Femmes brunes regardant les pointes abîmées et fourchues de ses cheveux bruns qu'elle tient entre ses mains

Split ends are not inevitable: adopt our simple actions!

If we had to vote for our #1 hair enemy , split ends would undoubtedly top the rankings! What's worse than seeing that the hair scales are separating at the ends , threatening the entire hair fiber with complete exposure? Is your hair weak , fragile , riddled with split ends ? Don't panic, it's really easy to overcome it by following our advice!


If you looked at a hair under a microscope, you would be amazed at how striking the resemblance to a tree trunk is. With the difference that its main component is keratin .

The cuticle, the bark of the hair

The outer hair layer is called the cuticle . Just like the bark, it is made up of scales stacked on top of each other. These latter are in fact flattened cells loaded with keratin , a perfect cement to seal them together. This keratinized barrier plays a real protective role. This allows your hair to be protected against external aggressions (sun, pollution, toxins, chlorine, salt), against loss of water ( dehydration ) and matter . Even more, the straightened hair fiber reflects light much better, which provides shine and radiance . We quickly understand that without keratin, our hair would be vulnerable , weakened , dry , dull and split ends !

The cortex, the sapwood of the hair

You may not have known it, but the layer between the bark and the heart of the tree trunk is called the sapwood, and the sapwood of the hair is the cortex ! Here too, the cortex is made up of keratinized and elongated cells placed end to end to form rods ( protofibrils ) which form other larger rods ( microfibrils ) and others even larger ( macrofibrils ). At the level of keratin molecules, we find the amino acid cysteine ​​which plays a key role in the cohesion and structure of the fiber . In fact, a cysteine ​​of a keratin molecule will “cling” very strongly to that of another molecule, thus making it possible to firmly hold the hair shafts together. The more keratin , and therefore cysteine , there is, the stronger , more resistant and structured the hair is. Otherwise, the hair becomes brittle and can split .

From root to tip, a hair that weakens

During the growth phase ( anagen phase), at the level of the dermal papilla , at the bottom of the hair follicle , the keratinocytes (the pre-cells which form the hair ) differentiate and begin to produce a lot of keratin . This leads to their hardening and transformation into “ hair cells ”. The end of the hair fiber is therefore the one which first sprouted in the follicle and is therefore the oldest (3 to 5 years!). Over time, keratin dries up on the lengths , due to numerous attacks and is never resynthesized. This is why hair thins from roots to ends during growth , leading to fragile, damaged and split ends.


The first tip is therefore to act on the cause of hair problems and in particular split ends . We will therefore give you our tips for: 1) Providing keratin to the hair 2) Protecting your mane from attacks 3) Avoiding thinning of the hair fiber 4) Improving your hygiene and quality of life (stress, fatigue, hormones) .

1) Provide keratin to the hair

You will have understood, keratin is essential.

On the surface ( cuticle ), it will help seal the scales and therefore prevent split ends .

In depth ( cortex ), it will ensure the cohesion of the hair to avoid the multiplication of the fibers which compose it.

It is all the more important because it is only synthesized during the hair growth phase. An external contribution is therefore essential .

This is good because Reborn has just released its new product , an exceptional product based on 100% plant-based, 100% natural, 100% French keratin which will act effectively against split ends . The time when you had to suffer to be beautiful is over since this excellent active ingredient is concentrated in delicious peach-flavored chewable tablets . A guilt-free treat to boost your hair : Absolu+Hair .

2) Protect your mane from attacks

You will have understood, your mane is attacked from all sides, this weakens it considerably and can be the cause of split ends . It is more than essential to protect your hair . First of all, you have to create a keratinized barrier around the fiber . For this, nothing better than our Absolu+Hair tablets mentioned in the previous paragraph. Antioxidants are also great allies against oxidative enemies. It turns out that horsetail , contained in our best-selling Hair & Nails gummies , is full of antioxidants which will play the role of a real shield . Protecting the hair against split ends is much more effective than treating them once they appear!

3) Avoid thinning of the hair fiber

Despite everything, it is inevitable, the end of the hair fiber will always be finer than its root ! Unless…you regularly cut your ends ! A split hair is a hair that hasn't been cut for a long time! Hairdressers are unanimous: cutting is the only solution to strengthen the fiber and get off to a good start. Far be it from us to take away your length , a regular trimming of the ends will help maintain your hair and prevent the appearance and spread of your split ends along the lengths .


1) Sleeping with a loose mat

Friction and frequent contact of hair against textiles, chair backs, shoulders may seem harmless but in fact deal fatal blows to your hair , causing splitting of the fiber .

Knowing that we spend about a third of our lives sleeping , imagine how much friction our hair does on the pillow. Make a braid , without tightening it too much! This will protect your mane from nasty tangles and make your morning brushing easier.

2) Be gentle when brushing

Your hair is the reflection of your beauty , take care of it!

Brushing should not be done brutally , but rather tactfully and gently ! Otherwise you risk dealing them the final blow if they are already split ends .

First, the tools must be suitable: opt for combs and brushes made from natural materials, such as boar bristles rather than plastic or metal.

Then, comb the ends before brushing everything else and not halfway down , otherwise the knots will converge towards the ends

Finally, there is no need to linger, make the number of movements necessary to detangle , no more, at the risk of creating additional friction .

Also a little clarification: stop fiddling with your hair ! The hands act like devastating razor blades on the already weakened lengths .


3) Avoid heat sources and coloring/discoloration

Are you a fan of hair dryers and straighteners ? Ouch ouch ouch, it would be better to call a truce. Hot air helps evaporate the water that the hair naturally contains, so it becomes dehydrated and tends to split .

If you can't do without these heating devices , coat your lengths and ends with a heat-protective spray after your shower. It will act as a waterproofing agent and prevent water loss through evaporation. To limit damage to the hair , use a steam straightener and always keep the hair dryer a good distance from the hair (~20cm) at low temperature.

Chemical dyes attack the fiber and open the scales , letting water and keratin escape. The hair then becomes dull and vulnerable . As long as the first white roots do not appear, it is better to skip the coloring process, you will have plenty of time to do it later. If you still want to change your hair style , opt for natural and plant-based colorings , without alcohol.

4) Adopt a complete hair routine

The oil bath

For dreamy hair , a weekly oil bath is strongly recommended. Coconut, castor, olive, argan and sweet almond oils are perfect for nourishing and repairing fiber . Coat your mane in your favorite oil and massage in circular motions to stimulate blood circulation . Leave on for 45 minutes or even better, overnight by wrapping your hair with cellophane film .


Washing and conditioning

Then proceed to the washing step with a mild sulfate-free shampoo . Be careful, a shampoo that lathers is no guarantee of quality and effectiveness ! On the contrary, this is a sign of the presence of surfactants which strip and dislodge impurities from the hair and eat away at the keratin . Use a conditioner to facilitate detangling and therefore avoid aggressive and excessive brushing.

The mask and the serum

The hair mask is applied once a week and especially not on the roots . Make sure to sponge your hair after rinsing it with conditioner because a mask on waterlogged hair is as useless as cutting a bald man's hair: the mask gets diluted and ends up straight in the siphon. Leave it on for ten minutes, or even twenty minutes if you have time. Little homemade mask recipe : 3 tablespoons of honey, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and that's it!

Finish by applying a serum based on nourishing vegetable oils .

Understanding the hair to act in depth at the cause is the miracle solution for resplendent hair! This is the very secret of nutricosmetics and our best-selling Hair Essentials duo: Hair & Nails gummies and Absolu+Hair chewable tablets. Your beauty to taste!

Don’t hesitate to complete this delicious route with simple daily actions!

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