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We explain how to burn calories without exercising

You want to lose weight but you face 2 key obstacles.

The first may be the lack of time : we all dream of an ideal job which would allow us to ensure every day, whether at work, in our life as a couple, in our family life, for the housework, the cooking, shopping, sport and leisure... Unfortunately in practice, no one has superpowers and it is not possible to add minutes and hours to a day. It's impossible to fit in enough sport to achieve your goals.

The second obstacle may be the lack of courage, of desire : you have the right not to be an inveterate sportsman. " Sport is health ! », “To lose weight you have to play sports! ". You've probably already heard these phrases which suggest that sport is the key to weight loss. Yes, but there you go, swimming, zumba, jogging, gym, all that gives you aches and doesn't appeal to you. You prefer to spend your free time doing something else: reading, watching your favorite series, shopping,...In short, relaxing!

In summary, you can't or don't want to exercise but you want to increase your number of calories burned.

A legitimate question then arises: No sport, but what to do to lose weight?

There is no question here of talking about a drastic diet. Did you know that you can burn calories every day without going to "sport" and without making a big effort?

We share with you our good tips and our simple actions to expend your energy without feeling like you are making a big effort. All this perfectly integrated into your daily life.

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🚶‍♀️🚴‍♂️ Tip #1: Integrate walking or cycling subtly into your daily life

Physical activity is key, but you don't necessarily have to sweat it out in the gym to burn calories. The secret ? Integrate walking or cycling subtly into your daily life. These are among the simplest activities to burn calories easily without even thinking about it.


Immobility is an aggravating factor of being overweight, so increase your walking frequency each day. Aim for around 30 minutes a day to reap the benefits.

⚠️ Make sure you have good shoes (no more heels) to walk comfortably.

Leave your car behind

Leave the car in the garage for nearby trips, such as taking the children to school, going to the local bakery, the pharmacy, or the post office. Deliberately choose to park a little further from your destination so you can walk a little more, even if it's just a few minutes.

Use public transport

Don’t hesitate to get tricky with public transport. If you go to work by bus or metro, get off one station before your destination. You won't feel like you're exercising, but in the long run, these short walks of just a few minutes will take their toll on your body.

A little extra: stand up in transport by holding on, this works on your reflexes and balance.

Exit the elevator!

No more elevator! If you have to go up to the 4th floor of a building, forget the elevator and use the stairs. It's a great way to burn calories easily and efficiently and tone your thighs, all while saving on a fitness class. When going up the stairs, remember to contract your abs and maintain a good pace without stopping.

Walk your 4-legged friend

For dog owners, a nice walk is a great way to burn calories while spending quality time with your four-legged friend. Focusing on your dog will make it easier to navigate hills or steep streets. Walking, running, breathing fresh air, while burning calories, is a real benefit for your body.

Even a simple walk around your block for a few minutes or a stroll in the woods can help combat immobility. It does not require strenuous efforts, but it helps to easily maintain an active lifestyle and aid in weight loss.

Call and walk

When traveling, try walking or cycling while talking on the phone. Whether at home, in the street or in the office, by following a route while chatting with your interlocutor, you can do sport without even realizing it. We quickly talked for 30 minutes on the phone, right? That's 30 minutes of walking without realizing it and 100 calories to 150 calories burned.


If your journey is too long to walk but short enough to drive, opt for cycling. Not only is it an activity that benefits your health, but it's also a great way to burn calories without feeling like it.

With family or lovers, explore new places you've never visited by cycling. It's a great way to exercise without thinking about it. Did you know that you could burn 360 to 500 calories in an hour of cycling?

Young mothers, push the stroller!

If you're a new mother, pushing a pram can be a great way to return to exercise pain-free after giving birth. This allows you to work the muscles of your arms, legs and glutes. A recommended daily practice to stay healthy. Pushing a pram is ideal for burning fat and losing pregnancy pounds.

