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🍃Why are REBORN food supplements not organic?

Why are REBORN food supplements not organic?

Innovation , efficiency , ethics ... 3 values ​​which today constitute the foundations of our high-end nutricosmetics brand: Reborn. Some critics will say "You can't be ethical if you're not organic ." To the latter we will answer: “We cannot offer effective and innovative products if we are organic ”. Through this article, we will show you that we can be ethical without being organic and you will see the importance we attach to the effectiveness of our food supplements, which are all natural and French.

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I. Not being organic does not necessarily mean not meeting the requirements of this label


First, a quick reminder of the precise definition of the term “ organic ”. We speak of an “ organic food supplement ” if it comes from organic farming . This method of agricultural production is natural and does not offer any synthetic chemicals , namely neither pesticides , nor herbicides , nor artificial fertilizers , nor growth hormones , nor GMOs . It is part of a logic of sustainable development and advocates respect for the environment and animal welfare .

Reborn & Regulation & Natural

Reborn natural food supplements comply in all respects with these requirements. On the one hand, our gummies and chewable tablets are food supplements and are therefore governed by a strict legislative framework to guarantee the safety and health of consumers. They therefore comply with the various European regulations concerning pesticide residues, heavy metals, and other contaminants . We are extremely vigilant on these points when choosing our raw materials to offer you the cleanest possible supplements : natural flavors and colorings , without controversial additives , without GMOs , without titanium dioxide, without gluten, without lactose . We have opted for a 100% vegan range (gelatin-free) with nature as the main source of active ingredients . Our food supplements are French and manufactured in a 100% green factory. To reinforce our environmental involvement and improve our supplements, on the packaging, the inks we use are vegetable and our cases are biodegradable and FSC certified (from sustainably managed forests).

Ethical and non-organic: it’s possible!

The ingredients do not need to come from organic farming to be at the origin of a natural and clean food supplement, you just need to select them meticulously and that is all of Reborn's know-how.

II. The “organic” label has become a commercial strategy and Reborn advocates transparency


Organic regulations are very strict. An organic and natural food supplement can be qualified as an organic product if it contains at least 95% ingredients of organic origin , i.e. which meet the requirements of organic farming . If you see an organic logo, it means that you are dealing with an organic product, the real "scam" is not there...

Indeed, the main problem is that a large number of companies manufacturing ranges of organic food supplements use the logo as a commercial strategy rather than as a guarantee of respect for the environment , animal welfare and animal safety . consumer.

First strategy: price

The first strategy is to use the label as a way to justify higher prices without higher quality . Many companies choose easily accessible, inexpensive and lower quality organic materials for their capsules. However, these remain of organic agricultural origin and allow the use of the logo . Given that it is well ingrained in people's minds that organic is more expensive than conventional, this leaves room for these companies to charge higher prices when the manufacture of their organic food supplements has not helped them. not cost more than conventional.

Second strategy: association of ideas

The second strategy used consists of taking advantage of the association of ideasorganic food supplement = natural and healthy product ”. So, at a time when the trend is towards " healthy ", what better way to encourage consumers to buy than to offer them organic capsules and products that are full of bad sugars and pose a risk to their health?

Of course, the list of strategies employed is not exhaustive and not all companies are affected.

At Reborn

We did not want to mislead our consumers or make them believe in marketing manipulation . We wanted to be transparent :

1) Our prices are justified by the use of premium natural and plant ingredients, highly concentrated and high quality plant extracts , not by the simple use of a label.

2) We manufacture natural and healthy food supplements and consumers see this for themselves in their health, without stopping at the label.

III. Being organic makes it difficult to obtain effective and quality natural food products


Among the organic ingredients, we find many plants: in powder , in dry extract , in macerate ... Unfortunately, these forms are generally not very concentrated and therefore not very effective . In addition, there are very few (if at all) highly titrated or standardized extracts in active molecules. However, this type of plant preparations are a guarantee that, from one production to another, the quantity of active ingredients remains the same, whatever the season.

Example: Flex & Form by Reborn

For example, our natural food supplement Flex & Form contains a medicinal plant extract, concentrated turmeric titrated with 95% curcuminoids (active molecule). This guarantees that whatever the production, we guarantee that the quantity of active ingredients and therefore the efficiency remain the same. We would not have been able to reassure you on this point if we had selected organic quality turmeric.


Another point: certain essential vitamins and minerals are difficult (or even impossible) to find organic and natural . For those that we manage to find which do not come from synthesis, these are generally nutrients of plant origin from plants containing this nutrient : acerola for vitamin C , lichen for vitamin D , mustard for selenium , shiitake for zinc , etc. Obviously, these plants contain fewer vitamins than if they had been added directly. Result ? It takes astronomical quantities of plants to provide 100% of the recommended vitamin intake for your body . This necessarily increases the price of the capsules but also impacts its taste which is very restrictive when we are in a gourmet format such as gummies or chewable tablets .

Efficiency being one of the pillars of our brand, we could only offer you premium natural ingredients of the highest possible quality . Our plants are in the form of highly concentrated and titrated extracts . To reinforce this ethical side, our vitamins and minerals are also in their most natural and purest form to provide your body with optimal essential nutritional intake .

To conclude, Reborn 's values ​​no longer need to be proven. Our food supplements are 100% clean, 100% natural, 100% vegan. The organic label would only bring confusion to the minds of consumers and we advocate transparency, everything is written on the site and on the pack. We did not want obtaining a label to be an obstacle on our road to innovation and hinder our desire to offer you ever more effective products.

See for yourself to what extent the balance of innovation, efficiency and ethics is skilfully respected on www.reborn.paris/

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