💧Pourquoi l'acide hyaluronique est indispensable pour votre peau ?

💧Why is hyaluronic acid essential for your skin?

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Hyaluronic acid ”, the name speaks to you, but do you really know what it is? A molecule with an incongruously large physique, it confers many properties to your skin which largely owes its beauty and youth to it. Yet primordial, she disappears, taking with her the dream of eternal youth . Catch her while there is still time and never let her leave you again. She is your essential, you need her. In this article, we explain to you who this hyaluronan molecule is, where it is hidden, why it is so dear to you and why you must have it with you all your life. Read until the end, we may well reveal the secret of youth to you.

1. An ultra sexy molecular physique

From a molecular point of view, hyaluronic acid resembles a large necklace of pearls on which interdental brushes are attached. We let you appreciate for yourself the incredible physics of this extraordinary molecule .

The beauty of this necklace lies in the perfect alternation of 2 types of pearls, which are in fact saccharide molecules : D-glucoronic acid and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine . They are linked together by “threads” called “ glycosidic bridges ”. This molecular succession gives rise to a long chain , called a polymer , which can weigh several million Daltons and reach 25µm in length. A giant supramolecule !

The mini-brushes anchored on this jewel like mussels to their rock are sulfated proteoglycans .

It is therefore through its molecular composition that hyaluronic acid can claim to belong to the glycosaminoglycan family.

It is this immense deployed structure which gives it its viscoelastic, structural , hygroscopic and biological properties .

Each size of hyaluronic acid corresponds to a physiological action at a well-defined location in the body .

2. A privileged place in the heart of the skin

All vertebrates , and therefore all humans , naturally synthesize hyaluronic acid thanks to an enzyme called hyaluronate synthase.

The body contains approximately 20 grams of this glycosaminoglycan , 50% of which is located in epithelial tissues . That is to say the importance of its contribution to the condition of our skin .

At the upper layers of the epidermis , namely in the granular layer and in the spinous layer, hyaluronic acid is lodged between the cells . Deeper, at the basal layer of the epidermis and dermis , hyaluronic acid is lodged in the cells .

3. Its benefits on the skin

Protected, hydrated, plumped, smoothed and firmed skin.

At the level of skin cells , when its branches deploy, hyaluronic acid becomes a true molecular sponge , capable of attracting and binding to water molecules by capturing nearly 1000 times its weight in water . This incredible hygroscopic capacity allows it to nourish the hydrolipidic film , which protects the skin against external aggressions. This improves its barrier effect , while moistening and lubricating it. At the deep layers of the skin , this supramolecule retains so much water in the heart of the cells that they, saturated with water, swell . The skin plumps up and smoothes , which helps fade the signs of aging and gives the skin a less marked appearance .

In addition, hyaluronic acid plays a stimulatory role in the synthesis of proteins allowing cells to bind very strongly together : occludin and ZO-1 . Having become almost inseparable, the cells welded together provide firmness to the skin and impermeability to water loss .

Structured, elastic and supple skin

Not content with its property of creating bonds with water, it uses its space-occupying structure and its high molecular mass to transfer its viscoelastic properties to the skin , which softens in its presence.

Regenerated, redensified and toned skin

Hyaluronic acid knows how to motivate the troops. When it is there, at the right molecular size, it boosts the proliferation of fibroblasts , the skin cells that secrete collagen and hyaluronic acid . As a result, the skin synthesizes more of these 2 molecules with fantastic skin beauty benefits. This promotes skin regeneration . These famous structural proteins densify it and give it great tone .

Healthy, better quality, repaired and healed skin

Hyaluronic acid also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties . Depending on its molecular weight , it is able to trigger biological signals of proliferation , migration and cell adhesion . This capacity for re-epithelization helps repair the skin and reduce scarring while reducing the roughness of the newly formed skin .

4. Why should you supplement with hyaluronic acid?

In addition to its quantity in the body , reflecting its importance on the skin , it is important to note that hyaluronic acid has a very rapid turnover of 5g/d and a half-life of 24 hours . From the age of 20, fibroblasts begin to fatigue and reduce their production of hyaluronic acid and the quality of the molecules secreted is no longer as good. The physiological aging process is involved in this quantitative and qualitative concern, but oxidative stress can also be in the dock. External factors such as the sun and pollution can, for example, attack our hygroscopic polymers and destroy them over time. So, at 75 years old, we still have 1/4 of the hyaluronic acid content that we had at 19 years old.

Less hyaluronic acid means dehydrated and sagging skin that lacks tone , firmness and elasticity . This lack is also synonymous with permeability , because the barrier function of the skin is no longer properly ensured without water to constitute the hydrolipidic film . This opens the door to water loss from the inside but also to external aggressions which will cause ever more oxidative stress and therefore deterioration of the hyaluronan capital .

It is therefore important to supplement with hyaluronic acid to maintain youthful skin for longer.

At Reborn Paris, we have developed Absolu+ Young . These chewable tablets contain an exceptional hyaluronic acid, resulting from biofermentation technology, a natural and vegan technique: ExceptionHyal(R) Star. 5 times more effective than classic hyaluronic acid, this hyaluronan 2.0 uses full spectrum technology to offer all molecular sizes in order to perfectly imitate tissue biology and mimic what happens naturally in the body. Perfectly assimilated, it offers short-term and long-term effects for rapid and long-lasting effectiveness. Science reveals that in 28 days, it increases the endogenous production of hyaluronic acid by +40.3% and reduces the volume and depth of wrinkles by -17.6% and -18.8% respectively. Elasticity is boosted (+3.8%) and your skin is more hydrated than ever (+10.6%). What are you waiting for to benefit from the effects that the 60 women in the clinical study felt?

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