Un combat contre les cernes...même chez les hommes !

A fight against dark circles...even for men!

Dark circles and bags are present on our faces, but not only; they occupy our minds, and not in the best way. We all have our grandmother's techniques and methods to combat their appearance or reduce and hide them on a daily basis. They define us and can be too invasive. Poor diet, lack of sleep, smoking or other regular bad habits, and they surface. It's not just women who face this problem, quite the contrary. Many men also need to think about treating their dark circles. What if we got a little deeper into their fight against these obsessive imperfections?

Dark circles are characterized by the appearance of small circles under the eye, often bluish or grayish. They make us look tired and age us. They are more easily treatable in women, who are used to it and have all kinds of techniques to make them disappear, and yet they more often take over the male face.

1) Where do dark circles in men come from, and how do they fight against their appearance?

The formation of dark circles is varied, it mainly comes from poor blood circulation, fatigue, stress, alcohol and tobacco consumption, an unbalanced diet, exposure to the sun or perhaps be simply hereditary.

We note that it also results from the refinement and dryness of the eye contour.

More than we think, dark circles bother and bother a certain number of men on a daily basis who want to remedy them in the best possible way. But what is the best way?

  • Unfortunately, there is no miracle solution. However, we highly recommend that you start by getting a healthier lifestyle and sticking to it. Sleep is a key factor in the fight against dark circles: opt for nights of at least 7 hours daily. Sleep is restorative, excellent for your morale and for your skin.
  • Take care of your skin. Start your own skincare routine, preferably morning and evening (at night your skin regenerates more quickly). Choose suitable creams by asking your pharmacist for advice. There are draining creams in pharmacies and supermarkets. Apply your cream by massaging the area around your eyes then tapping lightly with your fingers.

2) Do dark circles persist? Learn how to camouflage them and treat them more thoroughly with these tips!

  • No, no, no...It's not just women who use makeup! The concealer concealer is also available and usable for you gentlemen. Here's a simple and effective technique if you too can't stand looking tired or your colleague telling you every morning "Hey, you haven't slept much, you look bad!". Opt for a shade a little lighter than the color of your skin, to restore radiance to your eyes!
  • Roll-on rollers for the eyes, to apply to the contours of your eyes and to your dark circles to smooth them. That of Garnier is composed of Caffeine, which will serve as a booster for your skin and will give you an immediate shine effect.
  • Anti-dark circles patches to stick under your eyes in the morning. We recommend that you use natural products containing vitamins and store them in the refrigerator before using them. The cold helps reduce dark circles. If you want to opt for a "homemade" technique, you can just put tablespoons in the freezer before applying them under your eyes. The morning. Go out a few minutes before so as not to burn yourself by the temperature being too low.
  • Your attention please, REBORN has a little surprise for you which will appear in 2021, and which should be beneficial for you who are looking to correct the imperfections linked to your bags and dark circles. So, are you as excited as we are?
  • Otherwise, you can always resort to surgery, during a simple procedure to reduce your bags. Ask your doctor for advice.

Other grandmother's remedies exist to treat your everyday dark circles! They are simple and effective...and might even amuse you! The cucumber will be an ally in this war against dark circles: you know the song, place two slices on your eyes and leave for a few minutes in the morning! You can also think of honey, and create your own moisturizing mask: Mix it with a little hot water and place everything on the contour of your eyes, leave it on and rinse! You now have everything you need to improve the quality of your skin and your lifestyle to reduce the impact of your dark circles on your daily life! You will give us news!

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