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    Complément alimentaire sous forme de sticks de poudre à diluer dans de l&Cure minceur de 20 jours (1 stick de poudre par jour) à prolonger sur 3 mois pour des résultats optimaux sur la perte de poids, l&
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    Pot recyclable rouge-rose fermé avec un bouchon recyclable contenant 60 comprimés à croquer à l&Cure de complément pour maigrir grâce à son effet coupe-faim. Prendre 3 comprimés à croquer par jour. Un pot contient 60 comprimés et dure donc 20 jours. La durée de cure conseillée est de 3 mois.
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  • Kilos Killer Pack
    Kilos Killer PackLe duo boost minceur pour éliminer définitivement les kilos en trop. Activez tous les leviers pour perdre du poids, brûler des graisses et affiner votre taille. Une gourmandise saine pour mincir avec plaisir. Fabriqué en France et vegan.
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Effectiveness of hair food supplements

Are food supplements really effective?

Yes, food supplements are effective provided:

  • Not to have excessive expectations : remember that the food supplement, by definition, COMPLETES the normal diet and does not replace it. Its role is above all preventive and it helps to improve daily comfort and beauty and to maintain normal health. You're not going to see spectacular hair growth in just a week, and even less so if your lifestyle doesn't follow suit. It will not be because the supplement is not effective, it is only because that is not its role.
  • To follow your treatment correctly : For all food supplements, a duration of 3 months is recommended to feel all the effects. Many people do not complete their treatment and do not benefit from the expected benefits, but this does not mean that the food supplement is not effective. It would most certainly have been if the treatment had been correctly followed. Hence the advantage of gummies compared to the capsule format.
  • To be targeted by the product : If you do not have hair loss, you will not notice the effectiveness of an anti-hair loss supplement. You wouldn't ask a plumber to fix a pipe that isn't broken?
  • Not to suffer from pathologies hindering their effectiveness : Food supplements cannot work on everyone, quite simply because each person is different physiologically and pathologically. Certain illnesses or medications can fade or cancel the effect of certain supplements for various reasons (poor assimilation, etc.).

Hair supplements are even essential because:

  • Hair is a “living” organ that needs nutrition from the inside via the blood circulation.
  • A varied and balanced diet is no longer enough today.
  • Food supplements make it possible to act on the cause of hair problems , and not on the consequences visible on the surface (as cosmetics do).

For more details, click here .

We respond to the main objections about food supplements and their effectiveness in our dedicated article “ 3 preconceived ideas about food supplements ”.

What is the most effective food supplement for hair?

Before choosing a good food supplement for hair, you must already know how to choose your food supplement. Is the product protected by a case? Does the label comply with regulations? Is the communication on the benefits and advantages of the product honest and transparent? Are the plants quality? Are the vitamins correctly dosed? Become an expert and 💊 Choose the best food supplement on the market in just 8 steps .

After reading this article, you will know that Reborn Paris hair products are the best because:

