Routine beauté by REBORN

Beauty routine by REBORN

The “beauty routine” is an integral part of our lives. In the morning and evening, we all have our little rituals that we think are infallible! However, there must be a few flaws here and there. “Am I using the right products? », a question we often ask ourselves!

How do we know if products described as “good for us” really are? Are the most expensive products on the market the most effective? Who to trust?

A bunch of questions that we will try to answer you, with our vision of things!


 What is a beauty routine?

It is essential to adopt as quickly as possible. Taking care of your skin every day is important to prevent aging, limit the impact of pollution or even avoid turning into a crocodile after intense dehydration which will lead to redness, spots and irritation.

A ritual to adopt at least once a day (two would be ideal). A habit to get into that will only do good for your skin and your mind! Beautiful skin brings satisfaction which will undoubtedly make you gain more self-confidence! First of all, here is the classic ritual to adopt, for all skin types:

  1. Take off your makeup!

Every evening, removing make-up is the essential action to carry out. Beautiful skin will require, above all, daily, deep makeup removal in order to eliminate both the makeup left on your skin throughout the day, but also the numerous attacks that it will have encountered such as pollution or even perspiration (don't forget to remove make-up from your neck if you ever apply foundation to limit the appearance of spots!).
We strongly recommend using micellar water if your skin tends to be oily. Micellar water is a gentle product, sold in pharmacies or supermarkets, which will not attack your skin and eyes like some ordinary makeup removers do. The Avène brand offers excellent products at affordable prices, as does the Bioderma brand. (See links at the bottom of the article).
For dry skin, a cleansing milk may be more appropriate.
Some recommended products:
- Bioderma Créaline H20 Micellar solution
- Avène Thermal Water

2. Cleanse your skin
A step that we too often omit and yet makes a difference. After removing makeup, residue remains on our skin. It is therefore essential to rinse your face with lukewarm water and after applying a cleansing lotion. Depending on your concerns and imperfections, turn to specialized products such as “Effaclar” by La Roche Posay to treat acne or skin breakouts for example, or Avène “Cleanance”. Spread the product over your entire face and neck then rinse thoroughly.
If you don't like cleansing your face with water, opt for micellar cleansing water, a 2-in-1 product.
Fashionable at the moment, and effective : Solid soaps for the face! These organic products are the darlings of the market. They cleanse deeply without drying the skin.

3. Don’t forget to hydrate
Essential for the regeneration of your skin, you must moisturize it in the morning and evening.
Once again you need to take stock of your skin before choosing which nourishing product will accompany you in your daily life and in your beauty routine.
Dry skin will tend to opt for nourishing creams or vegetable oils. For a combination skin routine, opt for a light day and night cream. People with oilier skin should also moisturize their skin daily. Simply remember to check that your cream is suitable for your skin type.
Coconut oil and Aloe Vera are allies in this war against dryness and imperfections!
   4. Add REBORN Gold and Glow to your routine!
This summer's flagship product, REBORN Gold & Glow boosts your complexion and gives you a made-up effect all year round. No more tons of makeup that we impose on our face to look good.  Go natural and your skin will thank you!
Gold and Glow is a course of food supplements in the form of gummies that accompanies you whatever the weather!
A product ready to become your ally in facing winter! Make your tan last while providing your body with a nutritional supply of Zinc, Copper, Selenium and other vitamins!  Gold and Glow will also help you get rid of stubborn pimples and other skin problems. A MUST HAVE to add to your beauty routine !

How do I know if my beauty routine is right for me?

It’s all about seeing results!

Do a dermatological assessment and determine which beauty routine you should opt for, based on your skin type and other concerns you may have to deal with: acne, redness, oily skin, etc.

Use natural products as much as possible! If you see that nothing is changing, it means that your beauty routine is not suitable. Talk about it to those around you, other people will inevitably have skin similar to yours. Choose products listed in Pharmacy and Parapharmacy for greater effectiveness and safety.

Your beauty routine is suitable when your complexes begin to disappear with your imperfections and you feel in harmony with your skin!

Find your own beauty routine and don't let it slip away! Maintain it with care, it is one of the keys to harmony between body and mind. Your skin will breathe better and you will feel it from the first month of treatment. Let's do it!!

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