Les supers pouvoirs du Safran

The super powers of Saffron


Saffron is an adaptogenic plant used for centuries in different indications. It was used as a spice to season dishes, but also as a perfume and as a medicine depending on the country.

Saffron is a spice, also used as a coloring agent, which contains many virtues.

Saffron sprinkled on a table

The origin of saffron

Saffron comes from a flower of the crocus family from which the red stigmas are extracted.

Native to the Mediterranean basin of Europe, and very common in many traditional medicines.

Purple flowers placed on a sheet

The Benefits of Saffron

Saffron is particularly indicated for:

* Mild to moderate mood disorders

* Menstrual irritations

* Seasonal depressions

The iron contained in saffron will promote the transport of oxygen in the body and help in the formation of hemoglobin.

It is the magnesium present in large quantities in saffron which will act as a muscle relaxant, so it will be recommended to reduce cramps and muscle pain.

The effect of magnesium contained in saffron is also very beneficial in cases of anxiety or stress.

Manganese will allow better absorption of iron but will also strengthen natural defenses.

The richness in carotenoids of saffron will play a very important antioxidant role .

The safranal contained in saffron acts as an analgesic on the nervous system. It can be used to reduce pain in the gums but also to reduce menstrual pain and related lower back pain.

The use of saffron at REBORN

Life and Balance is a treatment consisting of gummies rich in probiotics, adaptogens, minerals and vitamins. A unique and innovative treatment on the Nutricosmetics market, to support all women. Women in an active cycle, peri-conception or pre-menopause.

Natural, clean and innovative, the Life & Balance formula is the ideal ally to act on inner well-being and balance.

Mood can be unstable during menstruation, and it is possible to feel a bit of depression. LIFE & BALANCE contains adaptogens that will help you cope! The saffron present in the composition also has mood-regulating active ingredients!

A bottle of food supplement placed on a background of saffron powder

Saffron well deserves its nickname “red gold” as its qualities are so precious!

According to legend, Cleopatra also used it as a cosmetic and aphrodisiac, while Alexander the Great sprinkled it into his bath to heal his wounds and strengthen his courage!

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