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Look younger without cosmetic surgery? It's possible !

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“Youth”, a commodity so coveted and yet so ephemeral (for our body, not in the head obviously!) Although it varies depending on each person, we must accept that we are getting older! Getting older shouldn't be a complex, and beauty doesn't change with age, we are convinced! However, here are some tips to look younger without any surgery, and nothing could be simpler! A routine to adopt to slow down this process that many of us fear.

What are the “good habits” to have to look younger without choosing cosmetic surgery?

Do you want to maintain as much freshness as possible in your thirties and limit the appearance of wrinkles, among other things? Trust us and read these tips carefully! From skin to lifestyle to hair, nothing will be left to chance!

  • Our skin tips:

  1. Massage yourself regularly, after applying your day/night creams! We call it self-massage and it's very effective (and it feels good, too)! Nothing better to maintain the elasticity of your skin and limit the appearance of wrinkles!

  2. Don't forget to always moisturize your skin . A tip which will also be used to slow the appearance of wrinkles and which will help you fight against dryness.

  3. Familiarize yourself with food supplements and vitamins to boost your complexion. If you have trouble sticking to a more or less long treatment, try our REBORN gummies . A fun and delicious way to nourish your beauty from the inside out !

  4. Don't hesitate to add Blush to your makeup bag, to find the rosy cheeks and the passion of your 20s!

  5. Discover and use Instant Wrinkle Eraser (Instant lifting serum) and its hydrating serum from the FORGET ABOUT AGE brand for special occasions! You will never have been so close to looking younger without having to resort to some kind of surgery! This product takes care of erasing your wrinkles and fine lines 2 minutes after applying it to the face!

  • And what about hair then, what does it matter?

  1. Our haircut says a lot about us! Choose wisely, and change regularly! After all, what's better than change to feel alive and dynamic? Innovate!

  2. Take care of your hair ! Beautiful hair will help you accept yourself. Remember that the most important thing is to please yourself personally every day! Mask, care, brush them delicately and boost them with our unique “Hair and Nails” formula , 100% natural!

  • The importance of lifestyle:

  1. Don't take sleep lightly ! Nothing like dark circles and bags to damage your beautiful face and take a few extra years...! In the meantime, you can opt for the miraculous Forget About Age concealer. This is a serum that treats the eye area by smoothing out your fine lines and wrinkles! Wonderful, right?

Curious? Click here to discover Forget About Age

2. Keep a balanced diet ! To feel good in your body and feel beautiful and attractive, you need to take care of yourself every day, and that also involves diet!

As you will have understood, there are several tips and techniques to keep the skin youthful. The secret is none other than taking care of it every day! On the other hand, there are also alternatives to surgery which still fall within the realm of beauty, instantaneousness and change; and these are accessible thanks to a brand adored by the REBORN team which is none other than Forget About Age! Up to you !

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