La journée parfaite pour accompagner la prise de compléments alimentaires !

The perfect day to accompany taking food supplements!

Taking food supplements is becoming more and more common, for the beauty of your hair, nails and skin. Today, it is possible to perform cures for just about everything; soften your sleep, increase your physical performance, promote your personal well-being, lose weight... However, we recommend that you be careful and not get lost in this vast choice of compensation. As its name suggests, taking food supplements is indeed a supplement ! How can you pace your life alongside your treatments? How to optimize their effectiveness? Here is a typical day to boost the performance of your treatments!

A day in the shoes of the perfect consumer of food supplements!

A fan of food supplement treatments, you have your rituals and habits! It's time to rethink them to get the perfect routine in your treatment and have the best effects.

1. I get up and start with a workout. Combining your treatments with regular physical activity is essential!

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. They are useful to meet certain needs and accelerate results but should not take the place of activities vital to the proper functioning of our body and mind. For example, you can take food supplements that will increase your physical performance or prepare your joints, but these alone will not develop them. You must accompany your cures with regular physical activity, such as running, yoga or boxing! Bring out the Rocky Balboa in you!

2. It's time for breakfast! I choose to take my food supplements in the morning, in the evening, or to vary it!

If you take them in the morning, avoid taking them on an empty stomach. Food supplements can, over time, become nauseating and tire you. By taking your food supplements at the same time as your breakfast you will increase your chances of being diligent. As a bonus, associating your intake with a regular time of your day will give you an automatic reminder and allow you to avoid forgetting! You can take all of your treatments at the same time without worries, it's up to you!

3. I follow my usual skincare routine, and I don't skip a single step!

Whether it's from showering to applying your favorite day cream, you shouldn't neglect taking care of your body! Certain food supplements help you maintain your hair, your nails or even your skin, but the best maintenance is what you give yourself daily! No need to rely only on your cures to shine brightly, you risk being disappointed! The contribution of minerals, vitamins and other powerful components offered by food supplements is inevitably a considerable plus. However, the steps in your beauty routine will speed up the process and promote better hydration, reduction of imperfections and prevent aging of your skin! It's teamwork!

4. I hydrate regularly: 1.5 L of water per day minimum and it's perfect!

On average, women need to drink 2.7 liters of fluid per day compared to 3.7 liters for men. This obviously includes the water contained in our food; vegetables mainly. This process should therefore be completed by drinking approximately 1.5 liters of additional water per day. Our body is essentially made of water and requires it (very) regularly. Proper hydration of your body will have benefits on your skin, against stress, fatigue and muscle pain! You will have understood, water is a true source of life! Drinking regularly is one of the best supplements to offer while taking your cures! If you have trouble drinking a lot of water, opt for tea or infusion!

5. I eat correctly: 4 meals a day...and they are healthy!

Eating well is an important factor to take into account when accompanying your food supplement treatments. You don't need one without the other if you want results. No need to convince yourself that you will lose weight by taking your slimming treatment. No magic is required, to feel good in your body and achieve your weight goals, you must opt ​​for a regular, healthy and well-paced diet. Don't skip meals, avoid snacking, and stick to the number of calories your body requires to stay healthy.

We also recommend that you favor food supplements that reduce your appetite. If you are feeling a bit peckish, opt for seeds, almonds or others that are revitalizing and energy-giving!

6. I continue my day with a little health walk! In the forest or in the city, depending on your preferences!

Get into the habit of walking regularly. Staying static is bad for our body. We are too often sedentary and certainly do not give our bodies enough chance to let off steam. Between work and the obligations we have during our day, we no longer find the time to take time off from sometimes restrictive tasks to devote it to a revitalizing activity. Go and refocus in the forest or in a quieter place and walk! This will be both good for your body and also for your mental health. Needless to say, well-being treatments won't do all the work... Walking allows you to relieve bad stress and calm your mind. Think about your breathing to accompany this moment and above all, savor it! You will quickly realize that this may be the best moment of your day!

7. Go home and relax! Isn't it time to settle down with a good book?

After this long day of work, physical activity, sharing with your loved ones, walking in the forest... it's time to sit down and do an activity without physical effort. Release your muscles at the end of the day and relax. This time will be good for any joint or muscle problem. Besides, did you know that REBORN is releasing a cure for joint flexibility, comfort and mobility? You now know what to associate this precious moment at the end of the day with!

Want additional details? Here are ideas for activities to do during your day!

  • Do you know the Body & Mind protocol?

Body & Mind is a sporting concept that connects body and mind! You will work on both your physical and mental skills. The idea is to combine, for example: Running and Meditation or Yoga; Cardio and Sophrology; Boxing and Acupuncture...

Base your training on breathing, body twists, stretching and flexibility.

  • Choose to start Vishranta Yoga!

It is a gentle and accessible yoga that will teach you to relax and improve the flexibility of your body. An activity that will take you 20 minutes at the start or end of the day, what are you waiting for? 🤗

  • What does the perfect breakfast consist of?
  1. A hot drink of your choice
  2. A dairy product: Milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.
  3. A fruit
  4. A cereal product: wholemeal bread, rusks, etc.

Avoid sweets, cakes, brioche and other products which will ultimately be harmful to you.

  • And for your other meals?

A balanced meal should consist of 100 to 150g of meat or fish, 200g of green vegetables or raw vegetables, 125g of starchy foods or 50g of bread and a dairy product. You can add fruit to it.

To summarize, taking food supplements is a very good thing to support your desire for change. However, they are in no way a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, in which you practice physical activity and in which it is important to eat healthily and stay hydrated. Find your rhythm and your favorite activities in order to think about your typical day and optimize the expected results at the end of your treatments. Physical activity, nutrition, hydration, sleep, getting some fresh air, are essential elements to feel good in your body every day. It's time to find your balance!

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