Les shampoings solides : un premier pas vers une routine capillaire plus responsable

Solid shampoos: a first step towards a more responsible hair routine

Supermarket liquid shampoos are a real scourge for the environment , but also for your health and your wallet . This awareness led to the birth of several brands offering solid shampoos. Today, the market for these soapy pebbles with a thousand properties is flourishing. More than a step forward, it is a huge leap towards a more responsible and environmentally friendly world.

I. Solid shampoos are eco-friendly

Solid shampoos are, for the most part, sold in recycled cardboard packaging or a reusable metal box to keep them dry. This ecological format is a first victory over plastic waste . If everyone used this type of hair product, we would save 174 million plastic bottles thrown away every year.

In addition to this avoidance of polluting packaging , these “harsh” shampoos also avoid unnecessarily large packs. In fact, they contain little or no water . In fact, where industrial products require a large plastic bottle to accommodate the 70%-90% of water that they contain, the size of solid shampoo is reduced to what is strictly necessary. The quantity of packaging surrounding the product is therefore minimized for the greatest happiness of the planet .

So much less trash which is good for the oceans and starves the plastic continent.

Also, thanks to its water-free and ultra-concentrated formulation, a solid shampoo is equivalent to approximately 3 bottles of liquid shampoo and is therefore consumed less quickly. Dosing is easier, no risk of pouring too much or leaving some at the bottom of the bottle. Enough to satisfy anti-waste enthusiasts.

However, it is important to always remain critical and vigilant about the composition and origin of these new generation soap products. The container may be eco-friendly but the components may have been imported from foreign countries, implying a high carbon footprint in total contradiction with the shampoo's appearance.

II. Solid shampoos are good for your health

Solid shampoos are part of a more responsible approach so, generally, the composition is much cleaner than those found in liquid format in supermarkets. No tricks , no water , only active ingredients ,... Transparency and simplicity are generally essential. Be careful, however, not to quickly conflate “ solid shampoo ” with “ natural products in it”. You should read the composition of the products you buy to ensure that they meet your expectations.

How do you know if shampoo is good for your hair ? Quality is assessed by the quantity needed for each wash : the less needed, the more concentrated the product is in high quality ingredients .

III. Solid shampoos are good for your wallet

Between €5 and €15 for solid shampoo ? Even though he is very small? This may seem like a significant investment to you, but the size is really misleading...

Firstly, the lifespan of a solid shampoo is 3 times longer than that of a conventional liquid shampoo , so we buy 3 times less!

Secondly, we consume less product with each wash because the format is easier to dose: no risk of pouring too much or leaving some at the bottom of the bottle.

Thirdly, there is no need to buy a conditioner to nourish and beautify your hair because the solid shampoo is already equipped with very nutritious and moisturizing components, one less investment to take into account.

Finally, with the solid format, you only buy the active ingredients while with a liquid format, you buy 70-90% water ! It's still better to pay for efficiency , isn't it?

IV. Solid shampoos are practical

A solid shampoo takes up significantly less space than its liquid competitor, which is useful not only in your bathroom but also in your luggage . It can be transported easily and anywhere (sport, travel, weekends) without risk of water leaks (there is none!). It is ideal when flying only with a cabin baggage .

Solid shampoos are an eco-friendly, anti-waste, qualitative and practical solution. They fit perfectly into a zero waste routine. Finding an effective shampoo suited to your hair type can however be difficult, so why not make it yourself ?

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