L’importance des choix des ingrédients en Nutricosmétique

The importance of choosing ingredients in Nutricosmetics

Nutricosmetics is a rich market that has continued to develop for many years. Products come out and meet needs that are sometimes necessary, sometimes new. Brands are constantly looking for the best, the unexploited, to find a place of choice in this expanding market. The question we can ask ourselves is, are the products as effective and healthy as their appearance suggests? What do we put in the flagship Nutricosmetics products and why is the (good) choice of the ingredients we use essential?

A question to which we will try to answer you in the most honest way, by addressing the subjects of the quality, quantity and price of the ingredients required for a successful formula.

Our ingredients REBORN, rose, apricot, minerals

A selection of foods of choice for Nutricosmetics, a unique composition depending on the products

Creating a Nutricosmetic product is not as simple as it might seem. There are many elements to take into account, mainly the choice of ingredients. In other words, the choice of vitamins, minerals, fruits, and other components to integrate to meet the expectations planned for a particular product. Because yes, it seems obvious, but depending on the products, their benefits and characteristics, the compositions vary completely.

How is the selection of ingredients carried out to create the formulas?

Most foods used in Nutricosmetics have strong aptitude for a part of the body. They respond to needs that are sometimes old, sometimes emerging. You have to be meticulous and the choice of ingredients is made primarily on their effectiveness, before their cost or availability.

The goal is therefore not to create a form of significant profitability and an extraordinary profit on the products present on the Nutricosmetics market, but rather to constitute a product which will be able to find a place thanks to its value, its appearance innovative, unique and above all its effectiveness.

In addition, for a product intended for hair growth like our Hair and Nails, horsetail is our essential. However, horsetail is quite difficult to find. Horsetail is an ancestral plant which has stimulating properties for the scalp. Rich in vegetable silica, it promotes hair growth. It also helps regulate sebum production. You will have understood, we chose this plant little known for its effectiveness and it is our centerpiece accompanied by vitamins and other minerals also chosen from the sorting.

Depending on the formulas we select our molecules. There is necessarily a specific molecule that meets our expectations and which will allow us to meet yours.

However, it is not enough to find them and mix them. You also have to know how to match them, without one erasing the other and making it ineffective. The formulas are then worked on in the laboratory, for our part with the help of our medical advisor. We need to find the right ingredients, then the right mix and the right dosage for each of them.

The selection also focuses on the quality, origin and naturalness of each molecule. Our value is to only use 100% natural and healthy active ingredients.

Why use ingredients that are sometimes unavailable and expensive?

It is certain that it is not the most convenient for producing in large quantities, but as we explained to you previously, the main objective of this type of production is not to be solely profitable. It is a path that is taken little by little, producing innovative, useful and effective products. The point of using poorly marketed and expensive molecules is not to resell our products even more expensively behind them. We must see the need not to miss out on any formula by not working on it sufficiently and by using controversial foods or foods of unknown origin.

We choose to source our food from France and its cultivation is without GMOs or other harmful products, hence the higher purchase price and the difficulty we may have in finding it at certain times of the year.

However, we will not change the way we operate and formulate our treatments because this is one of our primary values.

Are some products always as good as they seem?

From now on you know more about most of the formulations that you may have to take if you use nutricosmetics. Although these are often similar and detailed, we advise you to find out about the origin of the ingredients used.

Some foods can be defined as natural, but how natural?

Some products, and we are not telling you anything, less expensive than others can be neglected or poorly formulated. The effectiveness will immediately be less and you risk being disappointed and worse, being victims of side effects. Take the time to read the formulas and go further by going to the website of the brand of your purchase, where everything will normally be indicated.

What criteria to take into account?

To help you discern the good from the less good, we have put together a list of some criteria to take into account:

  • The composition itself, the benefits of the molecules
  • Have you ever heard of the products?
  • Is the product declared as 100% natural?
  • What is the origin of the ingredients used? Transport from abroad?
  • Is the product declared as free of GMOs, controversial foods, artificial colors, titanium dioxide?
  • Does the product bear the “reduced sugar” claim as the Communication might suggest?
  • Rely on the experience of those around you, user reviews, and the perceived effectiveness of each product.

Finally, we would like to talk to you exclusively about the release of our new product which is available this evening for pre-sales and which will be officially on sale on our site soon. We are proud to have worked on this product with a unique formula, which will meet unmet needs in the Nutricosmetics market. An innovative gummy joins the REBORN range. This formula was tailor-made, and will be the first formula under the gummy galenic to contain probiotics and adaptogens. Want to know more? Visit our networks or our website.

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