INSTANT CONFIDENCE : On vous explique la liste des ingrédients de nos comprimés à croquer, c’est surprenant !

INSTANT CONFIDENCE: We explain the list of ingredients of our chewable tablets to you, it's surprising!

You can read the complete composition of each REBORN product in complete transparency . Yes, but it's difficult to decipher everything when you're not an expert in the subject! Some molecules talk to you, others don't, and that may scare you. Vitamins , minerals , plants, probiotics ok. But for you excipients it’s no thanks! You don't want to ingest just anything, and we understand. This is why we offer to explain everything to you. You will finally become a pro at deciphering labels . You will then be perfectly aware of the physiological and environmental impact of what you consume when you take a REBORN cure. Let's go ?

I. Our active ingredients:

In the ingredient lists of our little chewable precious stones , you will find our active ingredients : lycopene , turmeric , copper , vitamin C , Keranat® ( millet , wheat and rosemary seed extracts) and Pomewhite® (extract of white pomegranate ).

Their names speak to you and do not worry you and you are right! It is they who are at the origin of the incredible benefits of our beauty concentrates to taste .

These exceptional active ingredients are 100% natural , vegan and cruelty free . We have dosed them meticulously and above all precisely by aligning ourselves with the quantities which have scientifically proven themselves, both from an effectiveness and safety point of view.

The plants have been carefully selected to grow as close as possible to us for a minimal carbon footprint ! This is the case of Keranat® which was born in the Chambord region – in France – and of Pomewhite® which is cultivated sustainably in the Mediterranean region . As for turmeric , it comes from India quite simply because the climate allows the obtaining of highly qualitative extracts concentrated in active molecules . We would not have achieved this premium quality if we had opted for a French variety because the climate is less conducive to the development of this spice. Furthermore, we did not want to offer our consumers a product lacking in effectiveness and we made the choice that seemed to us to be the most honest with regard to customer expectations.

The vitamin C contained in Absolu+ White is in the ascorbic acid form, the form most assimilated by the body. It is of natural origin.

Only the copper that we use in Absolu Solar is of synthetic origin because it does not exist in natural form. Unfortunately, we could not do without this mineral for 2 reasons. The first is that it acts as a real booster of the synthesis of melanin, this pigment which colors your skin . It helps an enzyme - called tyrosinase - to transform tyrosine - an amino acid provided by food - into melanin. And he's the only one to do that! The second reason is more marketing . The regulations authorize the following sentence on the label when a food supplement contains copper at more than 15% of the Reference Intakes: “ Copper contributes to normal pigmentation of the skin”. This is the only active ingredient that allows you to communicate on the pigmentation of the skin and therefore on the tan . If we hadn't put it on, we wouldn't have been able to communicate the positive effect on the tan . Consequently, the primary objective of the product would not have been understood by the consumer and it would not have been as successful. Contrary to common belief, the regulation of food supplements is very strict and one cannot claim just any effect. Only certain communication phrases are authorized subject to the presence of certain active ingredients in specific doses. For those who are most concerned, the copper we use is safe, it has been the subject of numerous safety tests which have demonstrated its harmlessness .

II. Our excipients

Excipients are substances other than the active ingredients contained in food supplements. They give specific taste or physical characteristics to the product but have no benefits for the body. Their use in food supplements is rigorously regulated in France to protect the health of consumers . Thus Regulation (EC) 1333/2008 defines a list of authorized additives and the maximum dose to be respected for each. At REBORN , our quality, safety and regulatory experts advised us on the safest excipients , without any notable effects , and we put them at the minimum dose for even greater safety . We would have preferred not to use them, but they are essential to offer you good , quality products with a reasonable lifespan . We have therefore chosen them as natural and as safe as possible for the greatest happiness of your body and the planet !


First of all, we find the flavorings and colorings . 63% of consumers think that flavors are artificial , while the majority of flavors made in France are natural ! You can imagine that at REBORN , we quickly made the choice of made-in-France and natural !

