candy chains of our childhood, but much more natural .

They are naturally colored and flavored and much smaller than gummies (maximum 1g).

They are crunchy and fall apart with each bite.

What are the benefits of chewable tablets?

Counterintuitively, chewable tablets contain a greater quantity of active ingredients than gummies , although the format is smaller. They are therefore more concentrated

This is explained by a better ability of other structural ingredients to hide the taste . It is therefore possible to include ingredients at high effective doses . Thus, in Reborn chewable tablets, you will find fewer active ingredients than in gummies but more concentrated for targeted action.

They are in a small, portable format, which can be easily carried in your handbag. They don't fear the heat as much as gummies.

Otherwise, they have the same advantages as gummies, whether from the point of view of pleasure, practicality, bioavailability (assimilation by the body) and compliance (you complete your treatment) .

Is there sugar in the chewable tablets?

No, there are no added sugars in the chewable tablets.

The active ingredients can provide a small but negligible amount of sugars.

Non-controversial sweeteners such as xylitol, sorbitol and sucralose replace sugar to provide structure and taste to the tablet.



What is a stick?

A stick is an elongated sachet filled with a powder . This powder contains natural ingredients coupled with natural colorings and flavors to maintain the gourmet aspect which is the very identity of Reborn.

What are the benefits of the powder?

A stick of powder weighs almost 4g. It is therefore possible to include ingredients with a high effective dose and to multiply the ingredients for increased effectiveness.

In addition, the powder pleasantly flavors your daily water and encourages you to drink more for optimal hydration.

The stick is easy to carry , you just need a glass of water to dilute it. Even better: if you have a bottle of water for the day, dilute it to make your water ultra-tasty.

Is there sugar in the sticks?

What are the benefits of the powder?