La puissance des plantes pour t’aider à adoucir ton quotidien !

The power of plants to help you soften your daily life!

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Plants surround us, even dominate us. Nature is beautiful, alive and all around us. Over the decades we have built our world on a powerful natural kingdom populated by thousands of plant varieties. Over the years, we have learned to recognize the importance and benefits of certain plants without which our daily lives would be much less pleasant! Plants have a place in our lives and can have great power over our moral and physical health. Let's find out together which plants are good for us and what their benefits are more precisely! Little bonus on plants which do good for the environment and which repel the dangers of our world on the planet. Mother Nature would be delighted to read this article, we hope you will too!

These plants that soothe our daily lives!

Present in grandma's herbal teas (and not only that!), chamomile and linden have recognized benefits for our body and mind. Chamomile is recommended to soothe digestive disorders or even relieve sore throats!

Linden has calming and relaxing warts, we can see it as a natural sedative that does us good ! A good way to fall asleep peacefully.

If you suffer from insomnia, mint is there for you! Mint infusion helps reduce tachycardia. It reduces the psychosomatic effects of depression and will tend to relax us so that we can fall asleep more easily.

Tulsi is an Indian basil. It is a sacred herb widely used and effective in Indian medicine which has adaptogenic capabilities. It regulates the stress present in our body.

Let's stay focused on relaxation by recalling the benefits of lavender , which, in addition to its sweet summer scent, has relaxing warts.

Certain plants improve our physical and mental abilities, such as Ginseng , which mainly works when we are tired or have difficulty concentrating. Otherwise, Guarana is a powerful intellectual stimulant. This plant has a high caffeine content, 4 times higher than coffee. It can also be used as an appetite suppressant!

Let's talk a little about love... since it can make us so happy in a sometimes gloomy daily life! Jasmine is the couple's plant . It is known for its intoxicating smell and has relaxing properties! It is said to have an aphrodisiac power and helps increase breast milk production!

What if we made a food point?

Goji berries, which you are certainly familiar with, are recommended and consumed for their nutritional richness. They are rich in minerals, vitamins and are composed of antioxidants to fight against free radicals. In China, this berry is synonymous with longevity.

Beauty point: These plants that make our everyday beauty routine easier. Aloe Vera is known for its benefits on the skin, since it deeply hydrates it, eliminates redness and can be effective against skin breakouts. Horsetail , which we use in the composition of our Hair and Nails treatment, is known to promote hair growth and acts directly on the scalp.

Since the virus is on trend at the moment, let's take a look at some plants known for their antiviral, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Thyme is part of this family and is used, for example , to relieve inflammation.

Health : Nettle is a so-called diuretic plant. It acts against rheumatism and also relieves inflammation.

Between superstitions and reality, plants are at the center

Indeed, we can see this with the increasingly marked arrival of herbal medicine and the expressions that we all know like “touch wood” to avoid misfortune!

Indeed, certain plants relieve and comfort us since they are perceived as good luck charms.

Take the example of Ginkgo Biloba or lucky bamboo , two plants synonymous with prosperity and associated with health. Ginkgo infusion also promotes blood circulation.

Plants in our environment

Who hasn't heard about depolluting plants this year? At the center of debates in an increasingly polluted world, our friends the plants find themselves very important for the good of our planet. Aloe Vera is one of humanity's oldest remedies, it has powerful depolluting active ingredients. Here are other depolluting plants to adopt without hesitation: Aglaonema , a green plant of tropical origin; Anthurium , very effective for depolluting ammonia (to put in your bathroom or in the kitchen); or even Ivy which we often find as a decorative plant in our homes! It absorbs many pollutants including benzene in 24 hours!

Now that you are better informed about the importance and benefits of different plants, there are no more excuses to indulge! For every little misfortune or to treat your ailments, a natural remedy awaits you! Plants can affect our daily lives by making it more pleasant, whether to calm excessive stress, soothe inflammation, affect your concentration and your mind or even help you sleep more peacefully! Let's not forget that sleep is the key to better morale and to fighting anxiety! So, tonight it's infusion and bed!

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