Beauté citadine : Construire son bouclier urbain grâce au Gold and Glow

Urban beauty: Building your urban shield with Gold and Glow

Living in the city has many privileges but also some “flops”… Attention city dwellers, here is a recommended and safe way to maintain your city beauty!


What are the dangers for my skin in the city?

The real question is WHO is our main enemy in the city, and the answer is rather obvious: pollution !

It damages our skin every day when we go out since it is present in the air we breathe. A problem therefore internal and external. Pollution causes imperfections, dryness or even premature aging of the skin among other disturbing phenomena.

Ally of pollution, we find UV rays !

These are at least as dangerous and harmful to the skin as pollution. Subtle, we do not necessarily realize that they are present; hence the importance of building your own urban shield using a personalized care routine that you will discover below.

Here is a list of the main effects and risks of pollution and UV rays on the skin:

  • Dull skin, which loses its light : Something we often hear which is due to oxidation of sebum (lipid film secreted by the sebaceous glands of the skin) on the surface of the skin caused by pollution and UV rays. .
  • Acne and blackheads : Resulting from excess sebum stored in the pore openings of our skin, normally present to protect it.
  • Aging of the skin : Pollution can destroy keratin proteins useful against dehydration of the skin, therefore accelerating premature aging of the skin. UV rays are also an important cause of this acceleration.
  • The appearance of brown spots : This is linked to oxidation of sebum, often accompanied by hyperpygmentation of the skin. This phenomenon is once again strongly accentuated by UV.
  • Severe dryness of the skin : Pollution leads to irritation and inflammation of the skin. Poor treatment of these two cases leads to increased dryness of the skin, leading to hyper-dryness which must be treated correctly.
  • Allergies : Among the first effects of pollution on the skin, allergies are accompanied by hyper-dryness, irritation and inflammation of the skin. Pollution and UV rays alter the protective role of lipids on the surface of the skin.


How do I create my urban shield?

It is essential to create an urban shield to fight against urban pollution and minimize its impact on our skin on a daily basis. Thus, you will combat the few points mentioned above and will be, we assure you, delighted with the result!

Taking care of your skin should no longer be an option!

  • It is inevitable to adopt a beauty routine at least at the end of your day, before going to bed.

Three rules : Remove makeup, clean your face, moisturize.

Go to this link to read our article on the beauty routine to adopt:

  • Opt for nutricosmetics to start your care from the inside! 100% natural products are designed to protect your skin on a daily basis, mainly against pollution and the sun.

Gold and Glow by REBORN is entirely suitable for skin problems linked to pollution and UV rays. Its natural active ingredients, coupled with a large number of vitamins, will allow you to protect your skin while accentuating its pigmentation for a “make-up effect” all year round, with or without sun. The rose present in this VEGAN treatment will deeply hydrate your skin, while only taking two gummies per day.

An ally not to be sidelined for quick and effective results! Beauty starts from within.

  • Complete your beauty care routine with carefully chosen, natural and quality products. Creams, serums, oils,'s up to you to see what is best suited to your skin, according to its characteristics.

The Amara Dulcis online site is responsible for finding you the most effective products, respectful of your body and the environment.

Advice, articles and purchasing possibilities are available on this link:

Through more specific and in-depth research, we invite you to discover which products should be recommended to limit the effects of pollution on your skin and accompany your REBORN Gold and Glow treatment!

Go to the Amara Dulcis website:

Taking care of your skin is a series of simple and pleasant actions to adopt. Failure to do so can lead to unfortunate skin damage as you age. We strongly recommend that you follow these few tips and put together your own urban shield with your expectations, needs and needs.

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