  • Protective packaging : They are protected by a box to prevent the photosensitive molecules from losing their effectiveness in light.
  • Presence of all mandatory information : All mandatory regulatory information is present on our boxes and labels.
  • Multi-country regulatory validity: Our formulations are validated by a regulatory firm and authorized for distribution by the French, Belgian and Italian authorities. Authorization in several countries is a guarantee of safety and seriousness.
  • Transparent and honest marketing mentions: We mention the benefits of our products in a transparent and honest way while respecting regulations. Our marketing notices are accurate, unambiguous and non-misleading.
  • Interesting nutritional claims: Our products are sugar-free and, above all, aspartame is absent from the list of ingredients. They are vegan, vegetarian, with natural flavors and colors.
  • No unfair competition: We do not engage in unfair competition. Our cures (like the other cures of our competitors which comply with current European regulations) are: GMO-free and titanium dioxide-free. There are no animal tests expected on materials used in food and therefore we do not indicate "Cruelty free" on our advantages because it is not a competitive advantage.
  • No misleading of the consumer: We do not mislead consumers with the words "Made In France" and we always indicate the origin of our raw materials so that the consumer is aware of the full traceability. For example, for our Hair & Nails it is indicated "Made in France, Horsetail: French origin".
  • Compliance with regulations: We do not indicate the word "natural" on our packaging, even if our compositions are essentially plant-based, because this mention is almost prohibited by the regulations on food supplements, except when it relates to aromas. and dyes.
  • Precautions for use clearly indicated : We indicate the contraindications and advice for use so that you can consume our food supplements with full knowledge of the facts.
  • Clean and short ingredient lists : Our ingredient lists are simple, short, without allergens, without nanomaterials, without unnecessary or controversial additives. We explain the list of ingredients of our chewable tablets to you, it's surprising
  • Premium ingredients : Whether it is our horsetail extract with a high silica content or our patented plant-based keratin, we select the best ingredients for your hair to guarantee maximum effectiveness.
  • Precisely dosed vitamins: Our hair gummies contain the right dose of biotin (~200% of the Reference Intakes) because we refuse to participate in this race to “who will put the most biotin” (up to 20,000%) which is a total scientific aberration. Since vitamin B8 is water soluble, the excess is eliminated by the kidneys. An overdose will just result in tiring the kidneys.
  • Suitable format : The capsule is not necessarily the most effective format. Due to the chewing phase, gummies and chewable tablets promote assimilation and therefore effectiveness.

Hair growth

What is the best food supplement to grow hair?

Choosing the best hair supplement to grow hair can vary depending on individual needs and the underlying causes of hair loss. However, certain supplements are generally recognized for their potential benefits for hair health. This is the case for vitamins and minerals : A, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12, D, C, E, zinc. It is also about choosing active ingredients which stimulate the synthesis of collagen ( vitamin C , horsetail titrated in silica, plant keratin ) for 2 reasons:

  • More collagen (constitutive of the skin ) helps to thicken the skin of the dermis in the cavity which contains the hair for better anchoring
  • More collagen (constitutive of blood vessels ) contributes to better vessels for better irrigation , nutrition and oxygenation of the hair .

You will find all these active ingredients in our Hair & Nails gummies. which we highly recommend if your main goal is to grow your hair.

Keratin and in particular Keranat (patented plant complex from the Robertet France group) is also very interesting. It acts at the level of the dermal papilla, the biological engine of hair. It will considerably increase the quantity of growth factor which will stimulate cell proliferation and normalize the hair cycle. It is highly dosed in our Absolu+ Hair chewable tablets. Although we mainly recommend the product to combat hair loss, it is nonetheless very interesting for improving the volume and density of hair.

What is the most effective treatment for hair regrowth?

Finally, for hair growth and regrowth, the treatments indicated are the same:

  • nutrients that boost division (vitamin B9, B12, D, zinc) and cell differentiation (vitamin A) for hair that grows faster
  • active ingredients that stimulate collagen synthesis (horsetail, vitamin C) for better hair anchoring and healthy hair
  • keratin to boost cell proliferation.

The Hair & Nails x Absolu+ Hair combo is therefore ideal. The power of a capsule in gourmet formats!

Hair loss

Which vitamin to stop hair loss?

Antioxidant vitamins and minerals , such as vitamins A, C and E and zinc play an antioxidant role. This will help fight against oxidative stress which causes premature aging of the hair fiber and micro-inflammation of the scalp, both of which cause hair loss.

Also, by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, vitamin C but also the silica contained in horsetail can thicken the dermis in the cavity which contains the hair for better anchored hair, which is less likely to fall out. Keranat plant keratin also thickens this epithelial sheath around the hair bulb by 20.8%.

What is the best food supplement for hair loss?