Subtly integrating walking or cycling into your daily life for just a few minutes can make a huge difference in burning calories, improving your health, and keeping you active easily without having to go to the gym. Try these simple, easy-to-implement habits today and see the effective benefits on your body and well-being.

🏡💪Tip #2: Make your household chores your workout

Who said cleaning was boring? If you do it cleverly, your household chores can become a real workout. Let me tell you how to turn the chore into an easy calorie-burning opportunity.

Exercise while vacuuming:

This may be the least fun activity, but it has to be done. So you might as well take advantage of it! Vacuum smartly: bend over, change hands to reach every nook and cranny. 100 calories burned in 30 minutes, the dream isn't it?

Are you having guests over on Saturday evening? This is the opportunity to do a big clean, with a vacuum cleaner and mop. By cleaning the tiles and dusting the furniture, you will give your interior a new look while refining your silhouette.

Increase your calories burned with music and dance:

Put on some music and dance while cleaning to burn even more calories. Fifteen minutes of dancing can equate to burning 100 calories.

Burn fat while cleaning windows:

If rain marks have left marks on your tiles, instead of complaining, take action to make them shine. This will strain your arm muscles, and if you don't stop, it will increase your heart rate. You can burn up to 100 calories in 30 minutes!

Wash off excess calories by washing your dishes:

Washing dishes can be an unpleasant task, but if you don't have a dishwasher, this task can become a way to burn calories. For a little extra, contract your abdominal muscles throughout the activity. If the sink is too low, bend your legs instead of leaning to be at the correct height.

Eliminate calories before the meal by cooking:

If you like cooking, this is an asset. In the kitchen, you are active: you wash, peel, cut, season, and all of this is effective for your figure. Energy expenditure is efficient: 150 calories per hour.

Iron your clothes and warm up your extra pounds:

Ironing may not be the most pleasant task, but it works the muscles in your arms and chest. To make this task more dynamic, move around the table, bend your legs, change arms, put on music, keep the rhythm, and have fun.

Garden and make it your sport:

If you are a lover of nature and green spaces, take advantage of your passion to get back in shape. Gardening or maintaining the lawn is a physical activity. Take out the mower, plant a flower bed, tend to your vegetable garden. You will feel connected to nature, enjoy the great outdoors, and your morale will benefit from a real boost.

Make running errands and shopping your workout:

Walk, carry the bags, push the cart, think. It is a favorite activity to burn calories effortlessly. Running promotes energy expenditure, uses the thighs, and strengthens the biceps and abdominals. For a little extra, if you only have a few items to buy, no need for a cart, carry them with your arms, making sure to balance the bags so as not to hurt your back.

Move...Your furniture!

Arranging the interior of your home uses the muscles of the arms and body. Change the decoration, move the furniture, move the objects, you are free to give it a facelift as often as you wish.


And for the DIY enthusiasts, DIY is even better: drilling holes, using the hammer, painting the walls, putting up Placoplâtre, all this is a great way to flex your muscles and breathe new life into your interior. Here too, we say yes to burning 100 calories in just 30 minutes.

In summary, there are many opportunities to turn your household chores into real sports sessions. Not only will this help burn calories easily and efficiently, but it will also help you maintain a clean and tidy interior. So, get to work while working on your figure! Easy !

🔥🍾Tip #3: Replace your exercise session with fun

What if I told you that science is on our side? It turns out that an activity we all enjoy is actually a real sport. You guessed it, we're talking about intimate relationships. Yes, you read correctly. It is scientifically proven that intimate relationships are the equivalent of a real workout.

During these moments of pleasure, your heart rate increases, and the movements use all the muscles in your body. The intensity and duration of these moments directly influence the number of calories burned. The more intense it is, the more calories you burn. The average is 100 calories burned per sexual act for a man and 69 calories for women.

