⚡Comment le stress affecte la peau ?

⚡How does stress affect the skin?

You don't have to be an open book for stress to show on your face . Whether you are anxious by nature or going through a particularly stressful period, your skin is paying the price : bags, dark circles, aging, spots, redness. Your nervous tension manifests itself and causes skin problems , and skin problems stress you out. A real vicious circle. How can you explain this close link between your mental well-being and the beauty of your skin ?

I. Your nervous system and your skin, a long-standing friendship.

Let's go back even before your earliest childhood, to the time when you were closer in appearance to a shrimp than to an adorable infant. That time when you lived warm in your mother's womb. The embryo that you were was then composed of 3 cellular tissues : the endoderm, the mesoderm and the ectoderm . Later, this last tissue transformed to form your nervous system on the one hand and your skin on the other. Eh yes ! A common embryonic origin brings us together. Being from the same cellular tissue has created indestructible bonds between your brain and your skin . Over time, they have certainly moved away a little but continue to communicate through the endocrine (hormonal) and immune systems, especially in situations of stress .

But what is stress ? Stress is simply a defense mechanism for the body when it feels that a situation could be dangerous or harmful to it. As soon as it is exposed to this environment which seems hostile to it, the body will relay a series of signals in the form of chemical messengers, most often neuronal hormones called neurotransmitters. The key messenger hormone secreted is cortisol . But the body also secretes adrenaline , oxytocin , vasopressin , ACTH , etc. These substances allow you to mobilize all your energy to face possible danger . Absolute priority is then given to our vital organs and our muscles , to the detriment of the skin which finds itself less well nourished. The major problem is that your body does not differentiate between different sources of stress . Whether you are being chased by a hungry lion in the savannah or you have an important oral exam to pass that is causing you anxiety , your body is quick to give priority to the parts of the body that are vital and your skin is a little more each time. wronged.

II. The phenomena behind stress-related skin damage

You are tense like a crossbow and your body has diverted all the energy towards your vital organs. Your skin finds itself deprived and undernourished: it becomes dehydrated , regenerates more difficult and becomes more fragile .

In addition to causing skin starvation, stress causes a spike in cortisol , the stress hormone . The latter is known to affect the immune system of the epidermis, weaken its barrier function (hydrolipid film and microbiome) and make it more sensitive to different skin conditions . It will then be drier , damaged more quickly and the water naturally contained in the epidermis will tend to evaporate , causing dehydration of the skin . The discomfort is then significant: tightness, itching, burning sensations, irritation at the slightest friction, etc.

This excessive secretion of cortisol is also accompanied by an overstimulation of the sebaceous glands which will produce a significant quantity of sebum . The latter will clog the pores and contribute to the formation of blackheads , acne spots and other imperfections on the skin of the face or also on the body , in a scattered manner or in patches.

Also, stress causes an increase in glucocorticoids which accelerate the degradation of the proteins constituting the skin: collagen , proteoglycans, elastin. The skin ages more quickly and loses its elasticity and firmness . Wrinkles appear prematurely.

The acceleration of aging linked to stress is due to 2 parallel phenomena. On the one hand, as mentioned, the barrier function of the skin is altered , it is therefore more fragile and has more difficulty coping with aggressors such as free radicals . On the other hand, high cortisol levels stimulate the production of free radicals , which cause oxidative stress and premature aging of cells. There are therefore too many aggressors for skin that has become incapable of confronting them.

Finally, depending on the source of stress , the exacerbated production of cortisol dilates or narrows blood vessels . This impacts the performance of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage . The blood and lymph visibly stagnate under the thin skin around the eyes : the dark circles darken and are more pronounced. The pockets swell.

Vasoconstriction also deprives the skin of sufficient blood supply, causing the complexion to tend towards a pale , almost gray color. Conversely, vasodilation leads to significant blood flow and significant redness on the face.

    III. Good reflexes to soothe anxious skin

    The ideal remains the attack at the very cause of skin problems : stress . The anti-stress par excellence is sport . Coupled with a good night 's sleep , a healthy diet (avoid processed meats and saturated fats, focus on fiber and vitamins) and a healthy lifestyle (less coffee, less alcohol, less tobacco), you are less likely to become a victim of stress and suffer from its skin massacres . Also remember to move away from screens : annoyances often come from an email or a text message and can sometimes wait until the next day! If you're a chronic worry- taker , practicing meditation and deep breathing exercises can significantly help you relax . They will reduce your tension and relieve stress thanks to extra oxygen which contributes to calming . Combined with mental imagery exercises , where you will visualize a peaceful scene , you will enter a state of deep relaxation beneficial to your well-being and beauty. Finally, for the most tense among you, there are natural health solutions, such as saffron , a spice renowned as one of the best stress relievers in the world, which we have concentrated in our Life & Balance gummies .

    Is it already too late and your skin has been hit hard by stress ? We must then act on the consequences :

    • Imbalance of the skin microbiota
    • Dull complexion
    • Dehydrated skin
    • Dry skin
    • Excess sebum and imperfections
    • Premature aging
    • Dark circles and bags
    In addition to the classic beauty routine advice with exfoliant , purifying mask , moisturizing cream and nourishing cream , we are going to recommend solutions that you may not have thought of which relate to nutricosmetics .
    • Absolu+ White chewable tablets regulate sebum production , rebalance the skin microbiota and promote the formation of new blood vessels for a luminous complexion .
    • The unique antioxidant cocktail contained in Gold & Glow gummies protects the skin against free radicals and stimulates collagen synthesis for firmed , toned , hydrated and smoothed skin!
    • Eye & Contour gummies stimulate microcirculation and promote drainage around the eye: goodbye to dark circles and bags !

    Well-being and beauty are closely linked because originally, the nervous system and the skin were one! Taking care of one means taking care of the other and vice versa. Thus, in a stressful situation, the skin is the first victim: imperfections, wrinkles and dark circles are served to you on a platter. 2 solutions to make these skin problems disappear: act directly on the cause of the stress or act on the skin. In all cases there are extremely effective solutions. Have you already tried nutricosmetics? We are sure that two gummies will relax you 😊

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