Pourquoi prendre des compléments alimentaires ?

Why take food supplements?

Taking food supplements allows you to take care of yourself from the inside out to get the inner and outer benefits. They have this ability to activate our beauty from within and promote our well-being. Why deprive yourself of it!
There is no age to take care of yourself! The younger you are and the earlier you take care of yourself, the better the result will be!

Open red mouth with dietary supplements

Food supplements or how to supplement your diet

We are the reflection of what we eat and our plates are not always balanced.
Indeed our diet has evolved a lot and foods are not as concentrated as we imagine.
Many parameters explain the nutritional impoverishment of our plates, new agricultural methods, pollution and even preservatives...
Our lifestyles are also changing a lot and we sometimes need a little help to boost our bodies .
For all these reasons it is therefore sometimes important to provide additional or missing nutrients to our body through food supplements.

colorful background with natural ingredients: a rose, copper, selenium

Prevent and relieve certain ailments

Certain micronutrients can soften our daily lives and combat certain inconveniences in a natural way.
LIFE & BALANCE at reborn for example helps improve female well-being by regulating mood or the constraints that menstruation can bring on women.
WORK & PLAY can boost and improve the physical performance of athletes or people looking for an immediate boost.

Age, sport, excess weight, traumatic shocks are all factors that can weaken joints and contribute to cartilage wear.

Certain food supplements will reduce unpleasant sensations that may appear during life and ensure better mobility and flexibility of the joints.
A woman in sportswear is kneeling and holding her knee to express pain

Beauty is also involved with treatments dedicated to hair and nails with HAIR & NAILS or improving the quality of the skin and its complexion thanks to GOLD & GLOW.
So many problems that the brand is trying to solve, or almost!

Nutricosmetics is the contraction of nutrition and cosmetics , the term designates a new generation of beauty products capable of acting from the inside. Nutricosmetics is at the crossroads of food supplements and cosmetology treatments. This new generation of beauty product is capable of acting from the inside to improve the exterior appearance. Beauty and health are closely linked.
Nutricosmetics is the use of nutrients or micronutrients that are usually found in foods for cosmetic purposes.

Gummies, the new food supplements

Fun and tasty, the gummy trend is only just beginning!
These chewing gums are ideal for those who are resistant to capsules while benefiting from an effectiveness comparable to capsules or even better in certain cases.

On a white background an overturned bottle of gummies

As you will have understood, food supplements have many virtues and a future.
Plants, vitamins and minerals are there to support you and improve your daily life.

So convinced to integrate them into your new routine?

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