So, why not take advantage of a gentle moment to relax and get moving? Not only will this allow you to burn calories efficiently, but it will also help boost your well-being. After all, it's an easy and enjoyable way to take care of yourself while staying active. So, no need for a gym, your pleasure can be your best ally in staying in shape.

🧠💡 Tip #4: Get your brain going

Did you know that your brain is a real energy glutton, even when you're lying on the couch? Although it may not seem obvious, your brain is constantly active, and this activity requires a significant expenditure of energy. But how can you harness this trait to burn calories while staying productive?

The answer lies in the concept of mixing business with pleasure. Let's take a simple example: reading. Whether you're going through paperwork, writing emails, reading a good book, doing the math, or sorting your taxes, these activities are effective at engaging your brain. Even the concentration required to work on a business case for two hours can burn about 100 calories to 130 calories.

This means that putting your brains to work for a slimmer body is completely achievable. You don't need to do strenuous exercise to burn calories. You can take advantage of your daily brain activities to boost your metabolism. So the next time you delve into an intellectual project, remember that you're burning calories at the same time you're exercising your mind.

👪🤸 Tip #5: Play with your children

Why just sit around watching your kids have fun when you could join them and share bonding moments while burning calories every minute? Playing with your little ones can be a great way to stay active without even realizing it.

Spend energy outside

You can start with a jump rope session with your girls, run and speed to play soccer, or just have fun in the yard. These moments of play are an opportunity to have fun while making your children happy.

Spend energy inside

Inside the house, the possibilities are numerous. Play mime games, board games, or use their favorite toys to invent adventures. You will find your inner child again and you will notice that these moments are beneficial for your morale.

Get your pets involved

And don't forget, it works with pets too. Running and playing with your dog or cat can be a great way to stay active while sharing happy moments with your four-legged friends.

In short, by playing with your children, whether outdoors or indoors, you can transform your moments of relaxation into physical activities. It's a fun and enjoyable way to stay active and create priceless memories with your family.

🎵🎸 Tip #6: Make your calories dance: a little spin and then go

Have you ever considered making music to burn calories while having fun? Playing a musical instrument like the piano, violin or guitar can be a creative and exciting way to stay active.

Practicing a musical instrument can expend energy at the same intensity as spending time in deep thought. In addition, it is beneficial for motor skills, because you use your fingers and arms in a coordinated way.

It has been proven that to embark on an exciting international tour, musicians must have exceptional stamina. This is what allows them to give their all during concerts. Tell yourself that in these moments, during a live concert, their heart rate is comparable to that of a footballer, with a caloric expenditure equal to 1,000 calories, or as much as a two-hour race.

The more time you spend strumming, strumming, or playing, the more calories you burn. Whether you choose to enroll in music lessons or play your own instrument at home, maintaining a consistent rhythm and pursuing your musical passion is a great way to combine your love of music with physical activity. You keep pace with your own well-being.

🔥🍽️ Tip #7: Caliente dishes to melt your fat


Why not add a touch of spice to your diet to boost fat burning? A few drops of tabasco, a pinch of chilli or pepper are enough to add spice to your dishes. As an added bonus, this solution has a thermogenic effect on food, meaning you burn more calories to digest the meal. You can increase this effect by up to 33% by adding hot spices to your dishes. However, be careful not to abuse or exceed the doses if you have digestive problems.


Cinnamon is another magical spice to add to your meals. It increases body temperature, prompting your body to work more actively to maintain its thermal balance. This has the effect of stimulating fat burning. You can add cinnamon to your rice dishes or drink a cinnamon tea after a meal by steeping a cinnamon stick in hot water.

However, keep in mind that the use of cinnamon is not recommended for women with heavy periods (due to its blood-thinning properties) and pregnant women (due to stimulation of uterine movements, which can lead to premature birth). So, add a touch of spice to your dishes to boost your metabolism and promote fat burning in a healthy way.

🍳💪 Tip #8: Adjust your meals

Are you looking for a simple way to increase your body's energy expenditure without spending hours at the gym?


