🦁🤫 On vous raconte l'histoire hors du commun de Reborn Paris !

🦁🤫 We tell you the extraordinary story of Reborn Paris!

We invite you to discover the incredible story of Reborn Paris . Get ready to discover all the secrets of the brand and its founders ! We will delight you with juicy anecdotes. ..

The story of the founder

It all starts with the personal story of the founder, Pauline. Following the discovery of a malignant tumor on her scalp , she had to undergo surgery which left her with a very unsightly scar and weakened all of her hair . She then started looking for solutions

Solutions explored

Cosmetics proved ineffective because she needed a solution that worked more deeply, such as food supplements . Unfortunately, these all gave him heartburn . Or their insipid taste tired her and she never finished her cures . As a result, she never fully benefited from their benefits. Has this ever happened to you? Suffering to be beautiful, in any case, she never wanted to experience that again. But how can you elegantly combine business with pleasure?

The revelation

It was by turning to Alexandre, an aesthetic doctor from a renowned Parisian clinic, passionate about natural health solutions and innovation , that she finally found the solution. A true fusion between the worlds of luxury and medicine which also ended in a marriage !

Together, they wanted to reinvent and rejuvenate food supplements to transform each beauty routine into a real moment of indulgence .

The demanding wording

To achieve this crazy objective, Pauline and Alexandre have surrounded themselves with scientific experts (engineers & pharmacists) to offer you a nutricosmetic solution of exceptional quality .

Thus, they have accomplished the feat of carefully concentrating ultra-powerful premium active ingredients at the heart of delicious gummies after multiple laboratory tests.

----------Pleasure & Simplicity

This galenic offers advantages that no other galenic presents:

- fun format,

- no heartburn ,

- nomad ,

- easy to take in the mouth, without water ,

- ease of finishing a treatment ,

- easy to digest

----------Ethics & Naturalness

But beyond the aspect of pleasure and simplicity, the formulation created met strict criteria of ethics and naturalness :

- Natural flavors and colors

- Free from: controversial additives , GMO , titanium dioxide , gluten , lactose , gelatin

- Use of herbal medicine

- Vegetarian & Vegan & Cruelty free

- Respect for the environment

- 100% recyclable packaging

----------Efficiency & science

It goes without saying that particular emphasis has been placed on effectiveness and science with products formulated by health professionals. For each ingredient, Reborn Paris has gathered evidence of effectiveness and safety at the doses used. The brand has also attached great importance to the quality of the ingredients and selected molecules that act in synergy for increased effects. The effectiveness is further reinforced by the choice of the gummies format , a dosage that is chewed . Indeed, this chewing phase allows predigestion in the mouth and therefore better assimilation and bioavailability of active ingredients. Not to mention that the gourmet format changes the vision of food supplements : we want to take it and we are no longer forced to do so.

Production (finally)

After a successful campaign on the crowdfunding platform on ulule, production was able to be launched in a French factory, located in Alsace .

This is how the first Reborn Paris gummies with the sweet name of Hair & Nails were born in 2019. Real boosters of growth , strength and hair health .

The time had come for Reborn to announce that yes, beauty can be eaten.

Fruity gums reflecting the values ​​that the founder wanted to convey. Pleasure , simplicity , naturalness , ethics , efficiency and science have become the foundations that have built the prestigious nutricosmetics brand that Reborn Paris is today.

Why Reborn?

The founders decided to name the brand Reborn which means " Reborn " to reflect the effect felt after a 3-month treatment Reborn : a true rebirth of hair, nails and skin !

Why The Lion?

The choice of the lion as a mascot animal is explained first of all by its symbolism. The lion symbolizes protection , like our products which preserve your beauty. It evokes the power echoing the power of the effects of the active ingredients that we have selected. Finally, it inspires courage and determination , because these are qualities that allow you to complete a course of dietary supplements.

On the other hand, the lion is a nod to the first product in the Reborn range, with its magnificent mane .

Towards a complete range

Hair & Nails did not feel alone for long as beauty gummies as it was not long before it was joined by Gold & Glow , the orange-apricot flavored skin perfector. Later, in 2021, Eye & Contour, the blueberry flavor fatigue mark reducer, is making its grand debut.

Then the brand launched into well-being with 3 formulas: Life & Balance (female well-being), Flex & Form (Joint regenerator) and Work & Play (performance booster).

Finally, Reborn sought to diversify and differentiate itself by offering a range of fruity chewable tablets offering targeted beauty solutions . 5 formulas have been released: Absolu Solar (tan activator, August 2021), Absolu+ Hair (hair enhancer, January 2022), Absolu+ White (complexion unifier, January 2022), Absolu Pure (skin purifier, September 2022), Absolu+ Young (skin rejuvenator, January 2023).

An investment and a move

Reborn was able to benefit from the generous help of an investor to help it climb the ladder and reach the highest heights of nutricosmetics. This is how the brand has established itself in the exceptional setting of the most prestigious square in Paris where the most beautiful jewelry brands reside: Place Vendôme . An address that perpetuates the legend and where high jewelry and high nutricosmetics now merge.

The multiplication of nearby partners

Reborn obviously surrounded himself with nearby partners to help him.

For manufacturing, we have selected factories in France .

For gummies , we recently chose to change factories , for an even better factory that is 100% green and eco-designed . For example, it uses solar panels for its energy independence, reuses rainwater for cleaning and watering, pools transport to reduce its carbon footprint, etc. This factory is located in St-Bonnet de Rochefort.

For chewable tablets , production takes place near Toulouse .

To help us store packages and prepare shipments, we have chosen a logistician in Bazouges , in the north of France. We will soon change logisticians so that they are closer to our factories. It will be located in Toulouse .

Many distributors

The Reborn story is above all written by you and your orders on our website www.reborn.paris . Online, we are also available on many marketplaces : la Beauté Française, Greenweez, Promofarma, Pharmedistore, Faire, AnkoreStore, Humasana, ...

We can count on quality partners from the world of beauty such as Bleu Libellule, Nocibé, Marionnaud, Beauty Coiffure, ...

But also, we are distributed in pharmacies , parapharmacies , aesthetic clinics , beauty institutes , hairdressers and grocery stores .

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can tell you the points of sale near you!

In summary, Reborn Paris is a high-end French nutricosmetics brand which offers food supplements in the delicious form of gummies and fruity chewable tablets. The products provide a response to real problems, the first product itself coming from the personal story of the founder. The range offers pleasure, simplicity, naturalness, efficiency and safety which makes it unique and different from other existing brands.

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