💁🏼‍♀️Ces 5 erreurs capillaires que vous faites forcément l'été

💁🏼‍♀️These 5 hair mistakes you inevitably make in summer

You lounge on your beach towel , your hair wet from the salt water , drying in the heat of the sun's rays , the ends wiping away the sand . For you, summer vacation is synonymous with the best time of the year, the one you wait for for many months... But is your mane really looking forward to being on vacation ? Because she herself knows that you will inevitably make these 5 mistakes which can be fatal to her.

Mistake #1: Not protecting your hair from the sun or protecting it with oily treatment

When your skin is excessively exposed to the sun , it gets sunburned . You have never observed this effect on your hair and you have concluded that it is not sensitive to UV rays . Make no mistake, your hair fiber also suffers from the effects of the sun . The heating caused by the rays dehydrates it and evaporates the water which constitutes the hydrolipidic film , the protective barrier of the hair . As a result, it dries out and breaks . The vulnerability of your mane is further increased by salt water and chlorine , a real hair killer cocktail .

In addition, thinking you are doing the right thing, before each exposure, you coat your hair with coconut , avocado or monoi oil. Misfortune ! The oil will heat up until it fries your hair ! Far from being a protective treatment , you are in fact applying a cooking booster. Oily serums are best used post-shampoo to deeply nourish the fiber and rebuild its protective lipid barrier .

The solution : Protective sun care with SPF dedicated to hair exists. They block the sun 's UVA and B rays , like a classic skin sunscreen . Some formulas even provide a “shield” effect against salt and chlorine . There is something for each type of hair so you can find the right treatment that will not weigh down your lengths . This hair solution will be just as sublimating and nourishing as an oil , with added protection . The ideal is to apply it in the morning then after each swim.

Protecting the lengths is good, but also watch out for sunburn on the scalp , which can end up causing your skin to peel and leaving a “ dandruff ” effect at the roots . Wearing a hat or cap , especially between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. , where the sun hits hard on the top of the head, is the best solution to protect your scalp from weakening . If you don't have a head covering, you can style your hair backwards to make your part disappear, the area most vulnerable to the sun .

Mistake #2: Tiing up your hair when sleeping or when it's wet

In summer , the thermometer rises. To limit the night sweats that keep you returning to your bed and disrupting your sleep , you make a braid or a ponytail . A normal reflex to feel cooler , and yet it poses a problem. Your scalp finds itself suffocated by a lack of ventilation and this creates areas of friction on your lengths which end up damaging them.

After a swim , you make this same mistake in knowledge: you tie your hair . However, when wet , they are softer and more fragile . Elastic , barrette or other attachment system break the hair fiber and impact it with irreparable split ends .

The solution : Always detangle your hair gently and always favor completely free hair . Otherwise, avoid hairstyles that are too tight , especially when your hair is wet or when you are sleeping. Aggressive accessories that could saw your fibers should be banned. Choose silk or satin elastics which smooth your lengths without breaking them rather than materials like cotton or polyester. Likewise, avoid sharp bars in favor of crab pliers , which wrap without breaking.

Mistake #3: Bleaching your hair before vacation or choosing the wrong color

What's better than sporting a magnificent Californian blonde , surfer style for the summer ? Not a good idea, especially 2 weeks before going on vacation in the sun . The fatal combo of sun + chlorine + salt will quickly make you regret your bleaching . Because it is not a sublime and luminous blonde that you will sport after a few days of exposure , but hair adorned with greenish or red highlights. In addition, hair lightening , whether in a hair salon or at home with lightening sprays, weakens the fiber by drying it out and making it more porous . Your sunny trip can quickly turn into drama , so it's best to avoid it.

The solution : During your vacation , be patient: the sun will naturally turn your hair blond , especially if you go to the sea . The main thing is to protect them as much as possible with hair sun protection . And if the desire to brighten your hair by making it a few shades lighter is really too great, there are gentle and progressive lightening treatments with chamomile to spread, in addition to protection , over your lengths while you take your sunbath . But remember, healthy-looking dark hair is better than dull, damaged blonde hair .

Likewise, if you are more about coloring than bleaching and want impeccable color before summer , it is better to choose it well. In fact, refrain from falling for coppers and shades that contain red or purple . These shades are very fragile and lose intensity very quickly with the sun , the sea and the swimming pool . It is better to go for soft golden or Venetian blonde highlights.

The solution : To preserve your color , choose a specific sunscreen shampoo for colored hair. This type of product is formulated with anti-fading agents and antioxidants which allow the pigments to hold up better.

Mistake #4: Forgetting the evening shampoo

All day long, your hair has been bathed in chlorinated water , in sea water , in sunscreen products and also a little in the sand . Rinsing them with clean water will not be enough to remove all these encrusted residues . And all night long, your mane will absorb salt, chlorine and water and air pollution to which it was exposed during the day. Enough to tarnish and dry it out .

The solution : Even if daily shampoos are not recommended the rest of the year, in summer they are strongly recommended every evening . You must opt ​​for a special summer formula with reinforced active ingredients to deeply hydrate and nourish your hair subjected to extreme conditions while ridding it of the day's impurities from the scalp to the ends . The ideal is to complete the hair routine with a conditioner. This will allow them to be easily untangled without breaking them when they are wet and to remove any remaining traces of residue by gently sliding them off. Finally, to finish in style and continue the repair and protection process, apply a hair mask with a formula suitable for the summer period and leave it on for at least an hour, even better, overnight. If you are looking for natural solutions , replace your conditioner with aloe vera jelly on the lengths to fill them with water and replace this nighttime mask with coconut oil.

Mistake #5: Using heat tools and styling products

Your hair is already burning all day long in summer , but you're not going to give it a fatal blow with a hairdryer , straightener or curler ? Worse, don't go taming them with styling products with heavy textures that tend to weigh down your hair , such as defining creams or anti-frizz serums.

The solution : Let your hair dry naturally . The outside temperature will speed up the process so much so that you will no longer even see the use of the hair dryer . The result will be slightly wild, for natural beauty ! If you are a fan of disciplined styling and if at the slightest gust of wind your hair escapes you, the best solution remains the use of styling sprays and waters, which are much more airy . They are sprayed 20 cm from the head once the hairstyle is in place for the most natural result.

We are sure that you have already made one of these 5 mistakes. To make up for it, don't hesitate to take a course of post-holiday food supplements with Hair & Nails , our hair reconstructor and Absolu+ Hair , our hair enhancer. Two ultra-complementary products for a hair revolution!

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