Poches et cernes : Comment trouver le bon remède ?

Bags and dark circles: How to find the right remedy?

A disturbing scourge for both men and women, bags and dark circles encrust our face and weigh us down. Who has never heard when arriving at work: “You look bad, you didn’t sleep well?” ". We want to respond that, on the contrary, the night was good, but it is sometimes difficult to be credible when we are surrounded on a daily basis. The interest is then to understand the presence of bags and dark circles, and therefore to find solutions to combat their appearance and persistence.

Understanding the formation of dark circles and bags that make the eyes look tired


The bags correspond to swelling of the lower eyelid. They can be transient and become more pronounced upon waking or become lasting as we age. They are not necessarily linked to age.

Overall, the appearance of bags is characterized by poor blood circulation or a disruption of the lymphatic system (at the origin of blood circulation).

They are sometimes present when you wake up because during the night, the functioning of this same lymphatic system slows down.

When a bag appears, we notice swelling of the lower eyelid of the eye. This edema can have different origins, which will cause retention of body fluids and promote its appearance. Among them we find:

  • Lack of sleep , fatigue
  • Alcohol and tobacco , enemies of normal blood circulation
  • Food too rich

Do not confuse : There are two types of pockets , those which form by swelling , as we have just seen, and those which form by accumulation of fat.

With age, the skin becomes looser and fat deposits can appear under the eyes. This fat is above all necessary to protect the eye during our lives. Aging of the eye contours therefore leads to the appearance of permanent bags.

Bags can also be hereditary and appear over the course of your life.

What’s the difference with dark circles?

Dark circles, unlike bags which resemble fatty deposits more or less waterlogged, are characterized by their location and their color. They directly affect the coloring of the skin and often appear from the corner of the eye.

They are recognizable by their bluish or purple tint. Everyone can be affected by dark circles, more than bags, from a very young age. Dark circles pigmentation can be due to different reasons:

  • Poor lifestyle
  • Recurrent lack of sleep
  • Naturally in pigmented subjects
  • Too much exposure to the sun

Although difficult, techniques and solutions exist to limit the appearance of dark circles and bags over time.

Adapt your lifestyle and make it healthier

You have to choose. If your primary desire is to limit the aging of your skin and thus counter the premature appearance of bags, you will need to remedy some of your habits.

Tobacco, alcohol, stress and lack of sleep do not go well with the maintenance of your skin and your body.

Your diet also plays an important role. Overconsumption of salt leads to high water retention, causing puffiness.

Choose the right beauty routine and not neglect it

Here's a good way to prevent dark circles and bags. Today there are many brands behind revolutionary products against bags and dark circles. Medi-cosmetics are effective in preventing skin aging.

Apply your day and night cream without forgetting and lightly massage your eye area to calm puffy eyes in the morning and improve your blood circulation before going to bed.

Opt for decongestant products. If you don't want to invest thousands and cents in your beauty products, you can opt for grandmother's remedies such as cucumbers on the eyes or spoons from the freezer to apply (carefully) when you get up.

Cosmetic surgery...as a last resort (or not)!

From experience, we have observed that the safest and most effective way to treat “fatty hernia” type pockets is to have them operated. This eyelid operation helps tighten your skin and make bags disappear.

However, other alternatives are emerging and REBORN is one of them. Food supplements are becoming more and more widespread and meet a variety of needs. Those concerning bags and dark circles are more and more present and require an emerging solution.

REBORN will soon release a new product to combat bags and dark circles, to obtain a smooth, radiant and invigorated look every day. A cure to take as soon as you feel the need, to soften your eyes and ward off the impression and sensations of intense fatigue.

Containing natural active ingredients, here is an alternative to surgery and a good way to delay the appearance of bags. Useful for dark circles, this new product will lighten your dark circles to restore its original color to your skin and fill in the marks that they may leave.

You will have understood, we are all concerned by dark circles and increasingly concerned by bags at one point or another in our lives. It is difficult, if not impossible, never to have them, but there are ways to take into account to prevent them or treat them once installed. Did you think surgery was your last chance? What if you opted for nutricosmetics and its interior treatment before opting for exterior changes? We look forward to seeing you see the results, very soon! Stay tuned...

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