Probiotiques : Quand les bactéries deviennent nos amies

Probiotics: When bacteria become our friends

Heaven and hell , good and evil , friends and enemies ...words that oppose each other but yet coexist within the same sentence and the same world. It's the same for bacteria , there is this angel or demon duality. Certainly, there are negative demonic bacterial species, responsible for pathologies and even death. But, contrary to popular thinking, the bacterial population cannot be reduced to the latter. Angelic positive bacteria restore the image of bacteria and bring unsuspected benefits to your health . I named PROBIOTICS !

I. Probiotics

Etymology of the word

But where does this word “ probiotics ” come from? Couldn’t we have simply called them “ Positive Bacteria ”? However, scientists always favor complexity over simplicity. Mixed with their love for Greek, this complexity led them to the word probiotics : in Greek “ pro ” means “ in favor ” and “ biotikos ” means “ life ”.


In 2001, these little creatures even had the right to their definition and not stated by just anyone: by the World Health Organization (WHO), yes ladies and gentlemen.

Probiotics are therefore live micro-organisms which, when ingested in sufficient quantities, have positive effects on health , beyond traditional nutritional effects. »

To summarize, these are living micro-beings which are outside our body and which will find themselves in our digestive system via food to do good for our body. They will enrich our intestinal flora which is already made up of positive and negative living bacteria . This will temporarily strengthen it so that the good bacteria/ bad bacteria balance is restored, to the benefit of the former.

Probiotics, prebiotics and post biotics.

Please note, it is important to differentiate between “ probiotics ” and “ prebiotics ” and “ postbiotics ”. Probiotics are the eaters , prebiotics are their food , postbiotics are the useful waste . These little creatures [ probiotics ] therefore feed on fibers not digested by our digestive tract [ prebiotics ] to grow, ferment them and the metabolites resulting from this fermentation [ postbiotics ] are then reused by the body. These are, for example, fatty acids, proteins, enzymes, etc., all of which are very interesting for the body!

II. A known role in digestion and immunity

Probiotics and digestion

The location of probiotics in the intestine necessarily leads us to think that their role is solely digestive . In fact, probiotics facilitate digestion . The human body sometimes has difficulty digesting certain elements from food because we do not have the necessary enzymes whereas living intestinal micro-organisms do! The balance of the intestinal microbiota is therefore closely linked to digestion (bloating, constipation, diarrhea) and inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn's disease).

In 2012, a study carried out on 214 patients with irritable bowel syndrome [1] showed that the administration of one capsule of L.plantarum every day for 4 weeks made it possible to reduce the severity and frequency of abdominal pain , reduce bloating and combat the symptomatic effects of the disease.

This is why our Life & Balance product contains a mixture of 4 probiotic strains to guarantee your intestinal well-being , especially during hormonal periods.

But make no mistake, probiotics have many other effects than just digestion.

Probiotics and immunity

Cohabitation between good and evil , good and bad bacteria is not always easy. They sometimes compete. And like an 11 versus 8 football match, the team that wins is the team with the greatest number of players.

Indeed, in sufficient quantities, probiotics can prevent the colonization of pathogens in two ways: by taking their place or by producing bactericidal substances.

III. New emerging roles discovered by scientists

Probiotics and hair

A study carried out in 2013 on mice for 20/24 weeks [2] showed that the intake of lactobacillus contributed to shinier fur and a thicker dermis for better anchoring of the hair fiber. Another study conducted in 2018 on 319 participants [3] showed that probiotics reduced the concentration of toxic elements in the hair.

Did you know ? Our Hair & Nails gummies contain Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei for healthy , shiny hair that doesn't fall out!

Probiotics and skin

Probiotics are proving to be incredibly effective against atopic dermatitis and eczema . A study carried out in 2016 on 50 patients over the age of 16 suffering from atopic dermatitis and eczema [4] showed that the intake of strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus was effective on the symptoms of these two skin diseases by removing the 'inflammation.

Probiotics were also found to be effective as a therapeutic or complementary option for acne in a 2013 study of 45 women [5].

Finally, in a model of UVB-induced skin photoaging in mice, Lactobacillus acidophilus effectively inhibited the formation of wrinkles and helped prevent skin photoaging in 2 studies conducted in 2016 and 2018 [ 6.7].

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Probiotic and bones

IN 2013, in a clinical study conducted on 127 adults for 9 weeks [8], Lactobacillus reuteri was found to be effective in increasing the serum amount of vitamin D and reducing reduction in bone loss . This result was confirmed in 2018 in another study carried out on 90 women aged 75 to 80 for 1 year [9]. These findings offer a new approach to preventing age-related bone loss.

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And the list is far from exhaustive!

If you have read this article to the end, you have understood that the balance of the microbiota is essential and that you need a sufficient quantity of good bacteria to be in perfect health. Unfortunately, these friendly creatures are put to the test due to, for example, diarrhea or long-term antibiotics. In insufficient quantities, they can no longer stand up to pathogenic bacteria, which can have serious repercussions on our health. An external source of probiotics may be necessary. You find it in fermented foods, such as yogurts or sauerkraut, but nothing better than food supplements for a perfect intake. Reborn has chosen to include it in its food supplements and you will not be disappointed!

Come and test them quickly on

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