🍁3 raisons pour lesquelles l'automne est nocif pour votre peau

🍁3 reasons why fall is bad for your skin

Since Friday September 23, 2022, we have left behind the beautiful and bright, warm and sunny season that is summer . It is accompanied by low temperatures , bad weather and low light that autumn has once again made its sudden entry into your lives. And this new seasonal arrival is about to shake up your clothing and skin routine . Because yes, this climate transition is synonymous with many worries. Aware about protecting your skin in summer , are you aware of the skin problems that arise once the sunny days are behind you? We explain to you why your skin is put to the test in autumn and how to adapt to this change of season to maintain all your beauty .

1. Fall comes after summer, which left your skin under construction.

In summer , we know, it is better to protect yourself from UV rays . Sun cream, cap, glasses , you have created your own shield following the sound advice of awareness campaigns on the subject. Concentrated on tanning safely , you have left aside your other skin care products . A real fallow for your skin . And now autumn arrives and you find yourself under the avalanche of problems that arise from the summer. Excess sun coupled with heat and lack of maintenance have left their mark on your skin. And the lack of attention to your diet hasn't helped much. Excess sebum , imperfections , redness , pigment spots , your skin is well sensitized ! And she has to face cold , wind and falling light ...

To avoid giving up directly in the face of the climate enemy , start by resuming a healthy, varied and balanced diet , neither too fatty , nor too sweet , nor too salty . Favor fruits and vegetables and unsaturated fats (oily fish) and leave aside fast food and alcohol . Do not hesitate to consume detoxifying products such as teas , for example, to eliminate summer toxins . And to avoid worsening the effects of UV rays on your skin , continue to protect it. So there's no point putting your sunscreen in the closet because the sun's rays are also harmful in autumn . You can take action on pigment spots left by the sun with our Absolu+ White , which will refresh and even out your complexion .

2. Autumn brings a drop in humidity and temperatures.

The seasons give rhythm to the life of your skin . When the climate changes, the epidermis is directly impacted. In autumn , the cold resurfaces but the body needs to stay at 37°C. To do this, it initiates a process of thermoregulation by vasoconstriction to remain at this target temperature . In other words, to avoid losing heat, the body causes the blood vessels to “contract”. As a result, blood circulation is less efficient. The blood supply of nutrients and oxygen to skin cells is reduced. Skin cells renew less quickly and the skin barrier is weakened by lack of nutrients .

In addition, the humidity drops in autumn . As a result, the ambient air is drier . Because the natural tendency is towards balance , the skin will “donate” water to this dry atmosphere to rehydrate it. But in fact, it will lose water , first on the surface, at the level of the hydrolipidic film which protects the skin , then in depth when there is no longer enough water on the surface. This phenomenon is all the more accentuated by turning on the heating and spending long minutes in the hot shower.

In autumn , the skin is clearly weakened : lacking hydration and nutrients , it dries out and flakes , the cells renewing themselves very slowly.

Our skin is only sensitive but it also has difficulty defending itself against external aggressions . On the one hand, its hydrolipidic barrier is weakened by the lack of nutrients and water and on the other hand, its production of filaggrin , a protein which helps the skin barrier to protect the skin , is reduced after summer . The skin is therefore prone to redness and tightness , especially when it is dry .

Start by taking action on your environment by placing a container filled with water near your radiator to increase the ambient humidity and by limiting the temperature of your shower.

Then protect your skin from the outside with a treatment providing hydration (water) and nutrition (fat) to restore the integrity of the hydrolipidic film which, intact, will effectively protect your skin against attacks and block water loss .

You can also act on your skin deeply from the inside with food supplements which will stimulate cell division and skin regeneration , hydration and sebum production. Our Gold & Glow gummies are perfectly suited to this application. In combination with Absolu+ White , you will benefit from complementary effects on angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels) to stimulate skin blood circulation for a satisfactory supply of nutrients and oxygen . Don't hesitate to succumb to the effectiveness of Absolu Pure on the health and protection of the skin and especially to its incredible anti-imperfection power.

3. Autumn is synonymous with less sunshine.

It will not have escaped your attention, the light is greatly reduced with the arrival of autumn . The gloomy and gray weather rubs off on your complexion and your pretty tan from your summer exposure does not take long to become dull and grayish .

This lack of sunlight is also synonymous with a reduction in the synthesis of vitamin D in your body, which plays a vital role in cell division and therefore in skin regeneration . But this vitamin also plays a key role in reducing fatigue . And a tired look is a bad look!

Added to this fatigue is a hint of stress and depression caused by the gloomy weather. Cortisol levels then increase in the blood, stimulating, among other things, the production of sebum and therefore imperfections .

So don't let yourself be discouraged and prolong your tan as long as possible with Absolu Solar . Against depression , fatigue and stress , there is nothing better than Life & Balance and its exceptional saffron extract to get you back on your feet.

If until now with the arrival of autumn you were content to swap your light tank tops for thick sweaters, you now know that adapting your in & out beauty routine is essential. At Reborn Paris, our scientific experts have developed products to help you face the change of season with complete indulgence, why not take advantage of them?

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