Try adjusting your meals by opting for a little more protein. For what ? Because the digestion of proteins represents additional work for the digestive system, which results in increased energy consumption.

The strategy is to include protein in every meal, including breakfast. You can start your day with a hard-boiled egg or a light omelette, using just one egg. This simple dietary modification will help activate your metabolism first thing in the morning.

Close meals

Another solution is to eat every 3 to 4 hours. Contrary to common thinking, this won't make you gain weight, but it will force your body to stay active for digestion, which burns calories. However, be sure to choose your snacks wisely. Opt for healthy options, like low-fat yogurt with a few almonds and a square of dark chocolate, or an infusion with an apple. These little snacks will keep you energized throughout the day.

By adjusting your meals to include more protein and spacing out your food intake, you can boost your metabolism effectively without requiring intense physical effort.

🌞🕗 Tip #9: Get up early to burn off the calories

It turns out that your wake-up time can impact your ability to burn calories. According to a study conducted by Northwestern University, people who get up earlier tend to lose weight more easily. How does it work?

The answer lies in the fact that those who get up early expose themselves to the first rays of the sun, which has a beneficial effect on their internal clock. By synchronizing your biological clock with natural daylight, you help your body regulate its energy balance more effectively. This means your metabolism works more smoothly, which can make weight loss easier.

So, if you're looking for a simple, natural way to burn calories effortlessly, consider getting up early to soak up a few extra minutes of morning light. It can be a small habit that makes a big difference in your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Here is a dedicated article discussing how sunlight can make you lose weight by clicking here .

💪🏋️ Tip #10: Put muscle on your fat

Have you ever heard of isometric contractions? This is a method that allows your muscles to stay in good shape without having to do any real physical exercise or provide significant effort. These contractions can help you burn fat while toning your muscles.

The idea is simple: contract your glutes or abs for 5 to 10 seconds, several times a day. These isometric contractions for several minutes a day strengthen your muscles and help burn fat, even when you're not exercising.

However, be careful not to overstrain your muscles, as excessive tension can have the opposite effect. The goal is to stimulate your muscles lightly and regularly to keep them firm and active. This solution can be practiced discreetly at any time of the day, whether at work, at home or on the go. So why not start putting muscle to your fat now?

🎬👻 Tip #11: Scare away the calories

Are you a horror movie fan? You'll be happy to know that watching a good horror movie can actually help you burn calories. When you're immersed in a horror movie, your heart rate increases, your breathing quickens, and you consume more oxygen while generating more carbon dioxide.

A study conducted by the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom found that watching a horror film can increase calorie burning by almost 30%. It's like you're exercising while being captivated by the story on screen.

However, there is a small caveat. This method works best if you avoid snacking on candy during the movie. Eating high-calorie snacks can negate the benefits of fright on your metabolism. So, the next time you're looking for an entertaining way to burn calories, choose a horror movie and get ready for a breathtaking experience.

🍽️👄 Tip #12: Chew!

Looking for an easy way to burn a few calories without realizing it? Here's a fun technique: chewing gum before a meal. Although it may seem trivial, studies have shown that this habit can impact your calorie intake.

In 2005, a British study found that chewing gum before eating can help you lose a few grams. In 2011, a study conducted by the University of Chinese Medicine confirmed these results. So how does it work?

If you are anxious or tend to snack between meals, chewing gum can help you control the intake of unnecessary calories. Additionally, it promotes the release of ghrelin, a hormone that signals satiety. In other words, it can help you feel full faster and avoid overeating.

So, the next time you're about to enjoy a meal, consider taking out some gum. It's a small method that can make a difference in the long term, while still being fun to practice.

☕🔥 Tip #13: Drink this sacred drink!

There is a "sacred" drink that you can integrate into your daily routine to promote the oxidation and elimination of fats while increasing your energy expenditure during meals.

