🍈 La SOD de melon, un incontournable pour votre routine beauté

🍈 Melon SOD, a must-have for your beauty routine

Once upon a time there was an exceptional French melon from Rousillon. It owed its uniqueness to its remarkable lifespan . Because yes, once cut, mysteriously, it did not oxidize . This variety of melon was nicknamed “ Cantaloupe ”. Curiosity was rife among scientists , eager to explain the inexplicable. After several years, they discovered the melon's molecule of youth. The one that gives it its exceptional quality : “ SOD ” or “ Superoxide dismutase ”, or the one that would become the “ Superheroine ” of your skin . In this article, we decided to personalize it for the interviewer. It's not every day that we have the opportunity to ask questions of a molecule ! It makes up our Absolute Pure and we have exclusively obtained all the information for YOU .

1) SOD, state your identity.

I was discovered in 1969 . I belong to the enzyme family. I am called “ melon SOD ” because I was produced by melon cells . But I could very well have been secreted by a plant or even a living organism , like a human , like some of my sisters.

2) Why would you say that you are a super star of nutricosmetics?

Since they caught me, the scientists have become real paparazzi. Thousands of scientific publications prove the effectiveness and power of my powers . Among the 50,000 articles about me, 1000 are clinical studies demonstrating my track record of successful actions. These figures demonstrate my success as a nutricosmetic ingredient.

3) SOD, what are your superpowers exactly?

I was born with a fabulous power, an antioxidant power . But as I am a little too "big" to pass into the bloodstream , I do not act directly, I have intermediaries.

Once ingested, I stimulate an antioxidant cascade . In other words, I bring together a number of my SOD sisters already present in the target area (the skin for example) as well as other of my antioxidant friends: catalase and glutathione peroxidase . Naturally secreted by the host body , they know it by heart and will be more effective than me in fighting oxidative stress and its associated damage (skin for example).

But they need me to repatriate them in sufficient quantities. My power to gather special antioxidant forces is essential in the fight against free radicals . These oxidizing molecules are produced by the body following stress or inflammation caused by the environment (such as the sun and pollution ). By acting against oxidative stress, I can protect the skin and other organs from the consequences of oxidative stress , such as cellular aging for example.

4) SOD, tell us how you take advantage of this antioxidant power?

It is thanks to this innate defense talent that I can claim actions on physical performance , weight management , reduction of cellulite , improvement of fertility , correction of acne , protection against UV rays , joint health , stress management , beauty of the skin, reduction of signs of aging . My effect is mainly on the skin but goes well beyond!

5) SOD, what is your difference?

I had the chance to benefit from the latest developments in terms of encapsulation . To make a long story short, I was locked in a small edible capsule to preserve me. This envelope protects me during ingestion and passage through the digestive tract , in particular against gastric juices and its aggressive digestive enzymes which could damage me. I am 6.7% more effective than bovine SOD and 11.7% more effective than microalgae SOD in inhibiting oxidant production .

6) SOD, tell us about your greatest clinically demonstrated skin success.

It was in 2018. Scientist Egoumenides ' team conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on 88 people to evaluate my effects on the skin. A solid study therefore. For 1 month, these patients ingested me at a dose of 20 mg , sometimes coupled with topical administration for 4 days . The results were clear: after 30 days of oral intake, the subjects needed 17 times more UV exposure to get a sunburn than those who took the placebo. If ingestion was coupled with topical application, this figure rose to 28. This study clearly demonstrated my protective effect against UV-related skin damage .

7) SOD, has this ability to repatriate your antioxidant friends been demonstrated?

Exactly, this same scientist, Egoumenides , almost a fanatic I would say, tested me ex vivo on a human skin explant that he had previously irradiated with UV rays .

Although this does not directly answer the question, it is interesting to note that in my presence the number of cells burned by irradiation was reduced by 72% , once again demonstrating my anti-inflammatory and photo action -protective .

The irradiation had damaged my antioxidant friends so that there were very few of them left in the irradiated area. My administration helped restore the antioxidant group and an increase of 63% in SOD levels, 39% in glutathione levels and 13% in catalase levels was noted. This is why we observed better protection against UV rays .

I was also able to discover that when I was there, UV rays did not cause excessive secretion of melanin which causes brown spots . Certainly, I am always discovering more about my benefits !

8) SOD, a word about your role in Absolu Pure?

It's definitely the most enjoyable product I've ever been involved with. It's delicious, a natural pear flavor with a come-back taste . I met some great people there: burdock , wild pansy , probiotics , zinc . Together, we did a great job so much so that these chewable tablets have become a must-have on the anti-blemish market .

I particularly excelled in my anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory role, so much so that an article was written on the subject ( Carillon J, 2013 ), supporting figures: -28.3% of inflammatory markers and +66.8% antioxidant defense proteins.

In particular, my presence was of considerable help in the wound healing process:

  • -21.7% perceived stress (which is an aggravating factor in alterations in the healing process) (Milesi MA et al. 2009. Lacan D et al. 2014)
  • 65% less wound extension (Vorauer-Uhk K et al.2001. Vorauer-Uhk K et al.2002)
  • 30% lower swelling (Vorauer-Uhk K et al.2001)
  • boosted re-epithelization (Churgin S et al.2005)

Thank you, thanks to this interview, we were able to learn more about you, SOD, about your superpowers and we feel that you have not finished surprising us. We are not immune to a skin miracle signed by your 3 abbreviation letters. We find you in the new Absolu Pure by Reborn Paris for your role as an anti-imperfection active ingredient, an exceptional role for which you have shone and for which you will continue to shine. Thanks to the incredible cast within this product - for example burdock, wild pansy, zinc and probiotics - it is certain that Absolu Pure will conquer hearts, greedy stomachs and all skin types.

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