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Holistic beauty: Being the master of your beauty

Beauty begins the day you decide to be yourself

We all experience moments of doubt and loss of self-confidence: “I need to lose weight”; “I’m not presentable when I wake up”…and many other criticisms that we impose on our body and mind every day!

Have you heard of holistic beauty ?

Holistic beauty represents the idea that our appearance undoubtedly depends on our experience, our knowledge of living, our sensations and our emotions. And why not, after all ? Wouldn't you wake up prettier if you had had a pleasant evening the day before? Or if the weather is nice today? Who is not satisfied or does not feel better after doing a sports session?

Holistic beauty, so what?

Holistic beauty is perfect harmony between body and mind. Accept yourself, no longer let yourself be polluted by clichés, beauty models or bad vibes and accompany everything with a healthier lifestyle; in other words: eat well, sleep well, take time for yourself!
Accepting yourself comes down to loving yourself, and when you love yourself, the desire to take care of yourself follows the obvious path!

What holistic beauty rituals should you adopt?

1) Harmonize body and mind
Know how to accept the different periods that your body goes through. Yes, we change, we age, and this is a very natural process that we must (finally) know how to accept! Learn to love your imperfections, they make you unique! You are beautiful just as you are, no longer doubt it!

2) Don't get overwhelmed
No longer succumb to doubts or laziness! Trust yourself and go for it! Take charge of yourself and give the best to your body! This can start with a gym registration or an online subscription to follow remote sports programs, cooking classes, or simply opt for a nutrition magazine! You will feel much better, more beautiful and radiant! Beauty is never far from your state of mind, understand it and accept it!

3) Treat yourself!
Take some time for yourself, read a good book, go out with your friends and above all don't forget to rest. Beauty is linked to our mind, our senses and our moods! If you feel tired, your body feels it and it will show in your behavior, on your face and will have a direct impact on your self-esteem. Fatigue causes stress and anxiety, and will cause negative judgment from you! You don't deserve this!

4) Find solutions!
Do you dislike certain aspects of your physique? Not enough hair? Holes in the beard or skin that is too pale and dehydrated? Start your beauty routine from the inside out!
Your REBORN food compliments accompany you in your desire for evolution and change! We encourage you to take matters into your own hands and stop hiding behind makeup and clothes! Solutions exist, find out now to support your personal development!

5) Stop being so hard on yourself, and stop listening to the harmful opinions of those around you! 
No one can know what's good for you but you, so listen to YOURSELF first! You will feel handsome once you understand that your beauty depends only on you.
Change takes time, and it requires great willpower! Be positive and kind to yourself and surround yourself with positive and encouraging vibes!
Determine steps for change in your life. Opt for mood boards and wish lists! Make these wants and needs come to life!

Get in tune with your inner beauty
Enjoy every moment of life, live in the present moment, surround yourself with the people you love and take time for yourself and for them. Try meditation, swimming, dancing... Free your body and mind. Take a deep breath in moments of stress and anxiety and learn to channel yourself, accept and manage your emotions. Let in your motivation, your ideas, no matter how crazy they may be! Get started!

This personal work is the key to a feeling that will make you luminous and attractive! Finally, you will feel good in your body and feel like you are, beautiful and sexy, in front of the mirror!

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