The secret lies in a cup of green tea. Green tea has long been celebrated for its health benefits, particularly when it comes to weight management. It contains active compounds, such as catechins, which have been linked to increased metabolism and improved fat oxidation.

By consuming green tea with meals, you can boost your metabolism, which means your body will burn more calories to digest the food you eat. This results in increased energy expenditure, even if you don't exercise.

To get the most of this benefit, be sure to drink green tea without sugar or added extra calories. You can enjoy it hot or cold, depending on your preferences.

As a complement to your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, green tea can become your ally drink for weight loss. So, don’t hesitate to include this “sacred” drink in your daily routine and enjoy its benefits.

🌅🚶‍♀️ Tip #14: Crush your calories first thing in the morning!

If you're the type who likes to wander around early in the morning, here's a simple habit to crush a few calories before you even start your day. Simply take a 20-minute morning walk before breakfast, before your cup of tea or coffee.

Walking early in the morning has the advantage of allowing you to burn around a hundred calories. This quick morning walk can not only help boost your metabolism, but it will also put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Additionally, walking on an empty stomach can encourage your body to use fat stores for energy, which can help with long-term weight loss.

So, the next time you have some quiet time in the morning, put on your walking shoes and head out to explore the surrounding area. It's a great way to start the day off right and burn calories without having to worry about a strenuous exercise session.

😂🔥 Tip #15: Use laughter as a weight loss weapon!

Do you like to laugh out loud? Well, here's a fun solution to eliminate a few calories without the slightest effort: laughter! Indeed, laughing is a great way to burn calories, and what's more, it's really enjoyable.

Did you know that 2 minutes of intense laughter equates to burning approximately 1.3 calories per minute? It may seem modest, but if you're lucky enough to enjoy regular giggles, those burned calories add up.

So, don't be afraid of moments of real laughter. On the contrary, encourage them! Watch comedies, hang out with funny friends, or explore anything that makes you laugh out loud. Laughter is not only good for your mental health, but it can also help with weight loss in a light and entertaining way.

So, with every burst of laughter, remember that you're burning a few extra calories, without even realizing it. It's a fun and positive method for your well-being.

❄️🔥 Tip #16: Lower the temperature to warm your fats!

If you're looking for an amazing technique to burn calories without making any effort, here's an interesting idea: lower the temperature in your house or apartment by a few degrees.

Why does this work? Well, your body is constantly working to maintain its body temperature at around 37 degrees Celsius. When you expose your body to cooler temperatures, it has to work harder to stay at the right temperature. This means it will burn more calories to generate heat and keep you warm.

By lowering the indoor temperature, you can encourage your body to burn extra calories, while saving money on your electricity bill. It's a win-win: reduce your weight and your carbon footprint while saving money.

Of course, be careful not to lower the temperature to an uncomfortable level. A slight drop of a few degrees should be enough to see the benefits. So, to burn calories while staying warm, consider adjusting your thermostat and giving your fats some heat to burn.

In conclusion, it is possible to burn calories without practicing intense sporting activity thanks to simple actions that can be integrated into your routine every day. If lack of time or lack of desire to exercise are obstacles for you, don't despair. You can incorporate these techniques into your everyday life to burn off energy without significant effort.

Whether by integrating walking or cycling into your travels, by transforming your household chores into workouts, by enjoying moments of pleasure, by stimulating your brain in intellectual activities, by playing with your children, by practicing music, adding spices to your diet, adjusting your meals, getting up early, practicing isometric muscle contractions, watching a horror movie, chewing gum, drinking green tea, taking a morning walk, laughing out loud, or even lowering the temperature of your environment, these tips can help you burn calories without even realizing it.

So, instead of viewing exercise as the only solution to achieving your weight loss goals, incorporate these habits into your life and see the benefits on your body and well-being. These methods allow you to stay active and burn calories in a more fun and enjoyable way, which will help you progress towards a healthier lifestyle without having to spend hours at the gym. Try them today, and remember that every little bit counts to achieve your wellness goals.

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