La localisation de vos boutons en dit long sur vous

The location of your pimples says a lot about you

Like everyone, sometimes you get pimples . But have you ever paid attention to their location ? In this article, we suggest that you examine your face meticulously, area by area, in order to create a map of your face or face mapping . This method of skin analysis comes from traditional Chinese medicine and is similar to acupuncture. The principle is simple: the location of an imperfection would be the manifestation of a more internal malaise , that of an organ. Wouldn’t fighting the cause rather than the consequence be the most effective solution to obtaining perfect skin ?

1. Do you have pimples on your forehead?

Didn't you eat at a famous fast food restaurant yesterday? Or pizza? A good slice of spread? You will be happy to learn that a diet rich in salt, sugars and bad fats harms your digestive tract ! The latter, very resentful, takes revenge by making beautiful pimples hatch on your forehead. A healthy, varied and balanced diet will effectively combat these imperfections that bother you. If, on the other hand, you do not plead guilty to a recent cheat meal , you are probably the victim of a food intolerance .

If hair-wise you are a fan of bangs , so much the better! We won't see your buttons. On the other hand, you are much more likely to have them. Your forehead is hot, your forehead wants to breathe, so respond to its call for help from time to time by lifting your bangs when you play sports, for example. He will be grateful to you.

From a psycho-emotional point of view, shyness and indecision could also be responsible for these nasty flaws that bother you.

2. Do you have spots between your two eyebrows?

Was your party nice last night? Not too alcoholic ? Your liver doesn't thank you anyway. It punishes you with a nasty pustule between the two eyebrows, giving them the delicious appearance of a single eyebrow. So don't hesitate to hydrate to relieve your liver.

Was it TV night last night? So consider that it is the pizza you ingested which congested your liver or a small food intolerance .

Anger , frustration and impatience can also be responsible for your pimples between your eyebrows so calm down .

3. Do you have pimples on your temples?

Did you happen to drink too much coffee ? We said no more than 3/4 cups per day!

Harmful substances are normally excreted by the kidneys through urine, much like a filter. But excesses put a strain on your kidneys . Likewise, dehydration decreases the elimination capacity of the kidneys. Sometimes, it's health problems like being overweight or high blood pressure that cause problems for your kidneys. In short, these are all problems that can cause imperfections on your temples. The ideal is therefore to drink enough water and eat foods rich in potassium (nuts, fruits, vegetables).

A lack of willpower and a feeling of insecurity can also explain these small defects .

4. Do you have pimples on your nose?

Here again, it is possible that you have overindulged in bad fats and that your cholesterol level is skyrocketing, stressing your blood circulation , taking your pancreas or your heart into the story.

If you lack self-confidence , this can also cause pimples on your nose. It's a bit of a vicious cycle, isn't it? Do you have a spotlight that looks like your nose in the middle of your face and that could single-handedly light up the whole of Central Park and you also have to try to keep your confidence in yourself? Our solution: play sports ! Exercise helps you regain confidence and maintains blood circulation , which could remedy your skin problems.

5. Do you have spots on your cheeks?

Do you smoke ? Your lungs say thank you and reward you with a pretty drawing on your cheeks. Tobacco stresses your skin , which reacts by secreting excess sebum while certain cells die . Excess sebum mixed with dead cells accumulates in the pores and promotes the development of propioni bacterium bacteria. The pimple is then red and raised and is called papule. The white blood cells then fight the bacteria by secreting pus , giving rise to a rather charming pimple , red with a white dot in the middle, called a pustule . Reducing or even eliminating cigarette consumption can only be one solution.

If you are a non-smoker, have you checked the cleanliness of your phone ? You may regularly have a clump of bacteria against your cheek....

Finally, grief and depression can cause imperfections on your cheeks. Here too, quite a vicious circle. You cry, you have pimples, you think you are ugly, you cry. Life is poorly made ! Be happy , we have our Life & Balance product to help you maintain a positive mood and good emotional balance .

5. Do you have spots on your “mustache”?

You have most likely eaten an island dish with fried, spicy and/or sour foods . Here again, we realize that a good diet is essential to maintain healthy skin.

Or, you simply had a reaction to a beauty product, like lip balm, gloss, or lipstick.

6. Do you have pimples on your jaw?

Tell me everything ! Are you pregnant ? A disruption in your hormones explains these small imperfections . Wait, stay! No need to run to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test, you may be in another period of the female cycle: puberty, periods, menopause ? A woman's body experiences hormonal fluctuations throughout her life and this has a lot of impact on her health and beauty. The saffron contained in Life & Balance helps to restore hormonal balance, an unsuspected solution for treating pimples at their cause.

Fear of missing out, fear of failure and self-discipline issues could also explain flaws that are keeping you away from your perfect skin goal.

7. Do you have pimples on your chin?

So, our stomachs are upset? Excess toxins, intolerance to lactose, gluten, too fatty a diet ... Diet is the primary cause of pimples! You have to choose: hamburger or perfect skin ?

The cause of pimples is more internal than we think. As often repeated in this article, diet, which impacts many organs, is the primary cause of skin imperfections. This is why we must act in depth by treating the very cause of pimples from the inside.

This is what nutricosmetics offers, literally, cosmetics that can be eaten. We decided to formulate food supplements in the field of beauty and well-being, because feeling good helps you feel beautiful and vice versa!

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