Gold & Glow, une solution à l'acné?

Gold & Glow, a solution to acne?

Acne, a problem experienced at any age, by most of us. Seen as a handicap for some, it can be worrying and occupy too much space in the mind. In addition to being persistent, it is accentuated in the cold season. The questions that we could ask ourselves could therefore be: Why does acne appear a lot in winter and how to get rid of it?

Why is acne more severe in winter?

Low winter temperatures can cause skin inflammation, also caused by dryness. Inflammation of the skin is known to be one of the primary factors in the formation of acne. On the other hand, exposure to UV rays is limited in the cold season, leading to immune changes which tend to promote the frequency of acne breakouts. Periods of stress, sometimes intensified at the start of Winter, are also among the main factors in skin breakouts.

Acne can be caused by a poorly varied, unbalanced or too fatty diet. Poor skin care can also cause it, as can “over-maintenance”, by applying too many unsuitable products, creams, scrubs for example.

You must pay attention to the components of your beauty products, opting for exclusively natural or dermatologically tested products.

Last reason, and not unknown, is wearing a mask. We find that for many of us, wearing a mask leads to an increase in acne breakouts. The skin suffocates and rubs against the fabrics of the masks and becomes strongly irritated, leading to this phenomenon of acceleration of the pathology. Since the mask is not an option, and we know we have to wear it daily, you will have to redouble your efforts to take care of your skin and opt for the best rituals and habits now.

The Gold & Glow treatment, a solution to improve skin quality?

Nutricosmetics brings benefits from the inside. The Gold and Glow treatment specializes in skin beauty. Composed of vitamins and trace elements good for skin maintenance, it is very effective and recommended to include in your beauty routine. In addition to protecting the skin and deeply hydrating it, the Gold and Glow treatment also considerably reduces light to severe imperfections, including acne.

The Copper, Zinc and Selenium present in the components of this 100% natural treatment are responsible for the massive reduction in imperfections. A natural way to get rid of mild to severe acne, although results vary from person to person.

Our current consumers are talking about it:

Perfect skin !

I've had blemishes for years, pimples that don't heal well, midlife acne that poisons life. I tried everything: dermatologist, creams, antibiotics. Nothing came of it. And I did a Gold & Glow treatment. I haven't finished my first month of treatment yet and my skin hasn't looked this good in years. The result is incredible, I am amazed! I no longer have a pimple, no more imperfections. A miraculous cure! Thank you Reborn!”

Caroline, Reborn's lover since August 2020!

Acne can ruin the lives of teenagers and older people alike and is often difficult to treat. There are solutions to limit the appearance of acne on your skin, but the most important thing to remember is patience and naturalness. Easier said than done, but the more you let your skin breathe, the better it will be. Take a step towards nutricosmetics, and treat from the inside, it is in some cases very effective!

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