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The components of our cures are natural. We chose to use fruit pectin to avoid using any gelatin. They contain no artificial colors or controversial foods. Our products are made from plants, vitamins and minerals.

We seek the best quality for our products. Our raw materials are from French sources. We use natural horsetail, grown and sold in France, just like our saffron and other molecules. A commitment that sets us apart in the Nutricosmetics market.

We avoid transport from abroad as much as possible. Our partner laboratory is located in the south of France.

Dosage of our treatments

2 REBORN lions

A new step in your beauty routine!

Consume at any time of the day during a meal, as a snack or on an empty stomach.
Both lions can be eaten in one serving or in separate servings.

For optimization, we recommend a 3-month treatment to be repeated once or twice a year.

REBORN gives results from the first month but may vary from one person to another.

Suitable for all hair and skin types.

Life and Balance can be taken by all women from the first menstruation.

Food supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and not used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.

Store at room temperature in a clean, dry place. Not recommended for children under 12 years old.

Gold & Glow

A natural beauty concentrate for a sublimated, hydrated and protected complexion. Sunny skin all year round.

Copper - Selenium - Alpha beta tocopherol - Vitamin B2 - Vitamin E - Zinc - Betacarotene - Apricot - Mango - Rose

ingredients of Reborn gummies from the gold&glow treatment

apricot flavored gummies

Beauty to taste, ideal for preparing your skin for the sun and enhancing your complexion.
In the form of fruity and slightly sweet candies, these real cosmetics complete the beauty routine with a gourmet gesture, because they are delicious.

Fall for these sweet treats if you are resistant to capsules.


Copper is an essential trace element for the skin. It is involved in the metabolism of collagen and acts on numerous enzymes including SOD or superoxide dismutase, a powerful antioxidant enzyme. In addition, it plays an active role on tyrosinase which allows the synthesis of melanin precursors whose photoprotective role is essential.


Selenium is an antioxidant trace element playing a key role in several protective functions of the body, particularly in the fight against oxidative stress and cellular aging.

Alpha beta tocopherol

The main and best known role of vitamin E is its antioxidant role. It neutralizes the aggressive action of free radicals, and protects the fatty substances in cell membranes from oxidation. Therefore, it plays an important role in the beauty of the skin.

Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin

It contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and the protection of cells against free radicals. It is one of the vitamins essential to the metabolism of our body with a preponderant role in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. It has a major role in the elasticity and resistance of the skin, hair and nails.

Vitamin E

Frequently called a beauty vitamin, its powerful antioxidant effect protects our skin cells against aging. It acts synergistically with other nutrients, such as vitamin C, beta-carotene and selenium. It protects in particular the lipids that make up cell membranes. Its anti-inflammatory and pro-healing activity means that it is frequently used therapeutically in certain skin pathologies. Note that the skin is not the only one affected, the nails and hair also benefit from the intake of vitamin E.


Zinc is known for its anti-aging properties. This essential ally of the skin contributes to the assimilation of vitamin A, necessary for cell renewal and maintaining young and healthy tissues. It purifies the skin and protects it.

Beta carotene

Beta-carotene is a major antioxidant, it acts in particular to protect cells against free radicals and it protects cells from damage linked to light and ultraviolet. As a natural pigment, it plays a role in activating the synthesis of melanin, the agent responsible for the natural tone of the skin and tanning during sun exposure. Above all protective for the skin, melanin acts against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation: inflammation of the epidermis and premature aging of the skin. Thanks to its stimulating action on the synthesis of melanin, beta-carotene therefore helps prepare the skin for the sun by strengthening its natural protective functions.


Apricot is a source of trace elements and vitamins essential for the skin. Its protective, restorative and nourishing actions have long been recognized. This small sun-drenched fruit is also a very good anti-oxidant and is rich in vitamins and polyphenols such as carotenoids, vitamin A, flavonoids, copper and lycopene. It also contains a large quantity of trace elements such as magnesium, copper, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and manganese.


Thanks to the vitamin A, B2, B6 and C it contains, mango actively participates in the production of collagen and elastin. Due to its very high beta carotene content, mango helps melanin metabolism and thus improves the photoprotective function of the skin. It also contains a significant amount of folic acid.