You will delight in the incredible deliciousness of the aromatic orange-passion blend of Absolu Solar . The naturalness is such that you will have the impression of tasting a real fruit cocktail ! You will then succumb to the peach aroma of Absolu+ Hair with the illusion of biting into this juicy fruit . Finally, perhaps more surprisingly, you will let yourself be carried away by the irresistible freshness of the mint flavor of Absolu+ White , also 100% of natural origin. Something to delight your taste buds while respecting your body and nature !

When we say that naturalness comes back at a gallop… It’s the case! You also find it in dyes ! A real work of art to obtain colors, each more appetizing than the other. Have you been wondering where this soft orange pastel color of Absolu+ Hair comes from? A few drops of carrot juice and a pinch of paprika work wonders!

You say to yourself: “ Absolu+White are blue , they must be full of artificial colorings ”. We answer you: “No. Have you already heard of the fabulous coloring power of spirulina , this algae with a thousand virtues ? ". Because yes, this blue treasure from the seabed is the origin of this simply sublime Pantone which adorns our tablet .

Finally, the Absolu Solar tablets are also adorned with a sublime tan , reminiscent of the perfect tan obtained after your treatment . And this exceptional shade is obtained without coloring ! It turns out that turmeric , one of the main active ingredients in the product, naturally colored the product to the desired color . Fantastic, isn't it?


Chewable tablets are actually the result of compressing a powder into a punch of the desired shape. Before being compressed, the powder must flow as homogeneously as possible and not form agglomerates . In fact, the latter can cause “holes” in the tablets , which reduces their mass. Consequently, the dosage of active ingredients becomes different from that initially planned. Efficiency is then impaired. To avoid facing this problem, we use magnesium salts of fatty acids . These excipients come from plant and mineral materials and liquefy the powder for perfect flow before compression .


Always with a view to optimal compression but also with a view to improving taste , we add bulking agents to our products. As their name suggests, they “load” the tablet and add material until the desired mass is obtained. Indeed, we cannot put 100% active ingredients in a chewable tablet because they often taste bad and compress poorly. The resulting tablet would therefore be inedible in taste and not very pleasant in the mouth due to its soft and sticky texture . We therefore put between 30 and 50% active ingredients and supplement with sweeteners such as xylitol and sorbitol .

Xylitol is one of the most interesting natural sweeteners . It comes from birch bark. It is perfectly suited to people with diabetes because, thanks to its very low glycemic index , it does not cause a spike in blood sugar levels. It is also very interesting for anyone who wants to reduce or stop their sugar consumption. Its sweetening power is almost similar to that of sugar while being almost half as caloric . Its refreshing effect is very appreciated and it is beneficial for oral health . In addition to providing this sweet taste without being sucrose , they allow optimal compression .

Sorbitol comes from corn or wheat. It has a sweetening power twice as weak as that of sucrose but still remains very interesting for its sweet taste in our time when the harmful effects of sugar are criticized. Just like xylitol , it contains half as many calories as sucrose , a real advantage. It is not metabolized by oral bacteria. Thus, it prevents the production of acid on the teeth and therefore cavities . This bulking agent helps prevent crystallization or humidification of the tablets, thus making it possible to preserve and maintain the qualities of the product in the long term.


Finally, it happens that the sweet tastes of xylitol and sorbitol are not sufficient to counterbalance the bitterness of the active ingredients . In this case, we use a dash of sucralose . This non-calorie , acariogenic sweetener with no impact on blood sugar has the advantage of being up to 600 times sweeter than refined sugar and without risk to health .

Now you know all the secrets of REBORN formulas. You are no longer so reluctant to use excipients because you know that REBORN uses them in low doses in compliance with regulations, the environment and your safety with the sole aim of offering you quality products. the highest quality. The scientific support at REBORN is undoubtedly the strength of the brand. Doctors, engineers, pharmacists... They all combine their scientific and technical knowledge and skills to offer you excellent food supplements.

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