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☀️Is sunlight effective for weight loss?

Summer vacation is around the corner and your summer bodysuit isn't ready? Panic on board! How to quickly get rid of these unsightly little bulges to proudly display your dream body? Do you desperately try all the techniques: do you kill yourself at sport with intense physical exercises , painfully follow a draconian diet or do you fast ? All these efforts that you will then have to supplement with repeated exposure to the sun to achieve a sublime tan . Olala, for a vacation that should rhyme with relaxation, it's off to a bad start. Stop everything! We have discovered a slimming technique that will allow you to kill two birds with one stone: tan and lose weight . This technique is surprisingly simple and yet it is little known. If you don't master it correctly, you risk getting the opposite effect. Many already practice it without knowing it but waste the benefits obtained by mistakes that could have been avoided if they had read our article. This unsuspected solution is... morning tanning , and it's scientifically proven! You will finally be able to enjoy your vacation while watching your figure thanks to this dawn sunbathing. But be careful, read this article carefully until the end to avoid mistakes that could cause you to obtain the opposite effects.

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Exposure to natural sunlight is essential for health

We talk a lot about the positive effects of the sun's rays on mood . Indeed, exposing yourself stimulates the secretion of neurohormones which promote good mood. Conversely, a deficiency in solar UV would be a source of depression .

Endorphin secretion would also be boosted by light rays, a natural aid if you need to alleviate your muscle & joint pain.

This luminous star also has considerable health benefits. It is known to improve the absorption of oxygen , essential for the body.

According to a study conducted in 2014, it would also reduce blood pressure which would minimize the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases . Its ability to stimulate blood circulation in the vessels would be a considerable asset for boosting hair growth .

Light would also soothe eye fatigue by increasing the production of cells responsible for optimizing vision, the rods.

Even better known, the stimulation of vitamin D synthesis by UV rays plays a determining role in your health : cerebral and nervous, bone, muscle, teeth, immune system, cell renewal, etc.

Tanning in the morning in the sun is an effective method for losing weight easily

Certain scientific investigations tend to demonstrate strange facts, sometimes with unusual results, and this is what happened. In a context where researchers are constantly trying to understand the factors and causes favoring weight loss and where there are more and more studies on effective weight loss methods , a new technique has appeared. Less known than intermittent fasting (which is also very popular for its health benefits), this technique allows you to burn fat easily . It's simply about getting a tan in the morning . And indeed, it is easier to expose yourself to the sun to burn calories than to fast!

Taken aback by this sudden revelation, you are probably wondering what this new wacky invention is. It turns out that this is a scientific discovery and not yet another absurd solution from a so-called slimming coach on the networks. Of course, sun protection remains essential when putting it into practice!

The study was carried out by researchers at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago and published in the very serious online scientific journal PLOS ONE .

We have seen a lot of sites talking about this research without putting the link, we never speak without supporting evidence, you will find the link to this fabulous discovery by clicking here .

The scientific study by researchers at the University of Chicago

Previous clinical and animal findings

The Chicago researchers relied on the results of previous studies by their colleagues.

Clinical research was conducted by Danilenko's team of scientists in 2013 on 34 overweight women aged 20 to 54 years old. Its results showed that exposing yourself to light for at least 45 minutes in the morning (between 6 and 9 a.m.) for 3 weeks reduces body fat and appetite .

Dunai A in 2007 led an experiment on 25 overweight and obese subjects for 6 weeks and demonstrated that the practice of physical exercise coupled with bright light treatment can change body composition by significantly reducing fat cells . A significant difference in BMI was also noted.

In 2012, Figueiro MG found the same result on appetite in 11 subjects (6 women and 5 men), demonstrating that exposure to morning light 2 hours immediately after waking up can reduce concentrations of ghrelin (hunger hormone). ) and increase leptin levels (satiety hormone).

Evidence from animal trials ( Coomans CP, 2013 ; Arble DM, 2009 ; Fonken LK, 2010 ) also indicates that changes in the duration of light exposure and timing of feeding relative to Light exposure may alter glucose metabolism and lead to mass gain, not associated with changes in caloric intake

However, no published studies have investigated the influence of light levels and sleep on body mass in humans.

Given the growing evidence for the role of light in regulating body weight, the Chicago researchers' goal was to assess the relationship between time of day and duration of usual daily exposure to ambient light. , sleep timing and duration with BMI.

