les deux nouveautés minceur reborn : absolu+ body control le modérateur d'appétit à croquer goût grenadine et Elixir détox le draineur et brûleur de graisse pour entamer votre challenge body summer

Our new products

Summer body goal on!
Lose weight and get slimmer
sustainably and healthily.
Sur un fond sable, 3 pots transparents jaune pâle, rose et orange/pêche remplis de gummies beauté naturellement colorés en jaune, violet et orange avec une étiquette sur chaque pot comportant le logo lion de Reborn Paris

Our irresistible
vegan gummies

A unique sensory experience
at the service of your beauty for
stock up on efficiency.
Sur un fond d'eau colorée, 4 pots de compléments à croquer colorés Reborn Paris pour la beauté des cheveux, l'uniformité du teint, le bronzage et la peau nette. Sur les étiquettes aux teintes dégradés, le logo lion reborn.

Our delicious
chewable tablets

A clean chewable range,
delicious and innovative made in France
by a doctor based on ultraconcentrated plant extracts
of the highest quality.
Place Vendôme avec ses bâtiments luxueux et sa colonne. C'est l'une des plus prestigieuses place de Paris mais aussi le siège social de reborn

Expert position
in high

REBORN rises in the field of high nutricosmetics
in the heart of the most prestigious square in Paris, Place Vendôme.

The power of science in every bite
Let yourself be carried away by a unique sensory experience with clinically proven effectiveness on your beauty.



The power
of nature

Our products draw their effectiveness from nature.
We always aim to design products that are as natural as possible, without ever compromising the quality and effectiveness of the product. Each product is infused with elements, aromas, memories, places and beauty traditions from around the world. Clean compositions without unnecessary molecules thanks to a natural blend of plants, vitamins and minerals carefully selected for their effectiveness.

Reborn also strives to use natural flavors and colors and to ban controversial additives. Our pill boxes are 100% recyclable and our caps are made of aluminum to limit plastic waste. Our products are game changers drawing their roots directly from the “Green Tech” spirit.


The Art of

Modern performance, ancestral wisdom.
We lovingly create products that will complement and enhance the daily ritual of dietary supplements using only active molecules and plants of the highest quality, effective, efficient and acting synergistically.

We are explorers, dreamers and creators. It is by treating the interior that we will have an action on the exterior. Our nutraceuticals are developed in a French laboratory in collaboration with an aesthetic doctor and an agri-food engineer specializing in innovation and human nutrition.

The choice of galenics is carefully considered to offer the best “envelope” for our products and to adapt to each molecule to preserve all their virtues.


A Beauty Concentrate to Enjoy

In the form of fruity, slightly sweet chewing gums or in the form of delicious, colorful and flavored chewable tablets, these real cosmetics complete the beauty routine with a gourmet gesture, because they are delicious.
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