Vos cheveux sont vivants !

Your hair is alive!

Like living beings, your hair is born, grows and dies and this cycle repeats itself indefinitely. So don't worry if you lose them, this is completely normal! No need to waste your time counting them on the brush. Yes, but here you are, you are eternally dissatisfied and are not stingy in criticizing your hair. You find that they are not growing fast enough, that they lack shine, flexibility, etc. Again, don't panic! Food supplements can be an excellent solution to bring your dream mane back to life.

If you want to better understand your hair and finally know the secret to perfect hair , then you have come to the right article.

I. Silence, it grows!

There are no less than 100,000 hairs per head!

Among them, 85% are in the anagen phase, in other words, they are growing. In general, the growth rate is 13 cm per year and this for 2 to 6 years depending on the person, their genetics and their lifestyle. You can imagine that the longer this phase lasts, the closer you get to the coveted Rapunzel's hair.

A hair is made up of 95% keratin . Therefore, to be born and grow, keratin is more than necessary. This is good because, deep within the hair follicles dug into our scalp, at the level of the dermal papilla , cells called keratinocytes proliferate. Initially undifferentiated, these cells undergo a keratinization process, that is to say they will produce keratin intensely until they harden and form the “beginning of hair”. These first layers of keratinized cells will gradually migrate towards the outside of the follicle, pushed, as other layers of keratinocytes proliferate and keratinize from the dermal papilla.

II. Fall to get up better

Subsequently, tired from its intense activity, the follicle enters dormancy . No more proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes, the hair stops growing. The latter, which until then took root at the level of the dermal papilla, detaches from it to reach the surface of the scalp. Less than 1% of our hair is in this 2 to 4 week transition phase , called the catagen phase.

Finally, the dreaded phase of hair loss arrives and affects approximately 15% of our hair . Scientists call it the “ telogen ” phase. For 3 to 4 months , the follicle hibernates and prepares to return to the anagen phase. And here we go again!

III. REBORN and its miracle solution

On a daily basis, your hair is put to the test, which can influence its life cycle. Indeed, your state of physical and mental health (stress, fatigue, old age, hormonal changes, malnutrition, etc.) and environmental attacks (pollution, sun, cold, toxins, sea water, chlorinated water, coloring, straightening, straightening) considerably harm their health because of the free radicals they generate.

Because the priority of Reborn and taking care of you, we have developed the Hair & Nails product.

The key ingredient of this product is horsetail .

This plant has exceptional anti-oxidant power which will capture free radicals. These are the cause of micro-inflammation of the scalp and aging of the hair fiber . By trapping these harmful elements, horsetail protects against falls.

Also, horsetail contains silica , which promotes the synthesis of collagen by fibroblasts. More collagen contributes to better skin quality (hydration, elasticity, thickness) and therefore to a healthy hair follicle . Also, collagen contributes to the proper functioning of blood vessels and therefore to better irrigation of the hair bulb for better oxygenation and better nutrition . Hair grows faster, falls less and is visibly strengthened.

Horsetail also contains cysteine , the main amino acid that makes up keratin . It therefore structures the hair, protects it, strengthens it and smoothes it, which improves its ability to reflect light and reduces split ends.

Finally, horsetail contains selenium and studies have shown that selenium prevents depigmentation and therefore white hair .

And because we didn't want to skimp on effectiveness, we reinforced the action of Hair & Nails with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals with incredible benefits.

The life of hair is full of pitfalls and it is therefore essential to help it lead a life in full health. Food supplements appear to be a safe and effective solution to remedy hair problems and display sublimated, healthy hair.


What are you waiting for to take care of your hair? Quickly discover Hair & Nails, deliciously effective gummies for maintaining, growing and strengthening hair: https://www.reborn.paris/products/hair-nails

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