For hair loss, we tend to recommend Absolu+ Hair rather than Hair & Nails because studies have shown that the plant keratin contained in Absolu+ Hair helps reduce hair loss by -50% in 3 months. Nevertheless, Hair & Nails remains very interesting due to its vitamin content and its plants.

Thickening of fine hair

How to thicken fine and thinning hair?

Cosmetic care

The first solution that most people turn to is using volumizing shampoo and conditioner to add volume and thicken the hair. However, you must be careful to use sulfate-free products to avoid drying out your hair.

Certain thickening products (foams, sprays and serums) also add texture and volume.

External treatments based on keratin , the main constituent of hair, strengthen the hair and thicken the fiber for a denser result.

You can also try natural remedies like aloe vera or castor oil and massage your scalp with it to strengthen your hair and stimulate its growth.

Hairdressing techniques

You can also play hairstyle techniques to create an illusion. For example, you can adopt a layered haircut or short style to give the appearance of thicker hair or you dry your hair upside down to add volume to the roots. If this does not correct the problem, it nevertheless allows you to relax.


A scalp massage can stimulate blood circulation and promote irrigation, nutrition and oxygenation of the scalp for healthier and therefore thicker and denser hair.

Medical treatments

There are also oral or topical medical treatments to overcome this problem or aesthetic medicine techniques such as Platelet-Rich Plasma injections into the scalp.

Food supplements

If you want a natural solution, the good alternative remains nutritional supplements. Indeed, food supplements , when they contain the right ingredients, can also help to have dense and voluminous hair by acting from the inside and by directly stimulating the scalp at the level of the bulbs.

Healthy life

Remember that stress and poor hydration can be the cause of this hair inconvenience. Do not hesitate to adopt relaxation and meditation techniques or start a course of anti-stress food supplements and drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Which vitamin to thicken fine hair?

To thicken fine hair, nothing better than vitamins B9, B12, D and zinc as well as Keranat , a plant complex of ceramides, millet miliacin and rosemary, which will stimulate cell division .

The silica contained in horsetail and vitamin C as well as plant keratin will stimulate the synthesis of collagen for hair that is well anchored in the skin and hair that does not thin. By allowing better blood vessels, the fiber will be better nourished and oxygenated and the hair will be healthy and stronger. Cysteine ​​also provides the building blocks necessary for the synthesis of keratin during hair growth. The latter will seal the hair scales to protect them from dehydration and loss of material and make them stronger and more hydrated. Healthy hair is thicker hair that does not leave the scalp. Cysteine ​​is present in large quantities in horsetail.

What is the best food supplement to thicken hair?

For the nutrients mentioned above as well as horsetail , nothing better than our hair food supplements in the form of Hair & Nails gummies which contain them in just the right amount. You will be able to help your hair rebuild and grow healthily and beautifully.

If you want +15% density and +32% volume in just 3 months, Absolu+ Hair will undoubtedly be your ally thanks to Keranat.

Specific products

Which is better between Forcapil from Arkopharma and Reborn Paris?

Forcapil hair growth formula by Arkopharma (vs Hair & Nails by Reborn Paris)

Let's objectively compare 2 hair food supplements: Forcapil hair growth gummies with Hair & Nails Reborn Paris gummies . We do not compare with capsules to compare on equal dosage, although the capsules have a similar composition.

First of all, the Forcapil gummies to grow hair display glucose syrup and sugar as the first ingredients while the Reborn Paris gummies are sugar-free (with maltitol syrup).

The flavors and colorings used are different between the 2 brands offering 2 different sensory experiences. Forcapil for hair growth offers a raspberry/wild berry flavor and colors its gummies with a carrot and blackcurrant concentrate while Reborn Paris offers a natural Tutti frutti flavor and colors its gummies with a pumpkin and apple concentrate. The 2 cures are made in France.

In terms of active ingredients, Forcapil food supplements contain 10 mg of horsetail, compared to 11 mg in Reborn Paris gummies. The horsetail used in Hair & Nails is highly concentrated in silica, THE active molecule of this plant. No indication of titration is made on the Forcapil food supplement.

