Pourquoi les compléments alimentaires sont ils indispensables pour les cheveux ?

Why are food supplements essential for hair?

Food supplements have made a name for themselves since more than one in two French people are consumers of them (Synadiet, Observatoire 2021). But as with everything, there are the refractory, the detractors and the unconvinced. For them, these nutraceuticals are “ chemical ” and they do not consider for a second that they could be effective . If we have the misfortune to talk about benefits on the beauty and health of hair , they will answer that it is better to take a good shampoo than to ingest just anything. However, they are wrong. Their vision is distorted by prejudices that are sometimes hard to overcome. Food supplements are now essential for hair . We show it to you in this article.

Argument #1 : Hair is a “living” organ that needs nutrition from the inside via the blood circulation

Let's remember the anatomy of hair . The latter is anchored in the deep layers of the scalp and takes root in the dermis . Its stem then continues into the superficial skin layer, the epidermis , to finally "protrude" and be visible from the outside. The hair fiber is therefore contained through these layers in a cavity called the hair follicle . At the bottom of this “hole” drilled in your scalp and therefore at the hair root is the dermal papilla . The latter plays the role of biological engine of the hair because it is at its level that the division and differentiation of hair cells takes place during the growth phase ( anagen phase). Its functioning is enabled thanks to the blood vessels which irrigate it and therefore provide it with all the necessary nutrients . It is therefore possible to compare the hair to a living organ which is nourished by an irrigation system at its base which provides it with all the nutrition necessary for its good health and growth . The link between diet and healthy hair is therefore undeniable. It's a question of anatomy. Hair that does not receive enough vitamins , minerals and amino acids will suffer.

You will tell me: Okay, hair needs to be nourished from the inside. But with a varied and balanced diet , we provide everything the hair needs, and that is enough.

Argument #2 : A varied and balanced diet is no longer sufficient in 2022.

In 50 years, our diet and our foods have changed more than in 50 centuries. Due to intensive agriculture and industrialization , the very structure of nutrients has been modified. Globalization has resulted in a change in the picking and ripening process. The picking is done when the fruits and vegetables are still green and ripening in the hold , during transport to the country of destination. Unfortunately, by doing this, the plants are no longer in contact with the sun , which prevents the process of photosynthesis , which is at the origin of the formation of nutrients within them. The consequence is therefore a loss of the nutritional content of foods with a division almost by 10 of the nutrients provided compared to 50 years ago. Also, we changed our way of life . If in the past the lifestyle was nomadic , today it is rather sedentary . These lower energy costs necessarily lead to lower energy needs . The food portion therefore tends to decrease. But how can we provide the same amount of nutrients as before with fewer foods on the plate - and what's more, less nutritionally interesting than a few years ago? It is becoming more and more difficult to have a perfect diet without deficiencies .

Food supplements will therefore make it possible to fill these deficiencies by providing the elements necessary for good hair nutrition . They will, as their name suggests, complement a varied and balanced diet . In no case do they replace it. They are therefore a complementary means to food to nourish the hair from the inside to provide health , strength , growth and beauty .

Choosing the right food supplement means selecting one rich in vitamins and minerals of interest to the hair : vitamin A, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12, D, C, E, zinc. It is also a question of choosing active ingredients which stimulate the synthesis of collagen ( vitamin C , horsetail titrated in silica, plant keratin ) for 2 reasons:

  • More collagen (constitutive of the skin ) helps to thicken the skin of the dermis in the cavity which contains the hair for better anchoring
  • More collagen (constitutive of blood vessels ) contributes to better vessels for better irrigation , nutrition and oxygenation of the hair .

Argument #3 : Food supplements make it possible to act on the cause of hair problems, and not on the consequences visible on the surface (as cosmetics do).

The causes of hair problems come from within, so why act from the outside?

Indeed, your mane is constantly put to the test by internal factors ( state of physical and mental health : malnutrition, psycho-emotional stress, old age, poor sleep, hormonal changes, etc.) and external factors ( environments and daily aggressions : pollution, sun, toxins, sea water, chlorine, cold, coloring, straightening, straightening, etc.). These different situations attack the fiber and create deep oxidative stress with the following consequences:

  • premature aging of the hair fiber with weakening leading to hair loss
  • micro inflammation of the scalp causing increased hair loss
  • cell death causing dead cells more commonly called dandruff .

Antioxidants therefore make it possible to act deeply at the cause from within by fighting effectively against oxidative stress and therefore against weakening , hair loss and the resulting dandruff . Shampoos by example will only act on the surface consequences , by repairing or hiding.

Choosing the right food supplement means selecting one rich in antioxidants . Certain nutrients are fabulous for protecting cells against oxidative stress : vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc. Horsetail is also an incredible natural source of antioxidants .

Food supplements are useful for hair. Firstly, they provide the nutrients necessary for their good health and growth, in addition to foods that have lost their nutritional quality over the years. Secondly, unlike cosmetics, they do not act on the surface on the consequence but act in depth on the cause, which is very often oxidative stress caused by poor lifestyle, pollution, the sun, etc. Reborn therefore offers two formats of food supplements for hair to cover all hair problems:

Hair & Nails , gummies for hair health, strengthening and growth.

Absolu+ Hair, chewable tablets for the beauty, shine and volume of hair and an exceptional anti-hair loss effect.

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