Nous sommes ce que nous mangeons

We are what we eat

“We are what we eat”, a strange idea at first glance, isn’t it? But nothing is more true! We are not talking to you about transformation into carrots or turnips if ever you eat them but rather about the benefits offered by certain foods on your body and your skin! So, want to know more? You are in the right place ! 

We are what we eat

The influence of diet 

Food plays many roles in everyone's life. It is a source of life, obviously, but it is more precise than that. Food affects our mood, which in turn affects our body. So, logically, we are what we eat, physically and morally. Many consequences and our states of mind are linked to food. It is wise to ask yourself how would we feel about ourselves with a consistently balanced diet and an accompanying healthy lifestyle. The first point to emphasize is therefore not to allow yourself to fall into a diet that is dangerous for you. 

Then, and this is where we approach an area that we know, we can see the role of diet on the radiance and luminosity of the complexion. 

What foods cause complexion radiance? 

We have researched and written for you a list of the few foods to favor to boost your complexion in the winter season!

Here are the few foods that make you look good in all circumstances, to enjoy without moderation!

  • The carrot

Rich in beta-carotene, a pigment which accentuates the production of melanin, which itself has self-tanning properties! Enough to have a pretty tanned complexion all year round.

  • The green vegetables

And in particular spinach, lamb's lettuce or arugula, broccoli or even parsley are also rich in beta-carotene!

  • The lawyer

Very rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant vitamin, avocado will allow our skin to maintain its suppleness by sufficiently hydrating the epidermis. Nothing like it to attract light to your skin!

  • The kiwi

Extremely rich in vitamin C, kiwi will bring tone to our skin! it is a source of firmness. It can be a real asset in combating the appearance of wrinkles!

  • Red fruits

You will love their astringent and purifying properties. Red fruits help cleanse the skin in depth and limit the appearance of spots.

  • Olive oil

Accelerates skin hydration thanks to its saturated fats but also activates skin tone thanks to its vitamin E content.

  • Seafood

Rich in omega 3, selenium and zinc...also contained in our Gold and Glow treatment, coincidence? Of course not! These are the essential trace elements to give yourself a naturally tanned complexion and prevent skin aging.

  • Almonds, walnuts, pistachios...

All very rich in omega 3, these little treats will delay premature aging of the skin. As a bonus, almonds contain linoleic acid which greatly hydrates the skin.

  • Apricot!

Provider of iron, zinc and selenium, it will also offer you a large number of essential vitamins for your body! Your complexion is tanned, luminous and revitalized!

No more excuses, you know what you have to do to look in shape and maintain a fabulous appearance every day, despite fatigue! Foods that are just waiting for you to reboost you and support you in your desire for change! Remember, we are what we eat! It's time to take care of yourself!

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