Our new slimming products

How to lose weight when it's so cold? Burn fat and lose weight sustainably and healthily.

Our irresistible vegan gummies

A unique sensory experience at the service of your beauty to boost its effectiveness.

Our delicious chewable tablets

A clean, delicious and innovative chewable range developed in France by a doctor based on ultraconcentrated plant extracts of the highest quality.

Expert position in high nutricosmetics

Reborn stands in the field of high nutricosmetics in the heart of the most prestigious place in Paris, Place de Vendôme.

La puissance de la science dans chaque bouchée

Let yourself be carried away by a unique sensory experience with clinically proven effectiveness on your beauty.

  • 100% French

    Our nutricosmetics are made in France in a green factory.

  • Vegan

    Compatible with vegetarian and vegan diets.

  • 3 different formats

    Gummies, chewable tablets and fruity powder to dilute.

  • Quality plant ingredients

    With supporting clinical studies, guaranteeing effectiveness.

Le complément qui correspond à vos besoins

  • Hair

    Your hair deserves the best. Reborn Paris is the expert in your hair rebirth and has developed products for you at the cutting edge of the latest scientific innovations.

    Do you want long, strong, healthy-looking hair ? ➡️ Hair & Nails

  • Skin

    Your skin renaissance is here.

    Benefit from the benefits of our Gold & Glow gummies. Delicious, natural and effective supplements that will perfect your skin as a whole, like a day cream.

  • Glance

    The beauty of a face is nothing without the beauty of a look.

    This is why it is important to take care of it.

    Unlike cosmetics which act superficially from the outside, our Eye & Contour gummies directly target the causes of dark circles and bags in depth.

  • Slimming

    Activate the main levers for losing weight , fat and waist size with our Detox Elixir.

    Gluttony is the number one enemy of your weight ? What if we told you that you would be able to lose weight while enjoying yourself?

homme et femme aux visage collés dans le sens opposé avec cheveux et barbe qui les recouvrent délicatement
femme dont on voit le décolleté et le visage
zoom sur un oeil bleu avec joli regard surmonté d'un sourcil sous des teintes violet/rose
photographie esthétique de la silhouette d'une femme caché par des feuilles et ses ombres

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Super effective supplement I recommend with a good taste!

Aline Miremont

Excellent food supplements. They are the best !

Marion Jouan

Product test +++++ I really recommend!


Very good food supplement treatment.

Marion Estrine

Very good food supplement that I love using!
I'm a fan of the brand's values!

Cui Cuiteste

The gummies are so soft and delicious

C mel

One of the best brands of nutritional supplements that I have tested!

Karine Hoos

Des résultats cliniquement prouvés



The power
of nature

Our products draw their effectiveness from nature.

We always aim to design products that are as natural as possible, without ever compromising the quality and effectiveness of the product. Each product is infused with elements, aromas, memories, places and beauty traditions from around the world. Clean compositions without unnecessary molecules thanks to a natural blend of plants, vitamins and minerals carefully selected for their effectiveness.

Reborn also strives to use natural flavors and colors and to ban controversial additives. Our pill boxes are 100% recyclable and our caps are made of aluminum to limit plastic waste. In addition, our paper and cardboard packaging is certified from sustainably managed forests and printed with vegetable inks. Our products are game changers drawing their roots directly from the “Green Tech” spirit.

Discover Our History

L'Art de la

Modern performance, ancestral wisdom.

We lovingly create products that will complement and enhance the daily ritual of dietary supplements using only active molecules and plants of the highest quality, effective, efficient and acting synergistically.

We are explorers, dreamers and creators. It is by treating the interior that we will have an action on the exterior. Our nutraceuticals are developed in a French laboratory in collaboration with an aesthetic doctor, an agri-food engineer specializing in innovation and human nutrition and partner pharmacists.

The choice of galenics is carefully considered to offer the best “envelope” for our products and to adapt to each molecule to preserve all their virtues.

Discover Our History

Un Concentré de Beauté
à Déguster

In the form of fruity, sugar-free chewing gums or in the form of delicious, colorful and flavored chewable tablets or even fruity powder to dilute, these real cosmetics complete the beauty routine with a gourmet gesture, because they are delicious.


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