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💅🏻Beautiful and strong nails now with our 4 miracle tips

💅🏻Beautiful and strong nails now with our 4 miracle tips

Being beautiful through and through is possible but not easy. You have probably already faced soft nails that break easily or grow slowly ? Every problem has its solution and we offer ours in this beauty tips article . We tested them and were amazed by their effectiveness!


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This may seem like ridiculous advice, I grant you. However, few people cut their nails regularly and this makes them fragile and more likely to break. Indeed, when you grow your nails, the tip is the first part to grow, therefore the oldest and most fragile . It is also the most exposed to shocks, which makes it all the more sensitive , as well as the rest of the skin. For example, if the tip of your nail splits, there will be an impact on its entirety which will lose its thickness and strength . It can even reach the base of the nail.

We therefore advise you to cut your nails once a week with a nail clipper and file your nails by rounding the edges with a cardboard file . And be careful ! You must always file your nail in the same direction. The back and forth movement should be completely avoided. In fact, it will create irregularities rather than strengthening the nail .

Very important point : Do not be tempted to trim your cuticles , even if they invade your pretty manicure! They play a key role in nail protection and removing them can cause infection. Instead, use special oils or creams to remove cuticles and use a wooden manicure stick to gently push them back.


Whether the nails and cuticles are dry or not, they must be nourished deeply. To do this, use 2 natural ingredients that we all have at home and which can do the trick: lemon and oil (olive, jojoba, castor, argan, monoi, etc.)

1st step : You soak your nails and cuticles in the oil or you apply it directly and massage your nail so that it soaks in.

2nd step : You divide the lemon in half and gently rub the pulp side of one half from the base of the nail to the ends. The lemon will bring it health, thanks to its richness in nutrients and whiten it.

3rd step: Dry with a tissue and gently polish your precious skin with a polisher to give them shine like a manicure.

Ideally, these steps should be carried out after your weekly nail trimming session.

Even better, if you can apply a little oil to your nails every other evening and let it soak in overnight, they will thank you! Do not hesitate to wear gloves when sleeping to prevent oil from staining your sheets and to ensure maximum hydration .

The holy grail remains to add to this routine the application of a moisturizing cream after each hand washing. This will not only hydrate your hands but also keep your nails hydrated. This way they will be able to grow healthily and will be much more resistant to cold, hot water, sun, chlorine and so on!

Small tip also, drying your hands is important. Poorly dried, hello soft nails and get damaged very quickly.

Important detail : These tips for nourishing and hydrating your nails only work optimally if they are not varnished .


Poor nail health is often linked to a deficiency of iron , zinc and B vitamins . White spots on your nails can, for example, be linked to a zinc or iron deficiency if they occur recurrently.

Foods like whole grains , oats , and pulses are incredible sources of essential nutrients for strong nails.

Supplementation can also be a solution. At Reborn , our Hair & Nails product contains:

  • vitamin A and vitamin C which promote the absorption and metabolism of iron to avoid deficiencies and guarantee good nail health.

  • zinc to promote the synthesis of keratin , a key nail element to protect your nails.

  • B group vitamins (B8, B9, B12) to promote cell division and make nails grow .

2 Hair & Nails gummies per day for 12 weeks can really contribute to long nails, strong and shiny nails , a real second life!


Are you a fan of nail polish ? The golden rule is to never apply a colored varnish (especially dark) without a base coat . The base helps protect long nails . Without this step, they turn yellow and lose their vitality because the varnish does not let them breathe.

Where to find it? In beauty stores or perfumeries. The difference with classic nail polish is its composition. Transparent , it does not contain pigments that could migrate towards the nail . It contains excellent ingredients, such as aloe vera, calcium and vitamin E, very interesting for a manicure and taking care of long nails without damaging them .

The best thing is still not to wear nail polish every day . Let your nails breathe for at least 2 weeks between each varnish application . Ban false nails and favor natural solutions to take care of your fingertips . Being naturally beautiful is the only thing that’s true! And varnish on splitting nails can quickly become unsightly!

Cut them, file them, nourish them, and let them breathe, these are our tips for naturally long, beautiful and strong nails. As a high-end nutricosmetics brand, we are convinced that acting from the inside with food and food supplements remains the best care solution to achieve real results on the outside, visible and lasting over time.

Have beautiful and strong nails now and easily with Hair & Nails .

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