REBORN contre les peaux sèches

REBORN against dry skin

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Taking care of your skin can be a complex matter. To make this simple, you must first understand the causes that lead to dry skin in order to take the right actions to keep your skin young, fresh and hydrated . More than 65% of people describe at least one episode of annual dry skin.

the different layers of the skin

What causes tight skin?

1) Skin dehydration

It leads to a lack of sebum production. Sebum helps protect the skin from external aggressions and prevents water loss. When the upper layers of the epidermis are not balanced in water and lipids, they can no longer effectively play their barrier role and a feeling of discomfort sets in.

2) Extreme temperatures

It is often thought that intense cold and wind are the factors most often involved in dry skin. That's true, but don't forget the intense heat and the sun which can lead to dehydration and skin burning and then major dryness of the skin.

3) Stress

It can be an aggravating factor because it increases the inflammatory state of the skin.

4) Pollution

It increases the oxidation of sebum and therefore causes clogged pores and then dry skin.

5) A nutritional deficiency

Nutritional deficiencies, particularly in zinc, copper and fatty acids, will lead to a defect in lipid and seborrheic synthesis, thus causing dry skin.

6) Medicines

Be careful, some medications have the side effects of causing intense skin dryness. In this case, start a routine from the start of treatment and continue 3 weeks later.

7) Smoking and alcohol

The production of free radicals that they cause can, depending on the patient, create dry skin or hyper seborrhea or even both.

How to cure it ?

Gentle facial cleansing:

Choose your fingers rather than wipes which alter the skin barrier through micro-trauma.


Moisturizing cream with SPF 20 sun protection factor.

Apply daily or twice daily if severe dryness.

Carrying out treatments such as moisturizing masks during the week helps maintain effective hydration and strongly combats feelings of tightness.

Use 2 to 3 times a week on clean , dry skin after your shower. Warning: Do not overdo it!

A Reborn Gold and Glow treatment:

At the rate of 2 gummies per day for 3 to 6 months the Gold and Glow cure thanks to its content in: Copper - Selenium - Alpha beta tocopherol - Vitamin B2 - Vitamin E - Zinc - Betacarotene - Apricot - Mango - Rose. It is an essential ally in dryness and skin dehydration.

Indeed, its components will have a moisturizing, antioxidant, protective role and will give you skin with a natural golden glow.

Avoid overuse and multiplication of creams:

Using several creams is useless. Quite the contrary. Promote the alternation of creams rather than their accumulation.

Also be careful with oils which often have a strong comedogenic power.


  • Drink 1.5L of water per day
  • Lukewarm shower
  • Wear non-irritating clothes
  • Do not overheat your apartment or conversely do not over-air condition it
  • Balanced diet rich in omega 3
  • Do not use water that is too hard (if necessary, install a water softener in your shower).

By analyzing and understanding your skin then applying the few tips and rules set out above; you will be delighted to see that your skin will be softer, colored and deeply hydrated. Don't neglect your skin anymore and adopt your own beauty routine now!

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Je profite de cet été pour reprendre une bonne hygiène de vie que je vais combiner avec le Gold& Glow. J’espère que ma peau sera plus belle et mieux hydratée

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