The main active ingredients of Rosa Centifolia are citronellol, nerol and geranol. Thanks to its vitamin A, E and F content, it is strongly anti-oxidant and is therefore an important anti-aging component. It is also rich in tannic acid and malic acid. Rose also has an action on cellular hydration. In addition, its high concentration of fatty acids improves the hydrolipid barrier as well as the quality of fibroblasts which are the cells responsible for the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

Hair & Nails

In order to offer you the best and for maximum results, we have selected the molecules detailed below for their incredible virtues: A natural beauty concentrate to enhance your hair and nails. Stronger, more beautiful hair, nourished by our vitamins and minerals.

Horsetail - V itamin A Retinol - Vitamin B12 cobalamin - Vitamin B8 biotin - Vitamin C ascorbic acid - Natural vitamin D3 from lichen - Turmeric - Vitamin E tocopherol Folic Acid Vit B9 - Sodium Citrate - Carnauba copernicia prunifera wax - Coconut oil (coating) - Zinc ( see below)

ingredients of Reborn gummies from the hair&nails cure

tutti frutti flavor gummies

Beauty to taste.
In the form of fruity and slightly sweet candies, these real cosmetics complete the beauty routine with a gourmet gesture, because they are delicious.

Fall for these treats if you are resistant to capsules, or if you simply want luminous hair and stronger nails.


One of the essential components of our formula. Horsetail is rich in minerals including silica. Horsetail is exceptional for strengthening nails, hair, bones and other body tissues. It is also a fantastic ally for the urinary system.

Where to find it?

Temperate regions of North America and Eurasia. It likes sandy and humid places. Other names for Horsetail: Field Horsetail, Scouring Grass, Cat's or Horse's Tail, Equisetum arvense (Latin), Horsetail (English).


Horsetail is 2/3 composed of inorganic compounds, including potassium salts, silica (5 to 10%), a lot of calcium as well as a little sulfur. Its high silica content helps fix calcium. This supply of minerals alkalizes the body and benefits the health of the skin, nails, bones, hair, teeth and tendons. It's a great choice for preventing osteoporosis, repairing fractures, or strengthening brittle hair and nails.


It stimulates urination, thus resolving edema and preventing the formation of kidney stones. Horsetail is used to treat urinary infections and inflammations. Very effective in cases of water retention and edema.


Horsetail stimulates the production of connective tissues and collagen, helps rebuild the skin and mucous membranes, particularly those of the kidneys and lungs. It is also used to help heal fractures and ruptured tendons. It also contains flavonoids which help to strengthen blood vessels, working in tandem with its calcium and silica.


The astringent action of horsetail tightens the skin and mucous membranes, promoting their healing.

Vitamin A Retinol

Vitamin A is a very powerful vitamin found in sweet potatoes, carrots, sorrel, spinach, nettles and dried apricots. It contributes to the health of your skin and scalp by promoting the circulation of oxygen in the blood. The increased circulation of oxygen to the scalp helps nourish your scalp with the essential nutrients your hair needs for longer, stronger hair. This wonderful vitamin has antioxidant properties that help protect your hair follicles from daily oxidative stress. It also resolves oily or dry hair problems thanks to its seboregulator role. It increases the hair's resistance to the sun.

Vitamin B12 cobalamin

Vitamin B-12 stimulates your hair growth by helping in the formation of red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for delivering oxygen to the scalp, which helps hair grow longer. It helps regulate eczema, skin radiance and especially iron deficiency which is one of the most common causes of hair loss.

Vitamin B8 biotin

Biotin is one of the most important vitamins to take to promote hair growth. Biotin supports the health of your scalp by producing fatty acids. A deficiency of essential fatty acids leads to symptoms such as dry, flaky skin, dandruff, dry, brittle hair, or eczema, according to medical studies, which can all lead to hair loss.

When you take biotin, you also help support the keratin in your hair and nails, making them stronger. Thanks to its role in the synthesis of amino acids, it allows by extension the synthesis of keratin which constitutes the hair.

As a reminder, keratin protein is made up of several amino acids. Biotin thus helps to give hair better texture and more elasticity. Hair grows healthier and hair loss is reduced.

