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Worn out by everyday life, varnish applications, the cold or lack of attention, our nails need care to bring them back to life and keep them in good condition. To have healthy nails, you need to focus on them and get to know them better!

What are the factors that cause brittle nails?

There are several factors that lead to brittle nails. The main cause is vitamin, calcium, iron, zinc and even protein deficiencies. These deficiencies can be simply treated by taking vitamins or food supplements.

Other factors such as the application of false nails, gel, repeated application of varnish or even nail polish removers can damage them. Finally, fungal infections, certain systemic diseases, tobacco and alcohol are often involved. Do not hesitate to seek medical advice.

Some tips for healthy nails!

Here are our tips to help you maintain your nails regularly:

  • Nutricosmetics: REBORN gummies will help you take care of your nails. Our gummies are made up of nutrients needed by your body and therefore, they will improve the appearance of your nails. Reborn is a great way to strengthen these and will help them grow faster (much faster!).
  • File your nails: Use a file rather than a nail clipper. You should remember to apply moderate pressure so as not to risk doubling your nails.
    • Use a hardener: This type of treatment allows you to have nails that are more resistant to everyday actions. Consider opting for clean formulas, better for your body and the planet. You can also create your own formulas using essential and vegetable oils.
      • Moisturize your nails: Massaging your nails and cuticles with a cream or oil before and after a manicure will strongly protect them.

      Not to be missed!

      Natural solutions that are too often neglected are also very effective.

      You can apply castor oil or shea butter 2 to 3 times a week to strengthen them.

      Your nails will regain strength and vitality after a REBORN treatment and a care routine adapted to your needs. Don’t put this ritual aside any longer! We advise you to start now because the nails take time to fully regenerate and regain strength. Don't hesitate to boost them with food supplements.

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      L’huile de Ricin c’est magique ! Merci pour les conseils découverts dans cet article

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