Pauline Mouilleron, Founder

“REBORN a brand that resembles me: modern, effective, natural, innovative and delicious where beauty and health are closely linked. Our compositions are clean and always formulated in collaboration with a doctor. »

It is by treating the interior that we will have an action on the exterior.

Inner beauty ? A more trendy concept than ever in cosmetics that REBORN exploits with its gummie cures. These new generation pills with innovative galenics are real chewable cosmetics.
No more capsules that are difficult to swallow, taking food supplements finally becomes simple, pleasant and delicious with Reborn and its fruity chewable gummies. »

Created in 2019 by Pauline Mouilleron, the idea of ​​REBORN was born from her personal story.

Several years ago now, his hair became one of his concerns. firsts.
Indeed following the discovery of a malignant tumor of the scalp she had to undergo a surgical intervention which will leave him with a very unsightly scar with a fragility of the rest of his hair.
After much research into hair, she subsequently think about what to do to improve them.


Pauline has tested everything on the market. Unfortunately most supplements food only suited him a little because after a while of use they all gave him heartburn or their insipid taste tired her and the cures were never completed.

Pauline naturally turned to an aesthetic doctor from a Parisian clinic in renowned for looking into food supplements that could help growth, strengthening and maintaining hair. During the discussions they wanted to reinvent and rejuvenate food supplements by offering gummies based on healthy and natural products (vitamins and minerals). From there, the adventure began!

Each formula is carefully worked with the collaboration of a doctor, pharmacist and chemist.

They also pay particular attention to the taste and texture of their products.
The REBORN team takes the time to develop its range to bring quality and effectiveness to each product offered.

The objective of REBORN is to reconcile beauty enthusiasts with food supplements and provide effective solutions from the inside to see the benefits on each person's appearance.

REBORN means rebirth/renewal and what are you waiting for?


High Nutricosmetics

REBORN is located in the exceptional setting of the most prestigious square in Paris. You will have recognized it, it is Place Vendôme, an address which perpetuates the legend. It is a privilege for the team to be able to work in a prestigious place where the finest jewelry brands.

REBORN, like its neighbors, will continue its work on its lions and in its formulas.
Tailor-made to further enhance its products and elevate REBORN in the field of high Nutricosmetics.

Our Guarantee

Quality and efficiency are at the heart of the brand.

All formulas are developed by a doctor to ensure the best daily intake for your body.
By scrupulously respecting the quantity of each molecule, there is no risk of overdose or nephrotoxicity.

We source the best molecules for the composition of our products. Each of them is chosen according to criteria of effectiveness and bioavailability.
REBORN products are guaranteed with natural flavors and colors. Our products are gluten-free, gelatin-free and suitable for vegetarian diets.

Our products are made from plants, vitamins and minerals.

Systematic scientific monitoring is carried out on the latest scientific discoveries, in order to offer the most effective products and active ingredients as well as the latest innovations. Each product meets the formulation requirements validated by the authorities before being placed on the market.

We formulate our products with awareness for the health of the consumer and the planet.

Our expertise

We aspire to maintain our position as an expert in high nutricosmetics through our passion for scientific discoveries, our insatiable curiosity for health and aesthetics, our lasting strategic partnerships with enthusiastic and committed distributors as well as our team of experts.

The formulation of our products systematically goes through an aesthetic doctor to guarantee a unique and effective formula while respecting each individual’s physiology. Our projects are then monitored and shared with our partners by an engineer in agri-food-Biological Engineering specializing in Innovation and Human Nutrition which particularly likes food supplements. Welcome to the world of REBORN where passion and high standards constitute the basis founder on whom we build our brand every day.