Vitamin C ascorbic acid

A study published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology refers to the use of vitamin C to improve hair growth. Subjects who were given a hair vitamin complex containing vitamin C experienced faster hair growth than those who did not take the complex containing vitamin C.

This is because vitamin C is essential for your body to develop collagen, which helps your hair grow stronger from the inside out. This antioxidant helps protect your scalp from damage by fighting free radicals. It prevents dryness, brittle hair and premature graying.

Vitamin C is present in fruits such as kiwi, tangerine, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, guavas and strawberries but also in vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, spinach and celery.

Natural Vitamin D3 from lichen

Among the many benefits of the vitamin for the body, it significantly improves the health of the scalp and nails. It helps absorb calcium, which is essential for maintaining healthy hair follicles. You can find it in fish, eggs, beef liver, dairy products and grains. In terms of hair, several studies have shown the involvement of this vitamin in hair growth and renewal. A vitamin D deficiency could thus prove to be a significant aggravating factor in hair loss. In France, only 10% of the population has satisfactory levels of vitamin D.


Turmeric is an antioxidant of choice, thanks to the curcumin it contains. It is an orange pigment which not only has aesthetic benefits.

As a powerful anti-oxidant it protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and aging.

Role on hair and nails

Thanks to its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, turmeric is excellent on the scalp.

It reduces dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and oily hair.

Turmeric activates blood microcirculation and therefore slows hair loss and stimulates the growth of hair and nails.

Role on acne

Curcumin is a component with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing and antioxidant properties.

Thus, its antiseptic properties make it possible to stop the appearance and proliferation of bacteria responsible for the inflammation giving rise to acne spots.

Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the inflammation of acne causing redness and pimples.

Healing role

The healing and antioxidant properties of turmeric help improve and accelerate the healing of blemishes and scars caused by rashes and other skin problems.

The anti-inflammatory properties allow the spice to act on hyperpigmentation, preventing excessive production of melanin.

It also helps fight inflammation, protects bones and teeth and boosts the immune system. Turmeric is also known for treating stomach and menstrual pain, eczema and psoriasis.

Vitamin E tocopherol

Vitamin E, essential for blood circulation, is a very powerful anti-oxidant. In addition to caring for and protecting your hair, it can also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Like vitamin A, this vitamin helps provide enough oxygen to the scalp to promote hair growth. This rich antioxidant also acts as protection against damage to hair follicles. In combination with vitamin C, your hair can improve its strength and elasticity.

Folic Acid Vit B9

Folic acid is an essential vitamin for your body to repair your DNA. This vitamin actively supports cell division so that your hair follicles can produce healthy hair. Reducing hair loss and preventing hair loss is what folic acid does best. Additionally, vitamin B9 deficiency can also cause stunted hair growth and premature graying. Vitamin B9 also limits anemia and promotes shine to your hair.

Sodium Citrate

Above all, it has a role as a sebo regulator and fights effectively against oily hair. Used locally, it neutralizes limescale in the water. It adds shine and volume to hair.

Carnauba wax copernicia prunifera

Pure and natural Carnauba wax comes from a wild palm tree in Brazil. It is obtained by beating the leaves of the tree then refining. Carnauba wax has emollient and film-forming properties. This restorative ingredient prevents dehydration of the skin.

Coconut Oil coating

Rich in vitamin E, vitamin K and iron, coconut oil nourishes our hair, making it denser and shinier. A plus for dry and damaged hair. This popular oil has been used around the world to help maintain healthy hair and scalp. Due to its similarity to the natural oils in our scalp, coconut oil is one of the few oils that can moisturize your hair. This helps prevent breakage and hair loss. You can also massage your scalp to treat dry scalp problems and moisturize your roots


First, it is an effective anti-oxidant. It penetrates the blood micro-vessels which supply the hair follicle and blocks the path of free radicals. Zinc plays an essential role in the synthesis of keratin and collagen, two proteins constituting the hair fiber. It is also involved in the synthesis of essential fatty acids, which nourish and prevent drying of the tissues surrounding the hair follicle.

• It is necessary for the mobilization of vitamin A, which helps to lubricate the hair, hydrate the scalp and prevent flaking (dandruff conditions).

