Movember : Engagez votre moustache !

Movember: Hire your mustache!

Whether it is chevron, pencil line, English or Mexican, the mustache is an aesthetic characteristic that can make the difference. But beyond changing your face , did you know that it can change the face of men's health ?

1. The mustache


Even if everyone knows it, a little reminder: the mustache refers to the hair growing above the upper lip in men , sometimes in women but that's another subject.


The mustache has long been an attribute of seduction which symbolized authority , strength and virility . Intimately linked to honor, a dishonored man was no longer worthy of wearing it.

Now, it is an aesthetic attribute which rather plays the role of a distinctive sign because it is rare on faces . Its presence inevitably generates conversations and you will see how this becomes a major asset in paragraph 2. Movember (what a great teaser!).

A little history

Before the First World War , the mustache was so successful that it was said

“A kiss without a mustache and like a soup without salt.”

A little thought for all those men that nature forgot during the distribution of hair genes. Their success with women must have taken a hit and they must have felt very dull! Life must not have been easy for them when wearing a mustache was made compulsory in France in the 19th century in the army and the gendarmerie. Fortunately for them, in 1933 , the gendarmerie decided to abolish this aesthetic and symbolic constraint .

In the 1960s , the mustache made a comeback thanks to Paul McCartney . Following an unfortunate moped accident which leaves him with a scar on his lip, he decides to use wearing a mustache as a camouflage technique . Quickly imitated by the other members of his group The Beatles , the trend will not take long to gain momentum.

2. Movember

But why put an “M” in “November”?

Quite simply to reveal the word “Mo” which means “mustache” in Australian slang.

For the record, Movember was born in 2003 during the stay in Australia of Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, 2 friends who met over a beer and then took on the challenge of finding 30 men ready to grow a mustache to bring it up to date, the latter having returned to absent subscribers. They then notice that the mustache helps generate conversations and see it as a way to be physically active to change things . He then created the charity movement Movember .

So what is the link between the mustache and the month of November you ask?

Movember ” is quite simply the month where men around the world are invited to grow a mustache for 30 days after a clean shave. Because we had to find a month and a mustache is always more pleasant to wear in winter, it is done in November .


Letting hair invade the top of your lips, what's the point?

The point is that your face is a guarantor of the cause you support to raise public awareness . Changing your face means changing the face of men's health.

This is why since 2003, thanks to the funds collected, Movember has been able to finance more than 1,250 revolutionary projects in mental health , suicide prevention, and the treatment of prostate and testicular cancers . All this for one goal, that of reducing by 25% by 2030 the number of men who die prematurely.

How to participate in Movember?

You must register on the foundation's official website to become a MoBro (an official participant). On November 1 , you must start from scratch and your mustache must be completely shaved. Throughout the month of November, you must share photos of your mustache progress on social media and on the Movember website, encouraging donations .

You are a woman ? You can participate by making a donation or by participating in one of the partner events . For example you can run or walk 60 km during the month, for the 60 men who commit suicide every hour in the world.

3. The Reborn Boost

The most beautiful mustaches are those which generate the most enthusiasm on social networks and therefore those which will generate the most donations . At Reborn, our Hair & Nails gummies can be the help you need to achieve the most beautiful mustache . Thanks in particular to horsetail , a plant with incredible benefits, you will stimulate the growth of your mustache while giving it shine , structure and suppleness . Enough to leave room for originality!

Are you planning to engage in a run or walk with the Move Movember ? Our Work & Play gummies give you all the energy you need to perform. If you are not used to sport, don't forget to take Flex & Form gummies to relieve your joints and muscles and improve your recovery by avoiding aches .

Movember has transformed the mustache into a fabulous tool for physically active engagement for a cause that deserves attention: men's health. So get involved and grow the most beautiful mustache!

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