microalgue rouge Haematococcus pluvialis titrée en astaxanthine, un pigment rouge

👌🏻Astaxanthin, this powerful natural antioxidant perfect for your skin

When nature offers us a treasure with extraordinary powers, it is time to explore it in depth.

Astaxanthin finds its natural source in the Haematococcus pluvialis algae . This green microalgae is capable of producing a red pigment : astaxanthin, belonging to the carotenoid family .

It is often described as a “jewel of nature”, stands out as an antioxidant with incomparable benefits for our beauty. With its unique active property of neutralizing free radicals , this molecule is a valuable ally in preserving the youth of our skin and our inner radiance.

In this article, we invite you to dive into the fascinating world of astaxanthin and discover why it is the ideal choice for your beauty. Find out how it outperforms its competitors, explore the many benefits of astaxanthin for skin, hair and nails, and learn how to smartly incorporate it into your beauty routine. Astaxanthin is not only a powerful antioxidant, it is a real revelation for those who wish to preserve their beauty in a natural and lasting way. Get ready to discover the secret of beauty revealed by nature itself.

Haematococcus pluvialis powder, a microalgae titrated in red antioxidant pigment astaxanthin in a petre box

1. Why is astaxanthin the ideal choice for your beauty?

The most powerful antioxidant in the world

Astaxanthin, often nicknamed "the jewel of nature", is an antioxidant derived from algae of exceptional power. It owes its fame to its antioxidant properties , that is to say its unique ability to neutralize free radicals , unstable molecules responsible for premature aging of the skin and other health problems. Its unique structure allows it to penetrate deep into the cells of our body, offering antioxidant properties and therefore unparalleled protection against oxidative damage which can, for example, be caused by UV rays and pollution.

Astaxanthin vs. other antioxidants: Why it's the ideal choice.

When it comes to choosing the perfect ally to fight against the effects of aging and protect our skin from environmental aggressions (UV rays from the sun, pollution), astaxanthin undoubtedly stands out as the ideal choice among antioxidants, but also among anti-inflammatories. Its superiority is based on several crucial properties.

First of all, numerous scientific studies have confirmed that this natural carotenoid has a free radical absorption property up to 6000 times higher than vitamin C, 800 times higher than coenzyme Q10, and 550 times higher than vitamin E. It therefore far surpasses the best-known competitors thanks to its ability to penetrate deeper into cells.

In addition, unlike other antioxidants which can become pro-oxidants in certain circumstances, astaxanthin does not present this risk , thus ensuring a constantly beneficial action. It also protects the skin against the sun's harmful UV rays, thus preventing premature photoaging of the skin.

Finally, this red pigment is unique in that it can protect cells on both sides of the cell membrane, while many other antioxidants only work in one or the other compartment of the cell.

In short, astaxanthin shines with its ability to offer complete and deep protection, making it the undisputed choice for those wishing to preserve their beauty and youth in an effective and lasting manner.

2. Why take astaxanthin? What are the beauty benefits of astaxanthin?

Taking astaxanthin for beauty enhancement is a wise decision because of the many benefits it offers to skin, hair, and nail health. Here's why astaxanthin is a valuable choice for those seeking radiant beauty:

Superior Antioxidant Protection:

As mentioned, this natural carotenoid is the most powerful antioxidant in the world, capable of neutralizing free radicals causing premature aging of the skin. By reducing oxidative damage, it helps maintain young, healthy skin .

Prevention of photo aging of the skin :

Exposure to the sun is one of the main causes of skin aging (wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and water loss, spots). Astaxanthin protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays by increasing UV resistance and reducing oxidative stress . This helps reduce the formation of wrinkles, brown spots and fine lines. In a study conducted in 2009 (Tominaga K et al., 2009) on 28 women aged 20 to 55 for 8 weeks, astaxanthin significantly reduced the depth of fine wrinkles.

Improved Skin Hydration :

This molecule from algae increases water retention in the skin , which leads to better hydration and a brighter complexion . The skin is less likely to wrinkle, which reduces wrinkles . In a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study conducted in 2016 in Japan ( Tsukahara H et al., 2016) , 20 women between 30 and 50 years old with dry skin saw their skin hydration significantly improved and their loss of moisture. transepidermal water decrease after administration of astaxanthin for 8 weeks.

Reduction of Skin Inflammation thanks to anti-inflammatory properties :

It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce and soothe redness and irritation of the skin (often associated with hyperpigmentation). It can also reduce skin inflammation linked to the formation of brown spots.

This is also what is demonstrated by a prospective open randomized controlled study conducted in 2001 (Seki T., 2001) in which 11 Japanese women saw their skin conditions decrease after administration of this Haematococcus algae extract for 21 days, thanks to to its anti-inflammatory actions.

Strengthening Nails and Hair :

Astaxanthin promotes the growth of nails and hair by strengthening their structure.

Protection Against Pollution :

By neutralizing free radicals produced by air pollution , astaxanthin prevents environmental damage to the skin . In particular, air pollutants can aggravate hyperpigmentation. Astaxanthin protects the skin against free radicals generated by pollution, helping to prevent increased pigmentation.

Stimulation of Collagenesis :

It protects fibroblasts - the cells that produce collagen - against damage caused by UV rays. It can stimulate the production of collagen, a protein essential for maintaining skin elasticity . This ability to improve skin elasticity is demonstrated in numerous clinical studies.

