Le covid-19 vous a tapé dans l'oeil ?

Has covid-19 caught your eye?

SARS-Cov-2, more commonly called Covid-19 in reference to the disease it causes , has climbed the ranks of fame to get to where it is today: a known international star of all.

1️⃣ First level : get noticed. With his innate gift for spreading epidemics , he wasted no time in making himself known.

2️⃣ Second level : start developing your network . We can say that the process is rather well underway! He knew how to conquer the hearts, uh sorry, the lungs of the wild crowds.

3️⃣ Third level : seize opportunities. Here too, we can say that he is rather strong at surfing the wave , he has even surfed 5...

4️⃣ Fourth level : Surprise. It is also rather a success, since, every day, this Covid-19 has its share of surprises in store for us...

We invite you to retrace the incredible story of this virally successful celebrity who led her to a tragic destiny.

I. A flashy virus since its earliest childhood.

SARS-Cov-2 is the latest addition to the coronavirus family. This sibling has no less than 7 types of viruses , and not the least since, among its elders, we find the famous SARS and MERS . For decades, these cursed brothers have perpetuated a unique family tradition, that of being at the origin of epidemics, with a slight penchant for respiratory diseases . Our youngest in the family has nothing to envy of his brothers. He was able to impose himself on the front of the stage and bring together hundreds of millions of people from countries all over the world, thanks to his talented performance, nay, his work of art: the Covid disease- 19 . This phantasmagorical creator will soon be nicknamed abusively like his work: Mr Covid-19 .

He has become a star of stature and global influence, imposing his somewhat particular lifestyle : compulsory mask wearing, social distancing, good hand washing techniques... He made barrier gestures his symbol and kisses cheesy, old-fashioned action.

A lifestyle that politicians, although reluctant at first, were quick to approve and advocate.

Anyway, a promising personality with immeasurable notoriety who quickly became a victim of his success...

II. A viral success that ends up attracting attention

SARS-Cov-2 was able to ride the wave (or rather 5 waves) of the common cold and offer a cold 2.0 . His thirst for ambition and his desire to innovate pushed him to go even further than what was already done in respiratory diseases. That’s when he launched Covid-19 like Russian roulette. If you win, you benefit from non-existent symptoms . Attention ! The disease nonetheless remains contagious, which complicates the rules of the game. If you lose, this evil virus breathes your last breath. We make no secret of the fact that our dear grandmas and grandpas are at a serious disadvantage in this game of chance. We would prefer to keep them at a distance and have them play the Friday night lottery, which is still much safer .

But it's not cough , uh everything. His excessive madness pushed him to enhance his pandemic performance with symptoms that were, to say the least, original and eccentric in terms of respiratory illnesses : eye symptoms that would take your breath away!

This show orchestrated by Mr Covid-19 gives us offers the most classic eye problems : red eyes , irritation , itching , twitching, tearing , etc.

The most spectacular attacks are reserved for certain people, as the highlight of the show. But some advice: it's better to sound the alarm rather than live it. Because you are facing a star who loves to create a state of (sanitary) emergency . As a final bouquet, you will experience a real performance rich in special effects: distortion, blurring, weakening, alteration of color vision, hallucination... Our successful virus will amaze you! And its representation is not without risk.

A delusion of grandeur which will be the reason for his success, because we all dream of one thing, that he returns where he came from.

III. His ultimate techniques to put dust in your eyes

Far from putting glitter in your life, our global anti-hero prefers to put covid spice in your eyes . But how does he go about it?

Thrill-seeker, Mr Covid-19 settles aboard tiny droplets of liquid present within your body and...1...2...3...Sneeze! You sneeze (or cough for variety). These small respiratory particles then take off like rockets expelled at the speed of light. Our friend virus is having a blast on board. So much so, that he decides to take charge and catch the eye of this person so close to you, less than a meter away. Unfortunately for our dear and loving pilot of these extraordinary spaceships, it happens that this person outside the law of distancing has more than one trick up his sleeve. She draws her secret weapon: a pair of glasses. No choice for the captain who must fall back on another landing strip: the nose or the mouth . Whether the journey ends in the nose or the mouth , the internal pathways to reach the eyes are extremely well served and our little parasite knows the way to reach them.

Also know that Mr Covid-19 loves atypical trips and takes a seat on your hand aboard the flight to your face of which you are the only pilot and therefore the only decision-maker. What if you decided to divert the plane that is your hand to a destination other than your eyes , your nose or your mouth ? Wouldn’t this unfortunate passenger deserve a forced landing in a sink! Don't make his life easy and give him a hard time.

SARS-Cov-2 made itself known and reached the heights of glory thanks to its exceptional transformative power: that of transforming an epidemic into a real pandemic. This magic trick, accompanied by non-existent, deadly and bizarre symptoms, is at the origin of its enormous success. A bad influence has fallen on the world, imposing a most anti-social lifestyle: masks, social distancing, barrier gestures, dancing bans, closure of restaurants, and so on! It is everyone's duty to be strong and fight this parasite to ultimately impose your new lifestyle: that of a freer life. So wash your hands and protect others 😉

And if you are the victim of Mr. Covid-19's ocular pandemic service, know that our Eye & Contour is perfect for improving your eye comfort, relieving fatigue and refreshing your eye contour.

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