3 idées reçues sur les compléments alimentaires

3 preconceived ideas about food supplements

According to the 2021 Observatory published by Synadiet, the National Union of Food Supplements, more than one in two French people consume food supplements and, for the majority, for less than a year. For more than 50% of fans, use is rather occasional , in line with the seasons or particular periods of life (exams, periods of fatigue). But for some, consumption continues throughout the year .

This recent craze for these vitamin supplements is also accompanied by unfounded beliefs.

Here is an overview of the 3 preconceived ideas about food supplements.

Misconception #1 : Consuming food supplements throughout the year is beneficial for the body.


When you take a course of food supplements, your body stores nutrients which are beneficial to your body when the course does not exceed 3 months . Beyond this duration, 2 observations were made.

Loss of efficiency

On the one hand, a loss of effectiveness of the product was noted. In fact, your body has become accustomed to the active molecules and is no longer as reactive to them.

Kidney problems

On the other hand, the risk of damaging your kidneys is very present. Prolonged treatment tires your kidneys which work hard to ensure the correct intake of each molecule throughout the 3 months. You must give them time to rest to prevent their exhaustion from creating a breakdown in your body.

Bad advice

Many brands, for the sake of making numbers or for lack of knowledge about nutrition and the human body, make the mistake of recommending consumption throughout the year.

At Reborn

At Reborn , our priority is to take care of your health while respecting your physiology and in complete safety . This is why we work in close collaboration with a doctor and an agri-food engineer specializing in human nutrition . Our advice is simple: enjoy our delicious gummies and/or chewable tablets for 3 months , then take a break of 2 to 3 months before treating yourself again.

Misconception #2 : It is better to consume too many vitamins than not enough.


Many people associate vitamins with a beneficial effect on the body and the fear of deficiency all too often directs them towards excess. While vitamin deficiency can have disastrous effects on health, overconsumption can lead to an intoxication called hypervitaminosis.

Fat-soluble vitamins

This is particularly the case when the vitamins ingested are fat-soluble : vitamin A, D, E, K. In fact, these are not eliminated and are stored by the body. Over-storage is then toxic.

Water-soluble vitamins

Conversely, water-soluble vitamins (B group vitamins, vitamin C) are eliminated by the body via urine . Overdose is therefore less dangerous but should be avoided at the risk of excessively stimulating the kidneys to the point of exhaustion.

A harmful and unnecessary overdose

From these explanations, it therefore clearly appears useless to consume too much water and fat-soluble vitamins : they become harmful to the body and the excess water-soluble vitamin does not provide more effectiveness because it is eliminated in the urine.

A regulatory framework

The regulations make it possible to regulate the intake of vitamins and minerals in order to meet needs while respecting maximum safety limits .

The European Parliament therefore defined in Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 the Reference Intakes (RA) , namely the average nutrient and energy needs of a healthy adult, whatever their age and gender. or physical activity. On the labeling of food supplements, the last column of the table of ingredients therefore indicates the percentage to which a vitamin meets the average requirement of an adult.

Also, the decree of May 9, 2006 sets in its Appendix III the Maximum Daily Doses (MDI) , namely the maximum safety limits for nutrient intake . These were established after a scientific assessment of the risk as well as the nutritional intake from the common diet.

The case of biotin

But then why do we find vitamin supplements on the market with 20,000% of AR in biotin (Vitamin B8) if the regulations set a framework? If it is not prohibited to exceed the AR in food supplements, it is however prohibited to exceed the DJM. However, there is no maximum safety limit for biotin because hypervitaminosis is rare. An excess, however, is harmful to your kidneys , which work needlessly to eliminate it, especially since it has no additional impact on effectiveness . Scientifically, it is therefore aberrant to overdose on biotin.

At Reborn

At Reborn , don't worry! Our doctor ensures that the doses of active ingredients provided correctly meet the nutritional needs (AR), without ever exceeding the risk doses (DJM). In our Hair & Nails product, you will find 200% of the Reference Intakes of biotin, a reasonable dosage taking into account the fact that the body does not assimilate all of the vitamins and minerals provided.

Misconception #3 : Food supplements are not useful because they are not effective, especially if they are in the form of gummies.


An expectations/definition gap

Firstly, this remark lies in the gap between the unrealizable expectations that consumers have regarding food supplements and the definition of the latter. Many expect to see spectacular hair growth in just a week or to make joint pain disappear in the blink of an eye. But that is not what is happening because that is simply not the intended objective.

Definition of food supplements

Remember that food supplements are defined as “foodstuffs whose purpose is to supplement a normal diet and which constitute a concentrated source of nutrients or other substances having a nutritional or physiological effect(Directive 2002/46/EC of the European Parliament, transposed by decree no. 2006-352 of March 20, 2006).

Food supplements are therefore not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle . They come, as their name suggests, in addition to these two elements. They improve daily comfort and prevent certain ailments or inconveniences that we may encounter during our lives (hair loss, imperfections, joint problems, fatigue, etc.). They are located on the border between food, which nourishes, and medicine, which heals. It is important to note that their effect is preventive and is absolutely not curative .

A lack of effectiveness caused by a lack of adherence to the treatment

Secondly, for most indications, a long-term supplementation course (maximum 3 months ) is necessary to feel the full effects. However, we see all too often that people do not complete their treatment and therefore do not benefit from the expected benefits . This is mainly explained by the format (capsule, tablet or powder) which is too close to the medicine , associating the consumer with a patient forced to take their treatment rather than a person happy to take care of themselves .

Gummy: a solution to combine business with pleasure

Gummy turns out to be an excellent solution to this problem, allowing you to combine business with pleasure .

It is then no longer a question of enduring and saying to yourself “ I have to take my food supplement”, but rather of wanting to treat yourself by saying “ I want to take my food supplement”. Gummy helps change the view of food supplements, thus freeing consumers from the difficulty of finishing their treatment. They can thus benefit from all the desired virtues .

The most reluctant will say: "It's less effective than capsules or tablets to swallow." They are wrong ! In a randomized clinical study conducted by the Wagner CL team of scientists in 2019 1 , 40 patients received 20,000 IU of vitamin D3 , in the form of gummies or in the form of tablets to swallow . The results were clear: vitamin D3 had greater bioavailability when ingested in the form of gummies . This is explained by the fact that gummies involve a chewing phase, which allows pre-digestion in the mouth, subsequently facilitating better assimilation and bioavailability of the active molecule.

The food supplement market is constantly growing. Unfortunately, certain false information conveyed by brands wishing to make figures or lacking scientific knowledge of human physiology harm the primary objective of food supplements which is to take care of you. Vitamin supplements are also not immune to unfounded rumors spread by non-consumer detractors.


Rest assured that Reborn's priority is to take care of you, your beauty, your well-being and your health. We are keen to advise you as best as possible on the dosage. In addition, we ensure, with the help of a doctor and an agri-food engineer specializing in innovation and human nutrition, to offer you food supplements in gourmet form with natural and precisely dosed active ingredients.

To enjoy the most effective food supplements on the market in complete safety, click here > https://www.reborn.paris/.

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