The scientific study from the University of Chicago

54 people, 28 women and 26 men, with an average age of 30.6 years with a varied pace of life and eating habits took part in the experiment. Their BMI was determined based on self-reported height and weight data.

For the purposes of the study, they wore a wrist actigraph ((AW-L Actiwatch) for 7 days to measure light levels, sleep and its duration.

They also completed daily diet diaries describing the composition, time and location of their meals. They were also invited to fill in their rest and wake-up times on a dedicated diary.

After 7 days, the researchers found that the thinnest people actually exposed themselves well in the morning and had a lower BMI. Once past the twelve hour mark, those who went out into the sun had a higher mass which increased with each hour spent being exposed in the afternoon (+1.28 BMI units per hour ). Light would therefore be an effective agent for weight loss unrelated to physical activity, eating habits, sleep duration or age.

The explanations :

You are probably saying to yourself when reading such a conclusion: “But how is this possible, how can the morning sun have more of an effect on my weight than that of the afternoon? »

Stating facts is one thing, but the best thing is to explain them. We will therefore explain to you the reasons which make your tanning session your best slimming ally.

Morning light would be primarily blue light (shorter wavelength). However, the latter has the strongest effect on the internal biological clock and is capable of regulating the circadian rhythm (wake-wake cycle). It regulates the secretion of melatonin , a hormone released by the brain which promotes sleep. By exposing yourself to bright light in the morning, the production of melatonin would be slowed down and released in higher quantities in the evening. Sleep would then be of better quality, the nights longer and more restorative . The latter being a key element in the regulation of mass, this would lead to weight loss.

Other reasons could also explain the link between tanning in the morning and losing weight, burning calories and burning fat.

As mentioned above, UV rays also stimulate the secretion of neurohormones responsible for good mood. However, mood plays a key role in appetite . By exposing yourself to morning light, it would remove the desire to eat fatty and sugary foods, cravings and snacking while reducing appetite and food intake .

Since oxygenation is favored by light, a UV bath (under protection!) would greatly optimize your performance during physical exercise, thus allowing you to lose weight.

Since luminosity helps in the synthesis of vitamin D , exposure amounts to replenishing the intake of vitamin D, essential for nervous balance ! However, the less stressed we are, the easier it is to avoid gaining weight.

And if you were wondering, even if sunscreen on the skin in the sun absorbs UV rays, this will have no impact on the benefits provided to your energy balance. So protect yourself and avoid the risks linked to the sun (skin cancer, sunburn), this will have no consequences on the calories lost.

Sweating could be one of the explanations but in reality, you mainly eliminate toxins and water through sweat and therefore only lose aqueous mass. Make no mistake, sweating is not losing weight! It has even been shown that we burn more calories in non-summer temperatures.

How to lose weight with tanning

Following all this information, we therefore recommend so-called “smart” tanning, which is beneficial to your energy balance and safe for your health.

During the day, expose your skin to the sun between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m., for only 20 to 30 minutes . Put on a swimsuit or bikini and head to the beach or your deckchair before the sun gets too strong. Be careful, you don't necessarily need to go to the beach or wait for summer vacation to enjoy the virtues of the sun. Sit on the terrace of a café, read a book on a public bench, walk in the sun to get to work or simply relax in your garden for a little sunbathing/slimming session. Of course, don't forget to apply sunscreen to your skin to protect yourself from sun-related dangers such as sunburn or, worse, skin cancer, and drink water regularly.

In the afternoon, between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun is at its peak, avoid the blazing heat and preserve your BMI.

Of course, summer means cold soda, rosé on the terrace, pints of refreshing beers, ice creams, pancakes, etc. In other words, summer vacations are conducive to excesses of all kinds and foods from the so-called "junk food" category. " which will be difficult to compensate for by any sporting activities (beach soccer, windsurfing, quad), if there is any activity!

If you want a morning tan to be a slimming solution, you will have to put your effort into it and favor water over other drinks and adopt healthy meals. A varied and balanced diet remains the key.

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Science sometimes makes surprising discoveries. If one day you had known that by exposing yourself to the sun for 30 minutes every morning you could lose weight so easily, you would have made morning tanning your daily hobby. Among all the solutions for losing weight, the sun's rays turn out to be one of the most natural solutions, as long as you remain reasonable and protect yourself. And for a natural slimming boost, consider Reborn Paris nutricosmetics .

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