Les marques face à un environnement fragile

Brands facing a fragile environment

We are not teaching you anything, the environment is not in very good shape and let it be said, the consumer society does not help. For several years, pollution, global warming, melting ice, the extinction of some of our animal friends and many other misfortunes have been at the heart of debates. Despite a difficult slowdown in these environmental problems, new brands, and older ones in certain cases, are today doing their best to offer clean, environmentally friendly brands thanks to simple and effective actions which they are talking about in their communication! What can we say about this development? What does this go through and what are these small actions to prioritize on a daily basis to take better care of our planet, the source of life?

An environment endangered by the consumer society...

Consumption is not just the purchase of objects, clothing or other products by the general public. It's a set that brings together sales, communication, transport, leisure... That's a lot of things, we agree! All this costs a lot for the environment, which let's face it, has no choice. Producing, selling, dressing, eating are necessary but polluting actions in our daily lives. You should know that the carbon footprint per French person was estimated in 2016 at 10.7 tonnes. The main factor of pollution is not clothing or cosmetics (we are reassured) but mainly electronic equipment per household. We have sometimes useless quantities that should be reduced, because their production greatly endangers our beautiful planet!

We have seen a significant evolution in consumption since 1960 to the present day. Consumer priorities have not really changed but one thing is certain, we consume almost 3 times more!

Fortunately, with this development, many brands and consumer players have reviewed their way of producing or consuming!

Changes for the better, and it's not over yet!

Does #CleanBeauty or Green brands mean anything to you? And yes, it is indeed linked to VEGAN production, respectful of our planet and its inhabitants! Nowadays, it is rare for a Start Up to launch on the market if it does not propose ecological objectives. A trend that has gone viral, and we're not going to complain about it. Brands increasingly favor French production, and limit transport from abroad. Efforts are also visible around packaging, often recyclable or reduced as much as possible.

The composition of the products, and to speak of our field, mainly in Nutricosmetics, is seeing a great evolution. The products are respectful of the body, humans and the environment by formally avoiding toxic and processed components. This is the case for REBORN gummies, made in France, without GMOs, titanium dioxide or controversial foods.

A market which is seeing committed brands arriving, and which is not ready to be saturated! So, fellow entrepreneurs, you know what you have to do if you want to enter the world of Start Up, be Green, be Clean!

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