👀🌿Comment faire disparaître les cernes naturellement ?

👀🌿How to make dark circles disappear naturally?

Do you want to impress those around you? That a dear person only has eyes for you? Are your dark circles and bags coming out of your eyes ? So don't be afraid and take action without it costing you your peace of mind. Trust us with your eyes closed and follow our 100% natural advice whose simplicity of execution will stand out to you .

How to brighten up a look obscured by areas of shadow and undulating by swelling ? Dark circles and bags make life difficult for you. First appearing discreetly at the inner and lower corner of the eye , they have gradually taken up residence to cover your eye rim with a panda mask.

Thinking that the situation is hopeless and seeing only camouflage as a solution on the horizon, you draw your best weapon: your concealer. You then let your makeup artistry skills create their most beautiful masking paint creation . What if we told you that in addition to wasting your time you were only making the situation worse ?

Each stroke of concealer is a fatal blow to your fine and delicate skin that surrounds your eyes . Smothered by this tinted cream, this attack makes your lower eyelid more and more sensitive and vulnerable. By wanting to hide these marks that were tiring your eyes , you accentuated them.

We offer you natural remedies to take care of your eye area with delicacy and caution.

I. Identify the causes of dark circles and bags

1) Blue/vascular dark circles

The cause of blue circles is vascular . Particularly with age , but also under the influence of other factors ( hormonal , digestive , hepatic , biliary , lifestyle , etc.), the functioning of blood and lymphatic vessels can be altered. For example, there may be distension of the capillaries due to the age-related degradation of the collagen that constitutes them. This less efficient microcirculation leads to less good drainage of blood pigments which accumulate, forming venous stasis . As the lower eyelid is very thin , even more so with age, the circulation problem is visible and results in a blue color appearing through transparency.

2) Brown/pigmented dark circles

The cause of brown circles is genetic . Some people, mainly with dark skin from India or the Middle East, are genetically predisposed to producing melanin around the eyes . The lower eyelid of the eye being very thin, it allows the color of the pigments to show through, which is brown .

3) Puffiness due to swelling

Poor lifestyle is the main cause of puffiness because it causes fluid retention by altering the elimination processes. Alcohol , tobacco , rich diet , lack of sleep , anxiety , etc. These are all factors to remove from your life to keep away these nasty infraorbital swellings .

4) Puffiness due to fat accumulation

With age , the skin and muscles around the eyes become distended, causing a shift in orbital fat and therefore fatty pockets.

Preserving your eyes against signs of fatigue begins with good daily habits .

II. Good habits

1) Appropriate make-up removal

Even if the best solution remains no make-up , if you are a fan of mascara or eye make-up , be careful when removing make-up.

First of all, never go to bed wearing makeup and when removing makeup , don't leave a crumb. Residual makeup particles are harmful to your skin and will suffocate it overnight, preventing it from regenerating . You risk waking up with a scarred and swollen face , so this is a step not to be missed.

Also, your eyes cannot be cleaned like a dirty surface! We do not polish them or rub them multiple times . They deserve gentleness and delicacy , so as not to harm their fragility . We soak two cotton pads with a gentle makeup remover, waterproof if your makeup is, and we let the cotton pads rest for a few minutes on the closed eyes , then we gently wipe off the excess without stretching the skin .

2) Regular eye massage

Nothing better than practicing a regular massage of your eye area. Place your index finger at the inner corner of your eyes and begin to gently tap the lower eyelid , gradually moving towards the outside of your eye . This will help relax your tired eyes and activate blood microcirculation . On the one hand, you will stimulate the drainage of blood pigments to lighten your dark circles and, on the other hand, you will stimulate the blood nutrition of your infraorbital eyelid to tone it.

3) An eye contour cream

The eye contour cream is the must-have in your beauty routine. You should ideally apply it morning and evening . Preferably, use a roll-on format for a simultaneous massaging effect with the same effects as described above.

Creams are generally enriched with repairing, hydrating, draining and smoothing ingredients and will therefore improve elasticity , hydration , youthfulness and the general appearance of this delicate area.

4) Good hydration

The secret to hydrated skin is a well-hydrated body ! 1.5L of water per day will allow you to maintain the correct hydration level for optimized skin function. Indeed, dehydration can cause dark circles and bags, so it is better to prevent it.

5) A good night's sleep

Get away from screens in the evening, go to bed early at regular times, sleep at least 8 hours per night, always wake up at the same time, drink a large glass of water upon waking to eliminate toxins and open the window to lots of fresh air, ... these are all tips to follow to wake up in good shape and look totally refreshed !

There are natural products that are miraculously effective in decongesting and soothing signs of fatigue .

III. The miraculous waters

1) Cornflower water/hydrosol

The distilled water of this European flower is renowned for its decongestant properties , perfect for reducing the volume of puffiness. Its anti-inflammatory power also helps soothe the eye contour for a rested look .

