🔎Savez vous réellement de quoi sont faits les gummies ?

🔎Do you really know what gummies are made of?

Gummies take on the simple appearance of candy , but the complexity hidden in their composition and manufacturing process makes them very interesting products to study. What are they made of? Is their composition natural ? We carefully comb through the list of ingredients for our sugar-free Hair & Nails gummies , made in France in our green factory .

1. Maltitol syrup

In the new version of our sugar-free Hair & Nails gummies, maltitol syrup replaces the glucose syrup and sugar that we used in our previous reduced sugar formula.

Maltitol belongs to the family of sweeteners , and more precisely polyols . Don't panic, although this word can be scary, it is in no way a controversial additive. The maltitol we use is 100% vegan and comes from corn . It has many benefits making it one of the most popular alternatives to sugars .

Firstly, its taste and sweetening power are very close to those of sugar , unlike other sweeteners , such as stevia or aspartame .

Second, it is perfect as a bulking agent because it replaces sugar weight for weight , allowing a similar texture to be achieved. It also resists heat very well, making it perfect for making pharmaceutical confectionery , such as gummies .

Third, it's a much lower calorie solution than sugar for a guilt-free sweet treat . Maltitol provides 2 kcal per gram compared to 4 kcal per gram for conventional sugar. Its little extra: a fresh effect in the mouth!

Fourth, their glycemic index is approximately 2 times lower than that of sugar (35 vs 68) which opens access to the consumption of gummies for diabetics and people seeking to reduce their sugar consumption while retaining the taste sugar.

Finally, unlike sugar which lowers the pH of the oral cavity and promotes the appearance of cavities , maltitol is not cariogenic . In fact, like all polyol-type sweeteners, it is not metabolized by oral bacteria.

Maltitol is therefore a safe sweetener that can be used without problems as a replacement for sugar. Consumed in moderation in our gummies while respecting the recommended daily dose, it is completely safe for your health.

2. Fruit pectin

Fruit pectin is a 100% vegan gelling agent unlike animal gelatin. It is this which is responsible for the “gelatinous” texture of the gummies, less elastic than with gelatin, softer and more melting . It is often extracted from the skin of fruits, such as lemons or apples.

It will allow the maltitol syrup solution to gel after heating.

3. Citric acid and sodium citrate

The gelling process depends on the acidity . It is necessary to achieve a precise pH for the mixture to gel properly. This is why the addition of citric acid is essential to acidify the preparation and achieve the target acidity. We use natural citric acid , resulting from fermentation and 100% vegan . Sodium citrate helps buffer the pH and prevent it from falling too low, for example in the presence of acidic active ingredients such as ascorbic acid.

4. Flavorings and colorings

We only use natural flavors , directly extracted from fruits to give all their flavor to our products. Our Tutti Frutti flavor is also 100% French , in addition to meeting the naturalness criteria that we impose.

For colorings , we also use natural pigments made available by nature itself, in fruits and vegetables in particular. These are actually coloring foodstuffs. Thus, in our Hair & Nails gummies , you will find an apple and pumpkin concentrate , organic and vegan , responsible for the beautiful yellow coloring of our gummies.

You should know that the taste and color are dependent on the active ingredients, which are for the most part unpleasant in taste (bitterness) and unappetizing in color (brown). Real technical expertise is necessary to obtain the taste and visual qualities , by meticulously selecting the flavors and colorings which will counterbalance the initial colors of the raw materials.

5. Coating agents

Carnauba wax and sunflower oil are used at the end of the process. Thus, the gummy will be surrounded by a thin oily layer which will have several roles. This coating will protect the gummy, give it a brighter appearance and prevent the gummies from sticking in the pot . A final essential step for a finished product at the height of perfection. The quantity of oil, however, remains very negligible, the fatty envelope being extremely fine.

You are now gummie professionals. You know how to read and understand a label to make your purchases mindfully. Do you want to know how to read the label on our chewable tablets? It’s over here !

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