Les couleurs et l’humeur

Colors and mood

As the season for coats 🧥 and big sweaters approaches, it is vital to stay positive and know how to manage our mood which can turn out to be playful and ready to let go when winter rears its ugly head! ☃️

The knowledge and use of colors, a solution to all our misfortunes?

It is proven that colors can influence our mood and all have different and recognized benefits or effects!

But then, what colors should you choose to combat low morale?

We definitely recommend bright colors! Red, orange and yellow are lively, joyful and creative colors! They will help you feel in great shape, ready to lift ⛰! Red is associated with passion, with combat; Orange is the color of motivation and concentration while yellow tends to bring out the sunshine in us, sociability and sharing! Three colors you absolutely must wear this winter! It's time to go shopping!

Dressing yourself in warm colors in the morning can have a positive effect on you and boost you to face the day, the cold or the laziness! Nicer than hiding behind gray or black...!

...and if not, what impact can colors have on our daily lives?

Colors surround us, and are present on every element/object/landscape that we see! They adorn our environment from scratch and even unconsciously influence our mentality, our choices and desires! The eye will tend to be attracted by the bright, but is often won over by sober colors such as beige, gray, navy blue or even black when it comes to clothing or fashion accessories.

On the other hand, even if tastes vary depending on each individual, we tend to be reassured by warm colors, which inspire confidence.

Blue is linked to confidence. It echoes life, travel and allows you to escape!

Green is synonymous with hope and luck 🍀! You want a successful day, wear green!

Purple is the color of dreams and sweetness! In the mood to let yourself be carried away by events and escape reality? Be careful, purple is also associated with loneliness!

Gold is the color of luxury! It also carries power. A color that recalls “material affluence”.

White is the color (if we start from the fact that white is a color) of unity and perfect balance! Also synonymous with purity!

Finally, pink inevitably appeals to femininity, an idea anchored in all our minds. This color refers as much to romanticism and seduction, just like red. There is a certain delicacy there!
Let us remember here the importance of the Pink October! Visit this link to become aware of it:

Pink October

At REBORN, we play with colors! Nutricosmetics is a source of vitamins and pep, and we show it in our visual identity! Yellow and orange emphasize this vitaminized and invigorating aspect! Energy and a source of good humor, this is what we associate our products with!

Colors, whatever they are, take an important place in our lives and influence us on a daily basis. They bring us joy and can reboost us in difficult times, consciously or not. Let's favor warm colors to face a cold and demoralizing winter! Surround yourself with positive vibes and opt for maximum energy by referring to colors and their meanings!

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