🚻Les 5 différences entre la peau d'un homme et d'une femme

🚻The 5 differences between a man's and a woman's skin

Historically, men and women have been distinguished genetically , with different sex chromosomes ; on an anatomical level, with specific organs and finally on a psychological level. And yet, they come together around the same beauty goal : beautiful skin (although women attach more importance to it). But is the path to achieving skin beauty the same depending on gender ? Our daily experience clearly indicates that male skin and female skin differ in many aspects. They therefore deserve different treatment.

But why this difference ? In babies up to around 15 years old, no distinction is visible: the skin is the same regardless of gender . On the other hand, at puberty , skin physiology takes different paths depending on sex . This can only be explained by the increase in sex hormones when adolescence rears its ugly head. Estrogens and progesterone in women , androgens including testosterone in men play a key role in establishing skin characteristics .

By what mechanisms do these molecules influence the skin and deepen this male/female skin difference ? Are they the only ones responsible? We will explain everything to you.

1. Men's skin is thicker.

Testosterone is an exceptional collagen booster. However, collagen is renowned for giving the skin its mechanical properties: thickness , firmness , elasticity . This is why these gentlemen have 20% thicker skin : their epidermis , the superficial layer of the skin , reaches 60µm thick between 20 and 30 years old while the figures hardly climb above 50µm for young ladies . Their skin is also firmer and more elastic than that of ladies. But the skin of the latter recovers much better after mechanical stress .

With age, the collagen stock decreases and the skin becomes thinner . On the male side, this thinning follows a constant rate of 9% every 20 years. On the female side, the process is initially slower, around 3% refinement every 20 years . But when menopause arrives, everything accelerates and the skin loses its density at a rate of 20% every 20 years . Male skin therefore remains thicker for longer.

2. Men's skin is oily and problematic.

Male sex hormones target receptors located in the heart of skin cells. By attaching, they trigger physiological processes and signaling pathways involved in the production of sebum by multiplying the number of sebaceous glands , which dilates the pores. Sebaceous secretion is therefore hormone-dependent , boosted by testosterone . Thus, hormonal overproduction ( hyperandrogenism) will result in excessive production of sebum, promoting the development of bacteria that are fond of this body fat and conducive to acne . Thus, we see that men produce twice as much sebum as women . Their skin is oilier , oilier , shinier and more prone to acne and impurities with increased colonization by micro-organisms .

If ladies are less exposed to blackheads and acne breakouts it is because estrogen acts as a brake on the secretion of sebum .

What is an unsightly physical defect becomes a physical advantage with age: men suffer less from dry skin when they become adults because sebum nourishes the hydrolipid barrier , the protective film of the skin which prevents it from drying out and acts as a shield against it. to external attacks.

3. Men's skin ages later but faster.

For several reasons cited above, the appearance of the first signs of aging occurs later in men .

Firstly, the age-related decrease in collagen being slowed down in men , the collagen capital remains greater and the skin therefore remains thick , firm and elastic for longer and therefore smoother .

The increased production of sebum helps protect the skin from drying out and studies show that oily skin wrinkles less easily than dry skin .

This beginning of aging is certainly late, but once the process has started, once the first wrinkles are visible, the progression is more rapid than in women and the wrinkles deeper. This is explained by increased muscle loss in males with age , leading to sagging skin , puffy eyes , dark circles and a tired look.

Wrinkles , a phenomenon that is more pronounced in men and yet it is women who worry about them the most.

4. Men's skin is more sensitive and irritable.

Not all skin characteristics are physiological, although, by nature , men's skin is more prone to redness and more easily irritated (in 1/3 of them) due to facial blood flow. higher.

Testosterone for its part stimulates the hair cycle and therefore greater hair growth in men which involves the daily use of a razor which has a strong impact on the condition of the skin. On average, the portion of the male population who shaves does so 16,000 times during their life, which is not without consequences. The blade eliminates skin cells from the upper layer of the epidermis by friction and alters the protective hydrolipidic film , which stresses the skin. The latter then reacts more quickly, becomes irritated and is more exposed to attacks (aggressive aftershave lotions, sun, tobacco).

Skin problems related to shaving are particularly noted among men with fair complexions and young skin.

5. Men's skin is more acidic, more pigmented but less hydrated.

Female estrogens stimulate skin cells ( keratinocytes and fibroblasts ) as well as the synthesis of the various constituents of the dermis ( collagen , elastin , glycosaminoglycans ). Women 's skin is therefore more hydrated than men 's because it retains water better. It is softer, smoother and more flexible .

Other interesting facts, men 's skin is more acidic and more pigmented , but scientists struggle to explain the mechanisms involved.

Men's skin is thick, oily, prone to imperfections, sensitive and irritable and once the first wrinkle appears late, aging strikes in a devastating way. It is therefore necessary to fight as best as possible against this naturally capricious skin.

For healthy, luminous male skin, it is important to cleanse it morning and evening with a gentle, non-irritating product suitable for sensitive skin.

Men have oily skin but that doesn't necessarily mean it's well hydrated. A moisturizing cream adapted to your problem (anti-aging, sensitive, acne) is essential. You must be careful to choose a light texture or gel which will not leave any greasy film and to be regular in the application. For bearded people, don't forget to moisturize the skin hidden under the hair to avoid itching and dry flakes.

Finally, you will need to be careful not to use a dull razor. It must be of quality and adapted to the skin type. Shaving should not be done without lubrication with a shaving gel or shaving foam which protects the skin before using the razor. At the end, the blade and other instruments must be carefully cleaned to avoid bacterial proliferation. We finish with a soothing cream to calm redness and tightness. By following this protocol, you will limit skin problems related to shaving.

Finally, the solution for the most in-depth action remains nutricosmetics. With Absolu Pure by Reborn Paris, you act on skin problems from the inside. Sebum production is regulated, pores are unclogged and the skin is freed of all its impurities. Protected, rebalanced, strengthened and soothed, it is much less sensitive and copes without difficulty with all skin aggressions.

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