• In cases of androgenetic alopecia, it helps inhibit 5-alphareductase, the enzyme located in the scalp which causes excess sebum and hair loss. A clean vitamin formula developed in a French laboratory.



First course of food supplements that focuses on female well-being and balance. A product designed for all women with painful periods, peri-conception or during pregnancy. A women’s exclusive!

Vitamin C - Lactic ferments - Vitamin B12 - Vitamin D - Saffron - Vitamin B9 (folic acid)

Get over painful periods with our Life and Balance cure, designed and designed for your well-being! A cure under the galenic of gummy, tasty, fruity and not very sweet. A modern, fun and 100% natural alternative to soothe difficult cycles.


Vitamin C, due to its antioxidant properties, is recommended when suffering from premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
Taking vitamin C, through its action on prostaglandin metabolism, is effective against PMS and particularly period pain.

In addition, scientific studies have shown that vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune and nervous systems.
In addition, it has a major role in maintaining normal psychological functions and reducing fatigue.


Premenstrual syndrome is characterized by bloating, gas, stomach aches and transit disorders.
Hormonal changes lead to a disruption of the digestive and intimate bacterial flora. Probiotics are recommended to reduce related pain.
In addition, female private parts contain a significant quantity of living micro-organisms, in particular bacteria which form the Doderlein flora.
The genital microbiota (notably lactobacilli) plays an essential role in intimate comfort throughout the cycle. Taking probiotics will therefore limit the risk of genitourinary infection and increase this same intimate comfort.


Scientific studies have shown that vitamin B12 contributes to the normal functioning of the immune and nervous systems.
In addition, it has a major role in maintaining normal psychological functions and reducing fatigue. B12 deficiencies lead to anemia (lack of hemoglobin).
Women whose diet is rich in vitamin D are less affected than others by premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
This is what the results of an epidemiological investigation carried out at the University of Massachusetts reveal. Led by epidemiologist Elizabeth Berton-Johnson, the researchers compared the calcium and vitamin D intakes of 1,057 women with PMS and 1,968 who did not, over a 10-year period;

The results show that women who consumed four servings per day of dairy products as well as orange juice enriched with vitamin D had approximately 40% less risk of suffering from PMS than those who only consumed these foods once a day. week .
Researchers believe that calcium may help modulate estrogen levels during menstruation. As for vitamin D, we know that it promotes the absorption of calcium by the body.


Saffron is an adaptogenic plant used for centuries in different indications.

Saffron is particularly indicated for:

* Mild to moderate mood disorders

* Menstrual irritations

* Seasonal depressions

The iron contained in saffron will promote the transport of oxygen in the body and help in the formation of hemoglobin.

It is the magnesium present in large quantities in saffron which will act as a muscle relaxant, so it will be recommended to reduce cramps and muscle pain.

The effect of magnesium contained in saffron is also very beneficial in cases of anxiety or stress.

Manganese will allow better absorption of iron but will also strengthen natural defenses

The richness in carotenoids of saffron will play a very important antioxidant role.

The safranal contained in saffron acts as an analgesic on the nervous system. It can be used to reduce pain in the gums but also to reduce menstrual pain and related lower back pain.


This vitamin is synthesized by plants.
The human body does not produce it and must therefore find it in food.

Its role is essential:
- It acts on cell growth and division and therefore on tissue synthesis,
- It helps in the communication process between neurons and therefore preserves memory,
- It also participates in the growth of blood and nerve cells,
- It also helps pregnant women strengthen their immune system.

Indeed, it has a major impact during the first weeks of pregnancy, a period during which most women are still unaware that they are pregnant.

Folate helps close the neural tube, which subsequently becomes the brain and spine, and therefore the nervous system of the future baby. This closure takes place between the 22nd and 28th day after conception. This is why women wishing to have a baby must plan in advance to stock up on vitamin B9.

The gummies are gluten-free and without artificial colors or flavors. Each of our ingredients has been carefully selected with the collaboration of an aesthetic doctor to guarantee an effective product. Treat your hair and nails or your skin while pleasing your taste buds! Promote your feminine well-being with our new LIFE AND BALANCE treatment.

REBORN is a new way to take care of yourself.