In terms of vitamins and minerals, the composition is also different:

  • B5 is present at 100% of the Reference Intakes and is absent from Reborn Paris hair gummies food supplements. It is entirely relevant in a product to strengthen hair but at Reborn Paris, we have preferred other vitamins based on the scientific literature on this subject.
  • B6 , which is involved in the synthesis of cysteine, the main constituent acid of keratin which itself constitutes more than 90% of the hair, is present in the 2 products, at 143% of the Reference Intakes at Arkopharma and at 100% of the reference contributions at Reborn Paris. This vitamin being water soluble and the excess being eliminated by the kidneys, we found it unnecessary to overdose.
  • The B8 which intervenes for healthy hair is present at 892% of the Reference Intakes at Forcapil. and 217% of the Reference Contributions at Reborn Paris. Taking into consideration the assimilation of this vitamin, we have slightly overdosed it without going to excess because, like vitamin B6, it is water-soluble and the excess is eliminated in the urine. We don't want to strain the kidneys and felt we didn't need as much.
  • B9 , which is particularly useful for boosting cell division, is therefore used to help hair grow. It is present at 150% of the Reference Intakes at Forcapil and at 50% at Reborn Paris. The reason for this lower dose is that we want our cures to be cumulative and this meant adding a little less folic acid.
  • C , which stimulates the synthesis of collagen essential for healthy, strengthened hair and its anchoring. It is also antioxidant and protects hair against oxidative stress. It is present at 50% of Reference Contributions at Forcapil, vs. 60% at Reborn Paris.
  • Vitamins D and E are absent from the Forcapil hair food supplement. We decided to use them at Reborn Paris for their benefits on hair growth (vitamin D) and their antioxidant power (E).
  • Zinc , which promotes cell division (hair growth) and fights against oxidative stress, is present in twice the quantity in Reborn Paris (100% of Reference Intakes) compared to Forcapil (50%).
  • The selenium present in Forcapil gummies is absent from our Hair & Nails because the horsetail we use already contains it naturally. It also helps strengthen the hair and protect the hair from external aggressions.
  • Probiotics are used in Reborn Paris gummies because recent studies have demonstrated their benefits on hair health and hair growth. They are not found in Forcapil products.

Forcapil anti-hair loss formula by Arkopharma (vs Absolu+ Hair by Reborn Paris)

For the treatment of anti-hair loss food supplements, the comparison is simpler.

Forcapil offers gummies containing sugar as the main component (the capsule version does not contain sugar). The natural flavor used is apricot and a concentrate of safflower and radish flowers colors the gummies.

Reborn Paris offers sugar-free chewable tablets with a natural peach flavor and beautifully colored orange with carrot concentrate and paprika.

The 2 cures are made in France.

The vitamin and mineral complex used by Arkopharma is the same as that used in the treatment meeting the need for hair growth, with the exception of vitamin C, a collagen booster, which would have been useful for promoting hair anchoring:

  • B5 (100%) and B6 (143%), generally indicated in hair strengthening and health
  • B8 (892%) useful for healthy hair
  • B9 (150%) to boost cell division
  • Zinc (50%) which promotes cell division and protects hair against oxidative stress.

Water-soluble vitamins are present in quantities well above those of the reference intakes, which is of no interest as the excess is eliminated by the kidneys.

The plant used in Arkopharma hair loss food supplements is an extract of Venus Hair at 150mg. Scientific literature on this plant is limited. It is generally used for the need for communication because it is linked to an “anti-hair loss” claim awaiting evaluation by the authorities.

At Reborn Paris, we use just one plant: an innovative and patented plant keratin at a dose of 1000mg. It benefits from 2 supporting clinical studies carried out on 120 women and demonstrating spectacular effectiveness with -50% hair loss in 3 months. It also acts on the beauty of the hair with more shine and softness.