You can either soak 2 cotton pads in cornflower water and leave for 10 minutes on closed eyelids or add a few drops to the whites of your eyes to brighten them and give a fresh look.

2) Rose water

A look fresh like morning dew? This is possible with rose water and its relaxing properties which relax and smooth the features . As with the water of its blue floral sidekick, simply soak 2 cotton pads in rose water and place them on the eyes for 10 minutes . Why not every day after a hard day at work?

What if there were other solutions , even simpler and already available in your cupboards?

IV. The power of fruits and vegetables

1) Cucumber

We all have in mind this image of relaxation with a woman with eyes decorated with two slices of cucumber . Much more than an image, it is a real treatment technique to make signs of fatigue disappear. Cucumber is in fact 95% full of water and is naturally hydrating , fresh and decongestant to plump up the eye area. Its richness in copper , which is an antioxidant , allows it to regenerate the eye contour while making it less fragile and less sensitive to aging and therefore less likely to become thinner. How to proceed ? Nothing's easier. Place the cucumber in the refrigerator an hour before. Cut 2 slices and place them each on one eye for 10 minutes .

2) The fig

The fig turns out to be an excellent ally for soothing dark circles thanks to its richness in dietary fiber , antioxidants , potassium , calcium and iron . It has fabulous anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory power, enough to wake up your eyes almost instantly . To apply, simply proceed as with the cucumber , by cutting the fig in half and refrigerating it for 10 minutes flesh to skin before application.


3) Potato

Mashed potatoes , fries , chips and now skincare products ? And yes, potatoes are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and help decongest swollen eyelids while hydrating the skin and reducing dark circles . To do this, place the potatoes in the refrigerator a few hours before using. Once cool, cut two 1 centimeter thick slices and wrap them in a sterile compress . Then leave it on the eyes for around twenty minutes before rinsing gently.

4) Banana peel

Banana has incredibly effective toning properties on the skin . Why not benefit your eyelids ? Cut a piece of banana peel slightly larger than the size of your eye and apply the flesh side to your closed eye . Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse gently with a cotton pad soaked in water.

V. Grandma's tips

1) Acacia honey

Honey is a true treasure of vitamins A, B and C and mineral salts which deeply hydrate and nourish the skin . Applied to the eyelids it instantly awakens the eyes . Dilute a teaspoon of honey in 100mL of lukewarm water then place the preparation in the refrigerator for 2 hours . Soak 2 cotton pads in this refreshed “potion” and leave for about fifteen minutes with your eyes closed . Rinse thoroughly.

2) Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds or how to reuse your daily waste to make something wonderful. Our caffeinated preparation will boost your microcirculation to eliminate any signs of fatigue and in particular fight against blue circles . A teaspoon of coffee grounds added to the same quantity of cottage cheese , a few drops of lemon and coconut or sweet almond oil and here is the magic potion that will revolutionize your beauty routine . Refrigerate for 2 hours then apply under the eyes . Leave the ingredients to reveal their powers for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

3) Green or black tea or chamomile

This is undoubtedly one of the best known techniques. Steep two tea bags (green or black) in hot water. Collect the sachets and let them cool for a few hours in the refrigerator then apply them to the eyes for 20 minutes . The antioxidants naturally contained in tea will preserve cell tissues , theine will stimulate blood circulation and the tannins will soften the skin , soothe it and reduce any swelling . To further awaken your eyes and avoid wasting, adopt “ In & Out ”: drink the prepared tea and benefit from the effectiveness of the active ingredients from the inside.

Note that chamomile infusion sachets can also work very well to reduce dark circles and puffiness . Chamomile is known for its soothing , cleansing and antiseptic properties for a lively look bursting with vitality .

4) Whole milk

Dairy products are good for your health , and to decongest your eyes ! Moisturizing , regenerating , whole milk is the skincare product to adopt! Soak two cotton pads in pre-refrigerated whole cow's or goat's milk and apply to your dark circles for 10 minutes before rinsing.

5) Frozen spoons/Ice cubes

You will have understood from the previous tips , the cold reinforces the effectiveness of the anti-dark circle ingredients . So why not apply spoonfuls straight from the freezer to your eyes, cup against skin for 15 minutes ? You can also opt for ice cubes in a washcloth until they have completely melted. The cold will help thin the blood for a draining , decongestant and toning effect. However, be careful to make movements with the spoon or glove to avoid burns or irritation linked to prolonged use of cold.

6) Egg whites

The egg whites to make chocolate mousse , a floating island, meringues and other wonderful treats ... What if this cloudy egg emulsion also served as anti-dark circles/anti-puffiness ? Test for yourself a snow white assembled and applied by tapping with your finger for a 10-minute application. How does your eye area feel after rinsing? Better isn't it?

Dark circles and bags are not inevitable, there are so many easy solutions to implement to prevent or reduce them. The In & Out approach proves to be the most effective so don't hesitate to combine one or more of the tips above with the concealer power of our Eye & Contour gummies.

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