Inhibition of Melanogenesis :

Astaxanthin can interfere when melanin is produced in excess, helping to reduce existing hyperpigmentation and preventing new dark spots from forming .

In a study conducted in 2002 ( Yamashita et al., 2002 ) on 16 women with an average age of 40 for 28 days, the administration of an extract of Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae significantly improved pigment spots.

Improved Skin Luminosity :

By promoting more balanced regulation of melanin , this red algal pigment can help lighten existing dark spots , returning skin to a more even appearance and increasing the skin's overall luminosity .

In short, astaxanthin offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing beauty from the inside out by promoting healthy, glowing, youthful skin with remarkable elasticity. Incorporating astaxanthin into your beauty routine can be a natural and effective way to achieve a radiant, radiant appearance.

3. How to incorporate astaxanthin into your beauty routine:

Incorporating natural astaxanthin into your beauty routine can help improve your skin's radiance , prevent premature aging , and promote an overall healthier, more youthful appearance .

A Diet Rich in Astaxanthin:

This carotenoid is generally extracted from Haematococcus microalgae but it also finds its source in certain seafood and also fish. Include foods naturally rich in astaxanthin (a few milligrams) into your diet. Wild salmon , trout, shrimp , crabs , lobsters and microalgae are excellent sources. Try to include these foods in your meals regularly.

Food Supplement Based on Astaxanthin:

Opt for high-quality astaxanthin supplements in capsule, softgel, or tablet form. Follow the recommended dosage instructions on the package or as advised by your healthcare professional (in the milligram range). If you're wondering where to find quality astaxanthin products, look no further. At Reborn Paris, we invite you to appreciate the effectiveness of ASTAREAL® concentrated at the heart of our Absolu Solar chewable tablets. This micro algae powder ( Haematococcus pluvialis ) titrated in natural astaxanthin is dosed at 30 milligrams for 1.5 mg of astaxanthin. It will bring you all the benefits you are looking for. It is the most studied astaxanthin in the world with more than 60 clinical trials with more than 1400 participants.

Care Products Containing Astaxanthin:

Look for skin care products that are sources of natural astaxanthin. Creams, serums and lotions are available in the market. Apply these products according to the manufacturer's instructions, usually after cleansing and toning your skin. The supplement, however, remains more effective than cosmetics because it protects all layers of the skin from the inside out thanks to its ability to cross the entire lipid bilayer of the cell membrane.

NOTE: The results of astaxanthin are often not immediate. Be patient and consistent in using dietary supplements and skincare products to see long-term benefits.

CAUTION: Astaxanthin is not a substitute for sun protection, so continue to use sunscreen appropriate for your skin type every day, especially if you are exposed to the sun. If you have specific concerns about your skin or dermatological issues, consult a dermatologist or healthcare professional. They can give you advice tailored to your situation. Remember to consult your healthcare professional before starting and using any new dietary supplement, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions.

4. When to consume astaxanthin?

Taking astaxanthin optimally depends on your individual needs and the products you use. However, here are some general recommendations to help you determine when to consume or take this red pigment effectively:

Time of the day :

There is no specific time of day when it is necessary to take astaxanthin. You can do it in the morning, noon or evening, depending on your preference and routine.

With or without Food:

Astaxanthin is fat-soluble, meaning it is best absorbed when taken with a meal containing a small amount of fat . You can therefore take it with a meal or use a small amount of edible oil for better absorption.

Depending on your objectives:

If you are taking astaxanthin for its skin benefits, you may choose to take it every day continuously to maintain high levels in your body. If you have specific goals, such as reducing hyperpigmentation, follow your dietary supplement's dosage recommendations.

Duration :

Astaxanthin is often considered a long-term supplement. For long-lasting benefits, it is recommended to incorporate it into your beauty routine over an extended period of 3 months.

By incorporating astaxanthin into your diet or skin care products, you harness the power of this exceptional antioxidant to promote radiant skin and long-lasting beauty.

By exploring the wonders of astaxanthin, we discovered a natural treasure with immeasurable benefits for our beauty and well-being. This molecule, nicknamed "the jewel of nature", stands as a powerful shield against the signs of premature aging, environmental aggressions and many other challenges that stand in the way of our beauty.

Astaxanthin doesn't just compete with other antioxidants, it dramatically outperforms them with its ability to penetrate deep into our cells and provide unparalleled protection. Its role in preventing photoaging of the skin, reducing hyperpigmentation, improving skin hydration and many other benefits makes it an ideal choice for those looking for radiant and long-lasting beauty. .

Whether through an astaxanthin-rich diet, quality dietary supplements, or skin care products, this natural carotenoid offers exceptional versatility. It reminds us that true beauty is deep, that it emanates from within to radiate outwards. By integrating astaxanthin into your beauty routine, you are taking a step towards blossoming beauty and enhanced well-being.

So, whether it is to prevent photo aging of the skin (elasticity, water content, wrinkles), reduce brown spots, strengthen your nails and hair, or simply to preserve your inner youth, astaxanthin is there for you to accompany. Let this natural gem reveal the beauty within you, for a radiance that transcends time. Your beauty, after all, deserves the best, and astaxanthin is ready to deliver it.

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