Is Luxeol effective (vs Reborn Paris)?

Hair Growth Formula (vs Hair & Nails)

We are talking here about food supplements in the form of Luxéol gummies and not capsules to compare on an equal dosage basis.

Luxéol growth gummies are sugar-free , just like those from Reborn Paris. They are naturally strawberry flavored and colored with anthocyanins while those from Reborn Paris are Tutti Frutti flavors and colored yellow with a pumpkin and apple concentrate .

The only components in common between the Reborn Paris and Luxéol hair growth supplements are vitamin B6, biotin and a mineral, zinc. B6 and zinc are present at 100% of the Reference Intakes and B8 at 217% at Reborn Paris. the quantities are divided by 2 in Luxéol gummies for these 3 ingredients.

The Hair & Nails Reborn Paris treatment also contains very interesting vitamins D, B9, B12, C and E to stimulate growth and strengthen hair.

The Luxéol hair/growth food supplement contains copper and selenium , which are more involved in the pigmentation of the hair and in the fight against oxidative stress than in growth.

Finally, in terms of plants, if Reborn Paris opted for a horsetail extract titrated in silica , Luxéol preferred an arugula extract. However, horsetail remains more studied by scientists for its hair benefits and in particular on hair growth.

Reborn Paris reinforces its hair growth reference with probiotics to promote assimilation, but also through the scientifically proven hair benefits of these microorganisms on hair health.

Hair loss formula (vs Absolu+ Hair)

The Luxeol hair loss food supplement is in the form of sugar-free blackcurrant flavored gummies colored with anthocyanins . The Reborn Paris anti-hair loss formula is in the form of sugar-free peach-flavored chewable tablets colored with carrot and paprika . In any case, no capsules!

The list of Luxéol active ingredients is exactly the same as in the growth cure in terms of vitamins and minerals ( B6, B8, zinc, copper, selenium ), with dosages at 50% of the Reference Intakes, most certainly to be able to combine the 2 cures. It would perhaps have been more judicious to make completely different and complementary compositions rather than under-dosing nutrients which could have been integrated in the right quantity in a single product.

Instead of arugula, Luxéol uses the hair of Venus , just like Forcapil and at the same dose (150mg) in order to be able to communicate on the anti-hair loss effect.

At Reborn Paris, we have chosen to use a single powerful active ingredient for the anti-hair loss effect in our hair loss food supplements: patented plant keratin (Keranat) with clinically proven effects. We dosed it at 1000mg, the dose indicated in safety and effectiveness studies. We did not want to add vitamins so as not to have an overdose with the Hair & Nails formula and so as not to have to under-dose the vitamins in our Hair & Nails to be able to combine the 2 products. Keranat was more than sufficient in itself, with a small bonus effect on the beauty of the hair.

What is the best product to strengthen hair?

You have all the information to make the right choice for your hair. Choose a product in accordance with

  • your values ​​and your diet (with sugars/without sugars),
  • your tastes (flavor and format that you like: capsules, tablets, gummies?),
  • your needs (hair loss? Growth? Beauty? Health?),
  • your means (can you afford to buy 2 formulas? If not, choose a formula with sufficient doses on its own)

To strengthen your hair, keratin is the preferred active ingredient. Next comes vitamin B6 which is involved in the synthesis of cysteine, the main amino acid which constitutes this hair protein. The vitamin C and silica contained in horsetail are also great allies because they will boost the synthesis of collagen which makes up blood vessels and promote better irrigation and therefore nutrition and oxygenation of the hair for strong, healthy-looking hair.

How long to follow a treatment?

In all cases, a 3-month treatment will be recommended, i.e. 3 cell cycles. The first month is the initiation for the cells, they discover the active molecules. The second month they learn how to use them correctly and the third month they know how to fully exploit their benefits. After 3 months of treatment, it is advisable to take a break of one or two months in order to rest the body and avoid the phenomenon of habituation.