Bronzage parfait : Préparer sa peau avant l’été !

Perfect tan: Prepare your skin before summer!

Excitement is at its peak at the idea of ​​basking in the sun in a month or two, and we understand you! Summer is just around the corner with its share of sun, heat, beaches and tanning sessions. However, you may not know it, but preparing your skin to sunbathe is a crucial step to avoid suffering the bad effects of UV rays. Here are our tips for preparing your skin before summer and getting a perfect tan safely! Hydration, diet, the tips to adopt to shine on the beach this summer!

Why is preparing your skin for the sun an essential step?

There is no need to remind you that the sun is not our skin's best friend (we still remind you!). Bright but also burning, it can quickly become a danger for the fragile organ that is the skin and protecting it only at the time of exposure may not be sufficient.

Exposure to the sun weakens skin cells and accelerates skin aging. It is also good to know that skin cancer is one of the most common cancers (on average 5 million people each year are treated to fight against skin cancer). Ultraviolet radiation is a carcinogen that occurs in the sun's rays.

In order to combat the dangers of exposure, you need to adopt good habits to prepare your skin for the sun.

Tip #1 : Take colors naturally before the first exposures!

Food to look good

No surprise, diet remains a daily priority that we find in the habits to have to prepare your tan. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, made up of vegetables and fruits, is a good start to stock up on vitamins A, beta-carotene, essential fatty acids and antioxidants such as vitamin E and C! It is ideal for boosting your immune system to prevent damage from the sun.

Antioxidants such as beta-carotene are found in some fruits and vegetables. Among vegetables, you can find this active ingredient in carrots, tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, pumpkin and even spinach. If you want to treat yourself while benefiting from beta-carotene, you can make juices made from apricot, citrus, melon or mango!

Are you wondering what the benefits of carotenoids (including beta-carotene) are?

Foods rich in beta-carotene are the cause of the famous “healthy glow” effect. They will naturally color your skin for a more tanned and luminous complexion. Otherwise, beta-carotene is an ally to protect your skin. This antioxidant repairs skin cells damaged by the sun.

And vitamin A in all this?

Don't forget, vitamin A is also a very good skin protector. It is present in green vegetables, cheese, eggs among other foods.

What about fatty acids?

They facilitate cell regeneration and are present in salmon, tuna and even sardines.

Antioxidants like vitamin E or C...

They help prevent skin aging by fighting against the formation of free radicals. These are vitamins that will help the skin to be stronger against the sun and to be less impacted by the harmful effects of UV rays.

Find antioxidants in foods such as kiwis, avocados, vegetable oils, oranges, red fruits and even oilseeds (almonds, hazelnuts).

Tip #2: Moisturize your skin well, before and after exposure!

The second tip to remember is to intensely moisturize your skin. Although it is important to hydrate yourself all year round in order to take care of your skin, it is even more necessary to do so at least 1 month before your first exposure to the sun.

The main reason is to prevent your skin from drying out and to make it more sensitive.

  • Opt for a hydrating serum in addition to your usual cream.
  • Make an exfoliating scrub once a week to remove dead cells that dull your complexion.
  • Moisturize your skin at least 3 times a week.

Tip #3: Have you tested food supplements?

Today there are a multitude of sun food supplements developed to prepare your skin for the sun by further protecting it and activating your tan.

REBORN is the originator of Gold & Glow , a natural nutraceutical in the form of gummie cures to be taken 1 month before the exhibition, during and after for those with a sweet tooth. Rich in vitamins A, E, B2 but also in beta-carotene, selenium, copper, zinc and even mango, apricot and rose; this complete product helps you protect your skin against UV rays, activates the pigmentation of your skin while promoting an even tan and deeply hydrating it.

Food supplements are a source of vitamins and natural active ingredients that we are not necessarily used to taking on a daily basis. It is an effective supplement to adopt if you want to take care of your skin with a simple, quick and delicious gesture.

It's a great way to limit the appearance of sunburn!

Tip #4: Be careful with first exposures!

Do not expose yourself for too long, whether during the first exposures or throughout the summer.

No need to expose yourself too much to take on color. Stay only 30 minutes during the first exposures and don't forget to protect your skin with sunscreen (factor 50 or 30 preferably, depending on your skin tone).

It is imperative to avoid exposing yourself between noon and 2 p.m., when the sun's rays are the harshest and most scorching. It would even be better if you didn't bask in the sun from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. You risk burning your skin, even after applying sunscreen.

Progress your exposure little by little, to give your skin time to adapt and take on color delicately, without aggression. Thus, your skin will have ample opportunity to produce melanin , a biological pigment which protects against UV rays to tan without blushing (or burning).

You now know everything about the precautions to take before exposure to the sun. Adopting these tips will allow you to achieve a healthier and longer-lasting tanning routine! You therefore choose to protect yourself against the dangers of exposure but also allow your skin to obtain a more uniform, smooth tan with a beautiful color and which will last longer after exposure thanks to better hydration. As a bonus, hydrate yourself from the inside out by drinking plenty of water every day.

Take out your most beautiful swimsuits, hats, glasses and colorful towels...summer is coming!

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