🤫Cet ingrédient miracle pour votre peau

🤫This miracle ingredient for your skin

Punica granatum! And no, this absurd Latin name is not a magic formula from the school of sorcerers, but the scientific name of the white pomegranate . A fantastically miraculous fruit for your skin that we are the first and only to use in France in our Absolu+ White product. Find out more about this irresistible ingredient that will bewitch you and make you succumb.

I. Snow white: Pomewhite®

Once upon a time, there was a grenade like no other. Her pallor was a far cry from the ruddy color of her sisters. From the Puniaceae lineage, its creamy white color coating its generous curves could be seen decorating a varietal species of pomegranate tree in the Mediterranean region. It was here that Pomewhite® was discovered, the ugly duckling which would prove to be the fruit of beauty par excellence. The best growers opted for eco-friendly cultivation of Punica granatum to preserve its natural power . The best preparers in the world developed an innovative technique to extract and concentrate the most powerful active molecules . Thus was born Pomewhite® , an ultra-concentrated extract of white pomegranate with phenomenal power.

II. Incredible effectiveness demonstrated in vitro

1) White Pomegranate vs Red Pomegranate

Recently, in 2020, scientist Jallais Awan Md studied the biological activities of white pomegranate on skin cells in vitro .

First, it highlights notable differences in composition between pomegranates , depending on their color. The white color seems associated with an extreme richness in proanthocyanin precursors to the detriment of its anthocyanin derivatives. On the other hand, in the red pomegranate, the opposite is observed. However, the greatest antioxidant power is held by the "pros" and therefore by the white pomegranate, nicknamed the Antho-cyaninless Pomegranate. The antioxidant population of the white variety is numerous and there are inhabitants which are not listed in the red variety: flavonoids (kaempferol, catechins), quercetin , phenolic compounds , etc.

In some countries, whiteness of the skin is synonymous with wealth , the same goes for this pomegranate fruit, as pale as it is rich in compounds interesting for your skin .

2) Super melanin regulator

Thanks to its super content of phenolic and flavonoid compounds which give it its antioxidant strength , Pomewhite® acts on the synthesis of melanin , the pigment which colors the skin . How ? By reducing by more than half the activity of tyrosinase , the enzyme that transforms tyrosine into melanin . This mechanism is adaptive: the targeted areas are only hyperpigmented areas to guarantee a uniform , spot- free complexion.

3) Prebiotic and probiotic action

Pomewhite® contains so-called “ prebiotic ” molecules, namely fibers and carbohydrates . After metabolization by the intestines and absorption into the blood , these elements manage to reach the skin and will serve as food for the bacteria which colonize the skin and all of which are called skin microbiota . This nutrition will allow a rebalancing of this skin flora : Proponibacterium acne , the "bad" bacteria responsible for acne will be "poisoned" by these prebiotics and therefore they will gradually die out . Conversely, this diet will be very appreciated by Staphylococcus epidermis , a "friendly" bacteria which will deploy in numbers and help your skin to cope with skin infections : acne, eczema, sensitivity, damage induced by UV rays. The skin is then healthier , stronger and its natural radiance is revealed.

4) Action on angiogenesis

Angiogenesis . This word doesn't mean anything to anyone and yet it designates a common phenomenon in your body: the reconstruction of blood vessels . A useful process because without healthy blood vessels , irrigation is poor and the supply of nutrients and oxygen is no longer ensured correctly, resulting in poor skin . Our Pomegranate stimulates the synthesis of new blood vessels by causing our body to secrete more VEGF , an endothelial growth factor . Blood circulation is boosted and the appearance of the skin considerably improved.

III. A clinical study providing irrefutable evidence

Last year, in 2021, the same researcher, decidedly passionate about Pomewhite® , this time decided to conduct a clinical study with the highest possible level of proof, that is to say randomized , double-blind under placebo control. . Thus, for 8 weeks , 120 volunteers were administered 150 to 300 mg of this famous extract. The results were more than conclusive.

1) Clinical effectiveness on acne

After 8 weeks of treatment , there was a 146.9% improvement in the overall appearance of the skin and acne levels.

This beneficial effect can be explained by different mechanisms.

The in vitro effects have been confirmed in vivo : our Pomegranate rebalances the skin microbiota by reducing acne-producing bacteria by -27.12% in favor of good bacteria.

But still, a decrease of -53.6% in lipase activity was noted, which leads to a reduction in the production of blood fatty acids and therefore a reduction in the production of oil (sebum) by the skin . the origin of acne problems.

And finally, the anti-inflammatory effect (very interesting for improving the healing process of acne lesions) is indisputable: a meteoric rise of +184% for interferon gamma , an ultra-powerful anti-inflammatory agent and a decline (-52.1%) to hell for interleukin-4, pro-inflammatory .

2) Clinical effectiveness on skin well-being

We know that due to its composition, Pomewhite® is the antioxidant par excellence. Not only does it fight oxidative stress thanks to the proanthocyanins it contains, but it also helps the body to better defend itself. It counters the decrease (-22.2%) in superoxide dismutase (SOD), an antioxidant enzyme naturally present in the body and whose levels decrease in the presence of acne. Also, he boosts natural levels of Glucose-6-Dehydrogenase (G6PD). Thus, it helps to reduce oxidative stress , which is harmful to the skin.

3) Clinical effectiveness on pigment spots

Already demonstrated in vitro , the action of white pomegranate on tyrosinase activity has been quantified in this new scientific publication. A downregulation of -36.9% of the activity of this enzyme which leads to a decrease in melanin synthesis in hyperpigmented areas was observed. For a luminous , blemish -free complexion, you know what you have to do!

4) Clinical effectiveness on fine lines and wrinkles

Expert dermatologists have noted the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines on a digital scale. In 8 weeks, these skin folds were reduced by 40.8% , a more than spectacular result!

An ingredient grown in an eco-friendly way in the Mediterranean region with proven effectiveness, totally safe and perfectly assimilated by the body. With Pomewhite® , our Absolu+ White has become much more than a food supplement, it has become your revolution.

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